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Podcast #282 – Final Thoughts on the Clayton TikTok Scandal from Last Weekend

I said it last week, and I’ll say it until the end of time: moving is the worst. I spent all day yesterday on my move and, for the most part, I’m all done. Still have to pick up a few things at my old house today, but everything is moved in, cable and internet are working, podcast equipment is working, and Luka is enjoying sniffing every single corner of the new house. She seems to like it so far, so that’s good. But then again, I can’t really ask her and get a direct answer. Damn dogs. Anyway, because of the move, and the fact I’ve been out of the “Bachelorette” loop for a couple weeks now, just wanted to give my final thoughts on this past weekends TikTok scandal involving Clayton. This should be the last to be spoken on it since it’s over and done with, except for one thing that could still happen – something which I know a lot of you are hoping for but I suggest against. Take a listen, give it some thought, and lets just put this thing to bed. There’s no reason to continue to attack Sasha over a 24 hour mistake.

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(SPOILERS) A brief podcast giving my final thoughts on the Clayton TikTok situation from this past weekend along with some thoughts on last nights episode of “Temptation Island.”  No new updates on the “Bachelorette” yet as I’ve been in the process of moving. 

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