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The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

The “Bachelor” Clayton – Hometown Date Thoughts, “Bachelorette” Poll, & the 6th Annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party Set for June 3rd

3rd time’s a charm, right? After getting cancelled in June of 2020 due to COVID, and then cancelled again in August of 2021 because of the Delta variant, the Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party is back on this year. It’s happening Friday night, June 3rd at Mandalay Bay. It is first come, first serve, although those that were set to come either of the last 2 years have first dibs this year. Not all of them will be able to make it, so, just let me know if you want it. There is no cost to attend the party, although I just need screen shot proof of vaccination to attend. You don’t need to bring it with you. Just show me in an email and you’re good. As of this moment, there is no mask mandate in Vegas. That could easily change by June 3rd, but it will not deter the party this time. If you want to wear a mask, that’s fine. If you don’t, that’s fine as well. I just want everyone in attendance to know they are in the company of everyone else who’s vaccinated. And please, if you’re not vaccinated, I don’t need a lecture on why you think I’m an idiot for asking people attending to be vaccinated. It’s just a get together for one night. Probably a good chance by next year we won’t need this anymore, but I’m just trying to do the right thing. You aren’t missing out on some life altering party. Just fun times with fans that wanna go to Vegas for a weekend.

So here’s what I ask every year. It remains the same. If you’re out of state, your admission into the party is:

1) screen shot me your vaxx card
2) your flight itinerary

If you’re out of state but not flying, all I need is vaxx card and hotel itinerary. If you are in state, I only have “x” amount of spots reserved for locals, so if you want in, you need to email me as soon as you can. I have to leave more spaces available to out-of-staters since they’re having to go through more just to come. This is the 6th annual party I’ve had (first 4 were at Mandalay, #5 was at the Rio, and the last 2 years were cancelled), and we’ve had people come from all over: Canada, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Florida I believe were the farthest ones away. There is an open beer and wine bar and there will be appetizers provided. Just a fun way to get together and thank everyone for their support over the years. Will also have a raffle to give away gift cards, casino chips, and whatever donations I get in. All in all, a fun time every year, and we’ll probably go live on IG at some point as well. Look forward to seeing everyone again.

Get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow’s column. We’re kinda low right now. I know you will probably have questions or theories on the end, and while I won’t discourage you from sending those in, I’m just saying I probably won’t have many new answers. Although I heard more things this weekend, one which seemed pretty credible, I don’t wanna go there yet. But you hear two things from two different sources, things seemingly are adding up. I hope to have something solid in the next week or so.

As you know the “Women Tell All” taped last Wednesday in LA. Was able to get a breakdown of the main things that happened at it. I posted it Friday night, so if you missed it, you can read about all your WTA spoilers right here. Over the weekend, a lot of the women were still hanging out in LA and at a club one night, the bottle service team brought out this sign that Genevieve posted on her IG stories, but later apologized for.

Normally I’d probably say that was unnecessary to post and it was piling on, but to me, I don’t have a problem with it after the WTA taping went down. And here’s why: It wasn’t name calling. It wasn’t a threat. It wasn’t bullying. Someone just said “Fuck You Shanae” for the way you acted. That’s fair to me considering what she said all season and had zero remorse for it. If she can’t handle someone saying “fuck off” for her behavior, she might as well just never sign on to social media again. While it is a curse word, that’s pretty tame considering some of the other vile and horrendous things contestants have had to go through. And if she still won’t apologize and just leans into this character on TV, I’m sorry, but she’s absolutely 100% fair game to be criticized, as long as it doesn’t cross the line. Telling someone to fuck off is not crossing the line in my eyes.

Hadn’t done a Twitter poll in a while so decided to try one out last night to kinda see where people’s heads are at:

Even though I put in there basically if all things were equal, who would you like to see, I’m still a bit surprised that Rachel is last. I’m assuming that’s because people think she won and/or is going to be with him at the ATFR. I mean, I said it last week and I’ll say it again: I’ve been told he’s not with her. I really don’t think he is. Now, how and why we got to that point, that’s what I’m trying to find out, because clearly Clayton has a connection with her and told her as much – along with Susie and Gabby.

Thoughts on last night’s episode on Page 2…



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