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The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 2 Recap, Cassidy Goes Off on Social Media, & Bachelor Nation Relationships

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-I love how Jesse Palmer introduced himself to the women at the mansion last night. “I’m Jesse Palmer and I’m the host of the Bachelor.” No shit? I thought you were just a random guy in a suit that gave the first impression rose, hosted the rose ceremony, and are now presenting the date card for the first week of dates. Yeah, that’s usually what the host does. Thanks for clarifying, Jesse. Now what color ottoman do you think goes with my living room set? Should I get an L-shaped couch or just a standard one? Is there a sale happening right now on light fixtures in the kitchen? Just curious.

-So the first group date of the season goes to Teddi, Melina, Ency, Gabby, Kira, Mara, Sierra, Genevieve, Serene, and Cassidy. They have to put together a kids birthday party with the help of Hilary Duff, one of my all-time favorites. It just seemed random she was there. Usually doesn’t any celebrity appearance tie in with a plug for something they’re doing? Hilary was just there because…she liked kids? She likes birthday parties? Trust me, I’ll never complain about Hilary Duff being on my TV screen. I just didn’t see the tie-in at all. Maybe there wasn’t one and it was just to add some sort of star power to the episode. Entirely possible. If so, then bravo. I was just a little confused. Whatever the case, Hilary Duff thinks Clayton would make a great dad, soooooooo I guess that means he will.

-That really seems to be the hook that ABC is going for with Clayton this season. Ever since he was on Michelle’s season, this narrative of “he’s great with kids” keeps getting pushed on us. And maybe he is, but, is that some noble quality that’s distinct from all past Bachelors? They’re making it seem like Clayton is SO good with kids, he’s this great catch. From what I’ve seen, Clayton interacts with kids like most men in his position would interact with them. It’s just a totally weird narrative that this show keeps force feeding us about Clayton when, by all means, when kids are around he acts like any normal guy would. He interacts, he has fun, he plays games, etc. Nothing he has done or said around the kids makes him and more or less “good with kids” than any previous Bachelor. But the show is acting like he’s freakin’ Patch Adams.

-Clayton’s whole group date was all about Cassidy and her behavior. You all watched it. From the constant talking about her connection with Clayton, to dismissing other women, to the sitting out of anything having to do with the kids party, clearly Cassidy is there to play a character and she knew exactly what she was doing. So we can sit here and dissect what she did frame-by-frame, which I’m sure every other recapper will do, giving her the EXACT attention she needs, or just characterize her as a super fan that had a clear agenda from the second she went on the show, wasn’t remotely interested in Clayton, and went on the show because it was a dream of hers and wanted to gain attention. That’s what she is. Everything she did last night was basically a master class in how one should NEVER act on this show. And she did it x 10.

-As I tweeted before the show, these are some of the IG stories Cassidy posted recently that she quickly deleted. You might ask how’d she get away with saying that on her IG, since it’s a spoiler. Well, she probably wasn’t thinking. I’m sure the show is already all over her for it and maybe why she deleted them pretty quickly. However, not quickly enough apparently since someone saw them, recorded them, and forwarded them to me. When I see shit like this, I just roll my eyes at someone like her and basically wish her well. She’s gonna need it.

So performative, so “hey everyone, look at me,” it’s embarrassing. Those videos tell me all I need to know about Cassidy. I don’t wanna hear “oh it’s editing” and “there’s so much you don’t see.” Please. Don’t go hating on her, or leaving death threats, or whatever. But I’m sorry. You act that way on TV, then basically take that same character to your own social media accounts, while you don’t deserve to be bullied, you absolutely should expect people to share their opinion on how you acted on TV. You look ridiculous, your social media behavior doesn’t do you any favors, and you have every right to be criticized because anyone and their mothers can clearly see you had zero interest in Clayton and this was all about clout for you. You’re not fooling anyone with your act on the show last night. It was all about “winning,” and getting camera time, and making sure everyone online would be talking about you.

-The new, cool, chique thing people like to do online now when it comes to this show is to defend the “villain.” They think they’re being cool and edgy by taking up for the girl who caused the drama or who acted like a horses ass on TV – like Cassidy last night. Go ahead. You look just as idiotic as she did last night then trying to defend behavior like that. Her argument during the after party when every girl on that group date confronted her was, “I’m not here to decorate a party, I’m here to date Clayton.” Ok, then by that logic, every group date on every season in the history of the show, no one should participate in whatsoever because ultimately they’re not there to do whatever the group date is, they’re there to date the lead. That logic is so flawed, it’s mind numbingly stupid. Of course you’re not there to decorate a party. Neither were the other 9 women. But they did. That’s the whole point of being on the show. And with Cassidy being a super fan of the show, knowing that by sitting out, pulling Clayton aside to make out, and ostracizing herself from the rest of the group, that’d make her the talk of the episode. Which is exactly what she wanted. So dumb. Glad she’s gone in the first 10 minutes of the next episode. Of course, she’ll get her day in the sun again when the “Women Tell All” is all about her and Shanae, but hopefully that’ll be it. She’s embarrassing.



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