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Podcast #270 – Interview with Jennie Alexandra from “Joe Millionaire” (WARNING): Discussion About Sex Trafficking Included

There’s only so much I can say and do to promote today’s podcast. You really just need to listen, then when you’re done, click on the two links below to learn more about the case and what the victims went through. Jennie Alexandra is a contestant on this season of “Joe Millionaire” who was a victim of sex trafficking about 7 years ago. While it’s not the sex trafficking you were probably thinking when you first heard that phrase, that phrase has layers. And Jennie tells as much as she can legally what she went through, how public this case became, what it did to her and other victims’ lives, how she has to live with this the rest of her life, and so much more. It’s really an unbelievably sad and heartbreaking story that I hope you take the time to listen to. TRIGGER WARNING: There is some graphic sexual talk involved surrounding the sex trafficking. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview (and I’d really like to hear your thoughts), please include Jennie’s Twitter handle (@jenniealexandr) in your replies. I can’t thank Jennie enough for talking about this for the first time publicly on my podcast. I hope her story resonates and I’m glad we could bring some awareness to this polarizing topic.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by giving a small overview of Jennie’s story and give a TRIGGER WARNING of some of the sensitive nature that will be discussed. Then Jennie joins me (9:07) to talk about how appearing on “Joe Millionaire” came about, what made her open up to Steven about being a victim of sex trafficking, her case, what made her want to file a lawsuit, the impact this has had on her life, how she’s using this experience in her profession moving forward and much, much more.

Twitter – @jenniealexandr
Instagram – @jennie.alexandraa

DOJ Press Release – 20 Year Sentence for GirlsDoPorn Sex Trafficking

National Human Trafficking Hotline: (888) 373-7888

Documents – Victim Statements Garcia Sentencing

CampaignZero – link
8CantWait – link
PoliceScorecard – link

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