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Love your blog.

I did see a commercial last night that Hilary Duff is starring in How I Met Your Father, so that could explain her appearance. It was odd she didn’t say anything on the show to tie it in, though. It is very random without that context. Not complaining, though. She’s the original queen of my heart. Who doesn’t love Hilary Duff? Yay Lizzie.

About the helicopter date: there are studies that show that doing a high-adrenaline first date with someone kind of tricks your brain into feeling more attracted to them. I think that’s what happens on so many of these one-on-one dates. They feel like it was “amazing” and they feel so “connected,” but they’re really just coming off an adrenaline high. It’s why we don’t understand what was so great about the date or their connection. It’s a smart move on production’s part to plan all these high-adrenaline dates because it basically guarantees the lead and the contestants will develop feelings they think are super deep.

Lastly, fuck Shanae.

Comment: For sure. It’s what the show thrives off of. When your sole focus is on one guy for 2 straight months, and you have no distractions from the outside world with phones, computers, TV’s, etc, yes, you immediately begin to think this person is the greatest living human being ever and the second coming of Patch Adams. The show knows this and takes complete advantage of it.


No question, just comment. I truly enjoyed both podcasts with Shayne Lamas very much! Fascinating and left me with more questions and interest!

Funny that when I heard that Lorenzo Lamas is her father, and Lorenzo has quite a successful film and TV resume….. but my first thought was, hey he dwas in GREASE! Grease is the word, yeah!

There is so much more to cover with Shayne, and hopefully you can have her back. You and Shayne had a great rapport.

What was it like for Shayne to grow up in SoCal, and around the entertainment industry with her father? Funny stories? This could cover a couple hours or more.

How did she end up falling for Matt Grant on the Bachelor, after her first impression of him was to run away? Her time on the Bachelor was years ago, but the psychology and emotional process is still interesting, if she is willing to re-tell it. Was she partially drawn in because of the romantic and glamorous settings on the Bachelor (the bubble)? Did they really have a connection, but it just was not enough to survive the real world?

How did she get into the TV world and her almost being cast on Gossip Girl, etc?

Thanks for all that you do!

Comment: She will be back at some point. We definitely could’ve done a whole podcast on just growing up the daughter of a Hollywood star. I think we can touch on that next time.

Hey RS…

Didn’t know if you’d heard but the Chatty Broads are no longer recapping the Bachelor anymore. Or at least not for this season. Bekah said she felt she was being too mean to contestants and it was affecting them so they stopped. I know you probably won’t say much about it but I just thought you should know if you hadn’t already heard.

Tahnks for all you do.

Comment: Oh, the irony is certainly not lost on me. The. Fucking. Irony.

Hey Steve!

I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Joe Millionaire! I watched the first new episode last week not knowing anything about it or what to expect, and I loved it!! It was really fun! The camaraderie between Steven and Kurt was really cool to see. They seemed really genuine with each other and with the women. And I have to say, for me personally, I feel like the women that were cast on this show are all SO stunning and gorgeous. On the Bachelor nation shows there are usually several really beautiful women also, but I just feel like this ENTIRE cast of women on Joe Millionaire are just so pretty! I’m excited you’re having Kurt and Steven on the podcast!! I can’t wait to hear it! Thanks again for giving me yet another great show to watch!

P.S. I’m glad your Covid is over and that you’re feeling better!

Comment: Thanks. Only lingering thing I have is still a little congestion. Not in my chest though. In my nose. It’s still a little stuffed up. But it’s not like my nose is dripping and I’m still blowing it constantly. That was last Thursday. Occasionally I’ve had to blow it since then but not more than maybe 5 times a day. But the little stuffiness has lingered.

Hi Steve:

Very longtime fan of yours! Felt compelled to write as I found most of episode 2 uncomfortable to watch as these 2 grown women behaved like the most immature of girls. On the other hand, I do have to commend Elizabeth for how she handled herself like an adult. She certainly showed that ADHD is NOT a “mental illness” but a neuro-developmental disorder. Many women in particular go undiagnosed as children since it affects them differently than boys, and there are varying degrees of severity. My daughter only recently, at age 36, was evaluated and got a confirmed diagnosis. She’s very accomplished but it sure explained a lot about issues during her childhood – if only we’d known! In any case, I found the whole way it was referenced and treated by this show (in editing?) disrespectful, ignorant and demeaning. That seems to be a lot of people’s opinion. And that they should’ve put up a phone # at the end of the episode for mental health.

On another note entirely, knowing you are a sports fan and loved Friday Night Lights, was curious if you watched the show Swagger by the same people? If not, you should!

Glad you recovered well from Covid – stay safe and healthy.

Comment: No, haven’t watched Swagger. Hadn’t even heard of it until now.

Do you think it was insensitive for The Bachelor to not display a message at the end of this week’s episode about mental health with resources? I was surprised this was absent after Shanae’s attacks on Elizabeth and her ADHD diagnosis, and Shanae’s relentless bullying focused around it.

Comment: Yes, it should’ve been addressed and at the very least a phone number should’ve been given. SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) Hotline: 877-SAMHSA-7.

We share the same exact Covid timeline. Tested positive Wednesday (day after my birthday!) and just got released from my five day quarantine today. Like you, I am vaxxed and boosted. I tell people it was mild Covid, major headache (literally and figuratively) minor cold symptoms, but 24-7 headache with no relief. Instead of football, I watched figure skating. Glad we both made it thru. I was lucky enough to avoid the headaches, aches, pains, nausea, etc. I just had a sore throat, runny nose, and congestion.

I agree with your assessment how stupid Sha-nay-nay was to not realize her conversation would be picked up on camera and used against her. I often wondered why when contestants get caught in a she said/she said, that they don’t scream “check the cameras for proof”. Is this because producers consider the camera to be the so-called “12th man” per se. And they don’t want to reference that these people are even on camera? If you know what I mean.

Comment: Yes. They know they’re on a show, but they can’t really publicly acknowledge they’re on the show. And the phrase you’re looking for is the 4th wall. Very rarely does this show break that. And having contestants talking about checking the tapes would definitely do that.

Hi Steve –

Glad you are feeling okay but my mind immediately jumps to thinking of the “See, vaccines don’t work!” crowd. Oh yeah. A very sane, rational, and deep thinking bunch. Around one year now we’ve had vaccines available. If that is STILL anyone’s take, they are completely brainwashed by clickbait headlines, haven’t truly listened to a word that’s been reported over the last year, and shouldn’t be allowed to function in society. Period. Just be sure to re-read that sentence a few times before thinking of firing off some angry email to me. Save your breath.

Really weird to me that the 2 villains have similar looks and professions. If this were The Challenge, I believe they would have exited her from the show for the ADHD comments and possibly not aired them. I did laugh that she seemed to think the rose was some kind of all powerful shield against repercussions.

Totally different situation, but when Clayton asks about taking a rose back, wasn’t Jesse the one who pulled a rose back when he called out the wrong name? When Jesse said he is happily married, I wish someone said “But not to the woman who got the final rose.” Yes, Jesse gave out a rose to a woman the first night then realized he gave it to the wrong woman. And yeah, it was a little much of him to say he was the former Bachelor so he knows this process works. Based on what? You gave your final girl a one way ticket at the final rose ceremony and barely lasted with her.

I wish it were somehow possible to keep the audience in the dark about who is rich on Joe Millionaire. It does not seem like Kurt is poor like the original Joe. You know how they kept promoting in the first episode the butler saying, “One of these men is worth $10 million and one isn’t?” I actually thought the twist was gonna be Steven is worth $10 million but Kurt was actually worth MORE. But after watching the first episode, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Loved the Cobra Kai season. Damn you Stink Ray!

Comment: I thought it was great. Really enjoyed it. This coming from someone that thoroughly enjoyed KK3 and appreciated it for all it’s ridiculousness. So I was giddy to see Terry Silver’s transformation and I thought he stole the show in season 4. He was the best character of the season to me.

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