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Podcast #281 – Interview with Comedian and Bachelor YouTuber Dave Neal

If you can name something that we all do anywhere between roughly 5-15 times in our lifetime that’s worse than moving, I’ll give you a sucker. Because I’m telling you, there isn’t one. It’s. The. Worst. Not to mention, I have a trip to CA today that’s gonna cut into 4 days of packing and boxing stuff up. Now, you could say, “Well if you knew you were gonna be gone for 4 days, why didn’t you get stuff done earlier?” You’re funny. I mean, I’ve actually gotten more stuff done than I thought I would by this point, but of course I’m gonna come down to the wire with a lot to do. Once this is over, things should be back to normal. I don’t have any new “Bachelorette” news this week, sorry. But we do have comedian and Bachelor YouTuber Dave Neal on today’s podcast as we talk a little about the “Bachelorette” season and then talk all Bachelor Nation stories that have happened recently like Kaitlyn and Jason’s April Fools pranks, Katie & John responding to Blake, Tyler Cameron/Kristin Cavallari rumors, spoilers in general, and much, much more. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Dave’s Twitter handle (@DNealz) in your replies. Thanks again to Dave for coming on as he’s always welcome on the show and will most definitely be a re-occurring guest.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by giving details on the Fan Appreciation party, then Dave joins me (9:06) to talk briefly about the current season of the “Bachelorette” that’s filming, then hit a few topics in Bachelor Nation like Kaitlyn & Jason’s April Fools pranks, Katie & John responding to Blake, Tyler Cameron/Kristin Cavallari photo shoot, & much, much more.

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