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Hi Steve,

I listened to Part 1 of your interview with Shayne, and it was great! Can’t wait to listen to Part 2!

When she mentioned Matt calling her “monkey,” I went to YouTube to try to find a clip. First result was ATFR.. but not from Matt’s season – it was from Deanna’s Bachelorette season (July 2008). They had Matt and Shayne on to re-watch their story and proposal, as well as update everyone on their current status.

Knowing what we know now, their time on the couch does seem forced and awkward (especially Shayne mentioning that they plan to do some traveling together and Matt questioning that statement), but they did play along. I’m wondering if Shayne got her timeline mixed up or if they really were broken up before Matt’s ATFR and still had to pretend months later. (Wikipedia doesn’t list a ATFR for Matt’s season, so I don’t know if he had one or if Deanna’s is what she was referring to.)

Just thought the timeline was interesting and wanted to share. Thanks as always for all you do!

Comment: It’s very possible because I thought that Matt’s season didn’t have an ATFR. It was so long ago and things were different, but I could’ve sworn he didn’t have one. And the tabloids were the ones to report they broke up. But with you mentioning DeAnna’s season, I’m all confused as to what happened and when. From what she said, whatever they did on TV was a lie since she said they were already broken up but she pretended they weren’t on TV.

Hey Steve,

I listened to Call Her Daddy and this is where Colton opens up the most about the Cassie breakup. He also discusses coming out and how his PR was listening to him on “a podcast” addressing being gay. He says his PR team thought he didn’t address it great on a particular podcast. I think it’s yours based on what he says regarding the LGBT community. Curious if you listened and what your thoughts are?

Comment: I didn’t listen. I mean, I flat out asked him if he was and he said no. So yes, he lied, but I never would’ve have expected him to come out to me on my podcast. That was never gonna happen. But I still needed to ask the question because it had been talked about online and speculated ever since he appeared on the show, and, he had mentioned his struggle with it in high school in his book. So it was completely appropriate to ask. I didn’t care that he lied in his answer to me. I cared that he used me for media attention during a time when he was harassing Cassie and I had no idea about it. Remember, he DM’ed me specifically asking to come on my podcast at that time because he thought I was fair and he liked my work. Little did I know…

I decided to give the premiere a try, and honestly see very few women who would be a realistic match for Steven. Even though he has money, he probably has midwestern country roots which usually means a more natural beauty. Most of the women seem to have enhanced lips and bodies, with no interest of living on a ranch. I may or may not have heard who he chose.

I cannot get a feel for Kurt, but based on his attraction to Carolyn, she seems a bit more natural too.

One bachelor question…

If Gabby doesn’t receive the final rose, do you think her bachelorette chances are better than the others because of her dating history of BN men?


Comment: I think the Dean and Blake stuff is getting blown out of proportion. She never even dated Blake. They hung out a few times and ran in the same circle and her relationship with Dean was over 10 years ago. So if she didn’t win, of course we know she’s someone who’d be in the running just based on her making it at least top 3, but if they choose her, I think that choice would be made more because they think she appeals to the audience and would make a good Bachelorette, not because she has ties to Dean and Blake years ago.

Long time female fan of the Bachelor shows from the very beginning, my college years. We watched the first Joe Millionaire and we all loved it, thought it was hilarious.

Are you watching Joe Millionaire: FRFP? Do you have any thoughts on this new direction the show is taking? Any spoilers? I love the two “Joes” being able to work together as a supportive team and it seems they are genuine friends, that’s cool. Not as “shiny” and “underaged” as the Bachelor, but still we are enjoying it so far.

I’m DONE with all Bachelor shows, stopped after Matt season, I hate being force fed something I don’t want to watch and I miss Chris Harrison. Been trying to find some escapist reality I can laugh at that doesn’t take itself so freaking seriously, after 20 years Joe Millionaire seems to fit the bill again, lol. Let me know your thoughts, I don’t always agree with you, but still enjoy your perspective. Thanks, Happy New Year!

Comment: Yes, I’ll be commenting about the show here and there, and both Joe’s (Kurt and Steven) will be my podcast guests tomorrow. I like the show. I like the fact they told the women right off the bat that you have two men, one of them is rich and one isn’t. Because in 2021, you could never really pull off what they did in 2003. People would be too suspicious. So you had to tell them right off the bat what the concept was.

Is it normal for ABC to take a week off airing The Bachelor to show Monday Night Football? I don’t recall them ever skipping a week this early in the season.

No. But this is the first time the NFL has ever had a Monday night playoff game. Playoffs have always been on the weekend as long as I’ve been alive. But last year they went to 7 playoff teams in each conference, with the top seeds getting byes. Meaning 6 games on opening playoff weekend instead of 4. Last year they did 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. This year they decided to switch it up and do 2 Sat, 3 Sun, and 1 Mon. I have a feeling this stick and be the norm going forward, so as long as the Bachelor stays in the Monday night slot starting first Monday in January, looks like there will always be an early season week off the week of the Monday night playoff game.

My comment is: clearly many of the players this season have been listening to or taking the advice of Game of Roses on effective game play! Cassidy and Shanae especially!

Comment: Sure seems like it. Haven’t they said they specifically coached a player this season? If they did, I really hope it’s not one of those two.

The first commercial after her segment was a long trailer (definitely longer than 30 seconds) for her new Hulu streaming sitcom. Disney owns Hulu.

Comment: Yes, I realized that yesterday when a lot of you emailed me this. Totally forgot Hilary is part of that new show. I wasn’t watching the commercials on Monday night because I was watching the game. But now it makes sense.

Hi RS,

Glad to hear you’re doing better, and glad you got tests! Finding tests right now in DFW or online is a nightmare. My boyfriend got covid last week and by some miracle, I didn’t. Yeah, they’re basically impossible to get immediately. You have to order through Amazon or online through a CVS/Walgreens/Walmart and just hope delivery isn’t too far out. I ordered mine before Xmas and they weren’t delivered til Jan. 4th. Yesterday when I went on Amazon, I think the first availability was 2 weeks out.

Also, did you see Jimmy Kimmel’s segment on his wife’s guesses for top 4? She guessed Rachel, serene, and teddi (not in order), but guessed Susie as number 1. People say she gets spoilers from ABC, but I think she gets them from you, even though you don’t have Teddi in top 4.


Comment: Of course she gets them from me. They’ve been doing it for years. This is nothing new.

Hi Steve,

I’m sure others have reached out to you but I believe Hillary Duff was on the episode to promote How I Met Your Father coming out on Hulu next week. Since it’s all part of the Disney family, I believe that was the overlap. I was mostly watching the game so I missed that portion of the episode but seems odd they wouldn’t say that explicitly.

Thanks for your recaps! I took 2021 off from watching the franchise but always enjoy your content. And I’m excited for Joe Millionaire podcasts and comments. The first episode has me hooked already; I find myself thinking about what I would do as the cast members. It’s also fun to know which one is the millionaire and observe the girls’ behavior. Thanks for the suggestion! Hope you continue to feel better!

Comment: I’m gonna ask both of them tomorrow how much the girls questions almost led them to spilling and if they almost leaked it. I gotta believe it was tough. How do you phrase your answers if you’re Steven when you are the multi millionaire, but don’t want to appear as one?



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