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The “Bachelorette” Rachel/Gabby – Episode 2 Recap, Harassment in the Franchise, Ratings with @BachelorData, & Daily Roundup Podcast

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-Rachel gets the first 1-on-1 of the week and had a zero gravity date with Jordan V., the drag racer. Or, the shortstop for the Texas Rangers. Whichever one. I mean, the HR Derby was happening simultaneously last night with the “Bachelorette” last night, and I couldn’t help but see the uncanny resemblance between the two:

Maybe Rachel isn’t a Ranger fan? Maybe Rachel is still bitter he left the Dodgers to take the money and play for Texas? Can we look into Rachel’s allegiance more? There may have been more than meets the eye here as to why Jordan was sent home.

-This was the same date that Nick and Vanessa had during his season where she yakked up all her cookies and Nick still kissed her anyway. So nothing too original about this date. They make out while floating in the air inside a plane, and from the looks of it, neither of them got sick. Which is really disappointing. Lets face it, the whole point of this date would be for someone to get sick, so to see how the other person would take of them. It led to an engagement last time they did it. I guess Rachel didn’t like Jordan’s floating skills and didn’t think he’d make a good astronaut. Not sure. Because this was historical. And something that @BachelorData pointed out last night has never happened ever before.

-There were 2 things at play on this date that were rather interesting:

1) This was the first time we’ve ever had someone get the first date of the season and be sent home. “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette.” It’s never happened before. Sooooooo, congrats Jordan? Tell all the boys at the race track about that accomplishment.

2) It’s only the second time I can remember someone getting eliminated on a 1-on-1 where they were set to have a private concert. I know it happened on Sean’s season when he sent Leslie H. home during a date in LA. It’s possible it’s happened other times in more recent seasons, but I’m blanking if it did.

-What they also did to keep our attention during this date that Rachel really wasn’t into, was show us footage back at the mansion of Chris, the motivational coach, showing all the guys how he can put his foot in mouth over and over again. He was telling the guys during a chat he “planned on being here all the way,” which should’ve been the first sign to everyone watching at home that Chris was about to self implode and eject out of that house faster than Maverick in “Top Gun” (sorry, Goose). Chris made it very clear, you know because he thought we all cared, that not if, but WHEN, he made it to the fantasy room, if he found out one of them slept with another guy before him, he’d just leave without making it known beforehand that was his boundary. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Chris was suffering from a massive head wound to start spouting off such blabbering nonsense on national TV. He does realize people are watching this show and we just went through this, right? First off, the “fantasy room” literally sounds like something at Tomorrow Land at Disneyland. Or a side room in the 50 Shades franchise. Secondly, just stop talking Chris. Makes my brain hurt. Go answer the door. Your boy Toxic Masculinity is here to pick you up.

-So last week during commercial break, we had the voiceover of Jesse saying, “Your boyfriend’s a loser, drop his ass.” Last night they went a little tamer. “Love hurts. We can make it better. Apply now…then go have that third glass of wine.” Not bad. The script writer for this show is getting more and more clever. And how many former contestants have I had on the podcast in the past who said they were sitting around with friends and applied online while drinking wine? They sure know their audience. Then again, pretty much no one gets cast this way anymore. It’s all about who you know or being recruited. The days of just filling out an application online, having a producer call you, and you getting cast are o-v-e-r, in case you didn’t know.

-Sometimes things just don’t mesh. Like oil and water. Chris and humility. Tristan and Khloe. Well, now we can throw Rachel and Jordan V. into that group. She had to excuse herself during dinner to talk to production. She didn’t really have a great reason as to why she wasn’t attracted to Jordan, she just knew she wasn’t. She obviously was fighting it since lets be honest, breaking up with someone on a 1-on-1 date who really did nothing wrong and didn’t make an ass clown out of himself like Chris would’ve, isn’t the easiest thing to do. But, she wasn’t feeling it with Jordan, and as we know, you can’t force something that’s not there. So she sends Jordan home and got a private concert to herself from Brett Young and Ashley Cooke. Hey, at least they got to get their music out there without having to watch two strangers on their first date slow dance awkwardly in front of them. A win for everyone involved.



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