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The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 2 Recap, Cassidy Goes Off on Social Media, & Bachelor Nation Relationships

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It’s been an interesting few days since we last spoke. I have COVID. Well let me rephrase that. I HAD COVID. Tested positive last Wednesday. Took rapid at home tests and tested positive Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday. This morning was my first day testing negative since last Wednesday, so things are good. For my particular situation, it consisted of a sore throat that turned into a runny nose, a bit of congestion, and a mini fever that lasted less than 12 hrs. I’m pretty much through it although my voice is a little hoarse that I think you’ll be able to maybe hear in this weeks podcast. But possibly not since I’m not recording til tomorrow afternoon so maybe it’ll sound better. So I’m thankful for not having some of the horror stories of COVID that I know others have had. I’m vaxxed and I’ve been boosted for 2 months now, so I’m sure that played a role in my minor symptoms. I thought the at home tests were very helpful and easy. I know they’re basically sold out everywhere, but if you can get some, I suggest you do. I had purchased them online before the new year, and the delivery date wasn’t til Jan. 4th, so the timing actually worked perfect. The next day is when I first used them and tested positive. Last night was the first time I left my house since last Wednesday, and that was to get drive thru. But things are better now and I’m glad that’s over with. Just gave me a ton of time to watch non-stop football over the weekend (which I probably would’ve done anyway, but still).

In case you missed it at the end of the show last night, there is no new episode next week due to the NFL Playoffs having their first Monday night playoff game ever. So episode 3 won’t be til Jan. 24th, then I’m assuming at some other point this season they’ll double up and we have back-to-back episodes on a Sun/Mon or Mon/Tues to catch up for the missed week. They’ve always done that in the past when they’ve had to skip a Monday, so expect that again coming up. Probably around “Women Tell All” time.

“Reader Emails” is back tomorrow so get your emails today for tomorrow’s column. Right now I don’t have a ton, I don’t think, but I haven’t really been on my computer all weekend. I’m sure you’ve got some questions and comments for me, so send em’ in. Hey, “Joe Millionaire” even premiered last Thursday, so maybe you’ve got thoughts on that. I’m having both Steven and Kurt on the podcast this week, so that’ll be fun to talk to those guys. I really like that it’s back and am looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Definitely have some questions for those guys as we head into episode 2 this week, so look for that on Thursday.

Every year, either the first or second episode of the season has to go opposite the national championship game, and last night was no different. So I would expect ratings to be down from week 1. By the way, last week’s premiere can be looked at 2 ways: either the lowest rated Bachelor premiere ever, or, drew more viewers than any episode of Michelle’s outside of her finale. So I guess it all depends on what argument you wanna make. However as has been stated many times recently, Neilsen ratings are quickly becoming a thing of the past. They’re antiquated, they don’t account for streaming, and it’s not a good barometer any more for determining popularity of a show. But, it’s the only ratings service we have, so, it has to be used. The bottom line is the Bachelor is still trending on Twitter, the talk shows and entertainment sites all still cover every episode, over 10 former contestants have podcasts that talk about it every week incessantly, and it’s still a major part of the pop culture lexicon. That’s what matters. If you boiled everything down to just ratings, 90% of the shows on television would be cancelled.

Some relationship news to cover in Bachelor Nation, I guess, as there seemed to be two developments that came about in the last few days. Riley and Maurissa haven’t given any sort of statement or IG post that they’re broken up, but it’s clear they are considering she deleted almost all pictures of him off her IG, her Facebook status now says she’s single, she’s thrown shade into multiple IG posts alluding to a break up, and neither of them have posted with each other for a while. Not hard to deduce they’re no longer together, it’s just a matter of when they officially tell everyone they aren’t. Oh well. Guess those Sundays aren’t forever, huh? Shocking. In other news, Clare and Blake Monar (eliminated Week 2 of her season and made Tia’s vagina dance on BIP) seem to have something going now as they both posted videos of them together this past weekend. Nothing official, they left it pretty vague, but again, people seem to think that video was a sign of a new couple. I haven’t heard either way, but honestly, just like most of these couples post show, I honestly don’t care. Sucks Marissa and Riley are done, but I’m not the least bit affected. Clare and Blake Monar together? Again, same. I’m just not nearly as invested in any couple post show as most of the die hards of this show are and never will be. Unless there’s a major story surrounding them, or people publicly calling out the others behavior where there’s stuff to talk about or what not, there isn’t much to cover. And that hasn’t happened here as of now. Breakups and get togethers happen all the time in this franchise. So you point it out, and you move on. I don’t see any reason to dissect the how and the why of the Riley/Maurissa breakup or the Clare/Blake Monar get together. But maybe that’s just me.

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