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Podcast #283 – Interview with Chad Kultgen & Lizzy Pace from the “Game of Roses” Podcast

Joined this week by a couple of my favorite guests, Chad and Lizzy from the “Game of Roses” podcast, and you best believe there’s a lot to talk about. Their book, Clayton’s season, their “coaching” of players, Jesse Palmer/Chris Harrison, and much, much more. As far as “Bachelorette” filming spoilers, as of this point, I don’t know much other than the format for the rest of the season. I lay that out in the first 10 minutes of the podcast. I have no names of actually WHO is on the dates and WHO is left, I just know how the filming schedule is gonna play out the rest of the season. Like I say every season, each one is different. When I find more stuff out, I’ll let you know. But as of now, I’ve got nothing new to give you other than the filming schedule the rest of the season. As always, if you’d like to respond to this interview, please use the Game of Roses Twitter handle (@GameOfRosesPod) in your replies. Thanks again to Chad and Lizzy for coming on again as I’ll definitely have them on again in the future.

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(SPOILERS) I first begin by talking about the format for the rest of the “Bachelorette” season.  Then Chad and Lizzy join me (11:40) to talk about their recently released book, their “coaching” of players, how the leads role has changed, Clayton’s season, the Clayton “scandal,” Jesse Palmer as host, Chris Harrison’s disappearance, and much, much more.

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