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Podcast #278 – Interview with Annie Jorgensen & Carolyn Moore from “Joe Millionaire”

What seemingly will be the conclusion of the “Joe Millionaire” finale coverage on this site, we have the two women who were not chosen on that final day, Annie Jorgensen and Carolyn Moore on the podcast today. I’d say two people who got a completely different edit on the show, and we definitely dive into that asking how they felt about how they were portrayed. Annie was the front runner all season and was shocked she wasn’t chose. Was she as shocked as the rest of us? As for Carolyn, if you were to have a “villain” of this season, I guess it would be her, even though there really wasn’t a ton of behavior that reflected other villains we’ve seen in reality TV history. But Carolyn definitely doesn’t hold back in what she has to say in regards to what happened with Kurt on the show and OFF the show, once the breakup with Amanda happened. Don’t wanna miss either of these podcasts today. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Annie (@anniejorgensen_) and Carolyn’s (@caroesteph) Twitter handles in your responses. Thanks again to both for coming on. Now I’m just curious if there will be any backlash online. We wait and see.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about the timing of when these podcasts were recorded (last Friday) in relation to Kurt’s IG story from yesterday that seems to contradict what Carolyn says on the podcast. I also talk about tonight’s “Bachelor” finale and what to expect the next 24 hrs or so. Then Annie joins me (12:15) to discuss how she got cast, how the edit clearly made her everyone’s front runner, how she felt about Steven, was she as shocked as everyone else was at the finale, and much, much more. Then Carolyn comes on (54:09) and lets loose. What you know want to know, she answers, and doesn’t hold back in regards to Kurt on the show, Kurt post show, has there been a reklinding, what’s her relationship with some of the women, and what’s in store for her future.

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