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The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 2 Recap, Cassidy Goes Off on Social Media, & Bachelor Nation Relationships

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-Susie had the 1-on-1 date and honestly I learned nothing other than she’s close her family and her dad was sick last year. If Susie didn’t win this thing, clearly she has all the makings of someone who’d fit right into their mold of being the “Bachelorette.” She just jumps off the screen with her look, her smile, her personality. It’s like she’s a mashup of all the previous Bachelorettes combined. I have no idea who the “Bachelorette” is gonna be since I don’t even know who wins this season yet, but knowing that Susie is at least in the final 3, knowing she got the first 1-on-1 date of the season, and just watching her last night, I don’t think I’m breaking any news here saying she’s clearly someone they would highly consider for the “Bachelorette.” Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

-I just felt watching the Clayton/Susie 1-on-1 that there was absolutely zero depth to it. She’s attractive, he likes her, then gushed non stop about what an unbelievable date it was. I think taking a helicopter ride and landing on a yacht probably is pretty cool and that added to it, but, nothing that was shown to us made it seem like it was any better or any worse than any other first date this show has had. Clayton was over the moon about how great the date was and how much he’s into Susie, but we as the audience sit there and watch them generically talk in a helicopter, then sit in the hot tub and generically tell each other what a great date it was. Obviously there was more to their conversations than what was shown, but we never get (or at least I don’t understand) WHY it was such a great date. WHY the conversation was so great. WHY Susie is such a great person in Clayton’s mind. Every convo we see is about as generic and bland as the previous one. I’m sure Susie is great. Heard a lot of good things about her from people in the pageant world. Haven’t heard a bad word yet (uh oh, that ultimately means someone will send something negative today I’m sure). But that date yesterday was just like any other date we’ve ever seen. Nothing different about it.

-You know the worst part of Cassidy’s performance last night? She spawned a love child in Shanae. You notice the two of them were always talking to each other and always sitting next to each other? So everything that Cassidy did on the first group date, she basically told Shanae to do on her group date, which is exactly what she did. These two are clowns. Seriously. How anyone watching this show could remotely take either of these women seriously is beyond me. Shanae is out for attention and will stop at nothing to get it, something her predecessor taught her a day earlier. They’re cut from the same cloth, Cassidy still only praises Shanae on her IG stories post show, and it’s clear none of the women in the house care for either of them, either while on the show or even post show. Get ready for the “Women Tell All” this season. It will be nothing but every woman complaining about Cassidy and Shanae acted, how they made things less fun, and then both Cassidy and Shanae taking zero responsibility for how they acted, lashing out at the others, and basically nothing getting accomplished.

-Both Cassidy and Shanae’s best form of action would be to shut up on social media, not instigate anything, wait til WTA, own their behavior, and apologize for how they acted. Will they? Not a chance in hell. They’ll keep up this act because it increases engagement and keeps people talking. It’s not like the show is portraying them as the villains and they’re shocked and not knowing how to react. They WANT to be the villains. This is exactly what both of them set out to do and are accomplishing. If they don’t admit that, they’re lying. I don’t know how you could be Shanae, watch last night’s episode and think to yourself, “Wow, these women were really harsh towards me.” You talked about yourself in the third person, you gave yourself your own nickname, you purposely went after another girl (Elizabeth) who did absolutely nothing towards you, then turned everything around and tried to make yourself the victim. I’d say she’s delusional but that’d be too complimentary. We’ve seen women like Shanae on this show every season. There’s always someone like her that everyone else doesn’t like, she ruffles feathers, then feigns ignorance as to why others don’t like her. And trust me, we only have another 10 minutes or so of Cassidy. It’s gonna be another 3-4 episodes of this with Sha-nay-nay before she gets eliminated on the 2-on-1. So tired and played out.

-And all this was BEFORE Shanae went head first into mocking Elizabeth for having ADHD. Was that a good look? Like she watches that back and is proud of how she handled that? It was disgusting frankly. With all the talk about mental health in recent seasons, to openly mock someone who told you that in confidence is about as shitty a thing as you can do to someone. But hey everyone, Shanae got baptized after the show so I guess it’s all forgiven. Shanae, I’m glad you found God. I’m glad you got dunked in the water and had whatever rebirth you were looking for. But if you go on the WTA and try to defend your actions, or keep on the attack versus the other women, I hope you realize how hollow your baptism is. It’d all be for show at that point. If you’re truly sorry, or feel like you’ve changed, your act needs a 180 degree shift by “Women Tell All.” If not, no one’s buying the “new you.” Ball is in her court. And Cassidy’s. Lets just say I have not set my expectations very high for either of them.

-We didn’t get a rose ceremony to end the show last night. No, it was Clayton asking Jesse if he could take back a rose after Sierra had come to him and told him a story about how Cassidy had a side piece back home she was FaceTiming with before she met him and they were talking about getting together once she was back. The show then revealed footage of this conversation so we know Sierra wasn’t lying or exaggerating. Again, idiotic on Cassidy’s part to think that she either wasn’t being recorded or what not. Why would you ever even think to admit that to other women in the house, whether you thought you were being recorded or not? Then again, this is Cassidy we’re dealing with. You saw those IG videos I posted. Like she even cares. This is all about attention for her. In 2 weeks, that goes away. Lets see how vocal she is on her IG stories going forward. Something tells me after these videos I posted (which were picked up by US Weekly in front page news), they’re going to muzzle her. Probably the best, Cassidy. Don’t fight it.

-The only thing that surprised me was Clayton went from listening to what Sierra told him to immediately asking Jesse if he could take a rose away. I gotta believe he at least confronts Cassidy about this and asks her what she said and why she said it, right? If not, that’s pretty weak. Go directly to the source and say, “Sierra told me you said this. Did you? Why? Why are you really here? Etc.” Not saying he shouldn’t believe Sierra because clearly what she told him was true. We saw the footage. But we didn’t see any of Clayton speaking to Cassidy about it, or seeing any footage himself. If I’m him, that’s what I do.

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