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Podcast #285 – Interview with Kaci Campbell & Erin Smith from the “It’s Tempting” Podcast

Some more “Temptation Island” talk this week from two former contestants who recently started a podcast. Kaci Campbell (season 1) and Erin Smith (season 3), have collaborated and started a podcast last month called “It’s Tempting” and they join me this week to talk about this season, which is in its final weeks. Some great insight from two women who went through the experience themselves, neither of which ended up working for them in the long run. Kaci has been on this podcast quite a few times, but I haven’t spoken to Erin since her season was airing, so we talk a little about what happened post show. Before the interview begins, I recap the hometown date spoilers I released on Monday and tell you which two reality TV contestants are expected to appear at my Fan Appreciation Party next month in Las Vegas. One is booked as of now, and the other is just trying to sort out her work schedule, and she will appear if she can. Spots still available, so if you want to attend, email me at No cost, first come, first serve. I have 15-20 spots still left. Thanks again to Kaci and Erin for coming on. Really enjoyed talking to them, and check out their podcast when you get a chance.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by going over the hometown date spoilers I released earlier this week and give an update to a couple reality TV contestants expected to attend this years Fan Appreciation Party June 3rd in Las Vegas. Then Kaci and Erin join me (9:49) to talk their new podcast, “It’s Tempting,” we go over all 4 couples on this season of “Temptation Island,” a couple of their recent podcast guests, how each has changed since their season, and much, much more.

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