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The “Bachelorette” Rachel/Gabby – Episode 2 Recap, Harassment in the Franchise, Ratings with @BachelorData, & Daily Roundup Podcast

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-Nate had the other 1-on-1 of the date, and frankly, while it was a great date, Gabby was clearly into him, and was total opposite of how Jordan’s 1-on-1 went, the thing that stuck out to me happened later in the night over dinner. Gabby had on a spaghetti strap dress which clearly showed she didn’t wear sunscreen earlier in the day because you could see her bikini tan. Actually, it was much of a tan, moreso she got burnt by the sun because she was pretty red. Nate got a rose and we know he’ll last a while.

-Cocktail party time. Will we actually have our first rose ceremony of the season? The suspense is killing me. Short answer: yes. Since only 6 guys got extra time with Gabby and Rachel during the group date, it’s time for some of these guys to shine. However, because we have two Bachelorettes, so little time, and Chris acting a fool, we just get short clips of the women with the men. Tyler playing pop a shot basketball with Rachel, foreshadowing his hometown date. Erich and Gabby talked about his Joe Dirt/Cam Smith mullet and kissed. Zach and Rachel played a little mini golf and kissed. That’s all we got to see of their interaction with other men, and that shouldn’t surprise any of you, since the 3 they focused on are all guys who made the final 4. But we didn’t get a lot of them with the men because the cocktail party centered around what Chris said earlier in the week.

-Quincey is the one who steps to the plate and tells Rachel about what Chris said, Rachel goes and interrupts Gabby, pulls her aside and tells her what Quincey told her what Chris told the guys. Got that? Rachel & Gabby confronted Chris about his caveman thought process when it comes to women and sex and tell him he needs to leave. You all saw the conversation. No need to repeat it. Chris has some serious backwards thinking when it came to how he views the “fantasy room.” Not to mention how he spoke down to the women, didn’t listen to their concern, and made sure HIS opinion was what was heard the loudest, yeah, just don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Couldn’t have looked worse if he tried.

-The best part was the women making him walk THEM out, getting to the front door and Chris saying, “So how does this work? I just walk in that direction?” Yes, Chris. Leaving means leave the mansion. Remember how you came into the mansion on night one where you walked up the driveway then through the front door? Now just do that in reverse. Not that hard. Chris eventually understood what the word “leaving” meant – sort of. Because he came back and wanted to talk to the guys who confronted Gabby and Rachel about what he said, and that got shot down in about .4 seconds as they came over and told him to leave. Then all the other guys bowed up and told him to leave as well as they surrounded the women. Very herd mentality of them, but, Chris did deserve it. I’m sure HE doesn’t think so, but, that’s kinda how it works. Should probably listen more Chris and keep your pie hole shut when a woman is very stern in telling you something.
Especially when that something is basically “get out of my face.”

-Rose ceremony time. Logan, Nate, and Johnny are safe with roses. Jesse tells the guys that roses being handed out tonight are from both women, and it just means they’ve decided they want you to stay. Rachel: “Hi guys…incredible night…decision not easy…ultimately following heart…” Gabby: “every rose is Rachel and I both inviting you to next week…then all shit will hit the fan and that’ll change…”

Gabby’s roses: Jason, Erich, Jordan H., Michael, Jacob, Termayne, Meatball, Spencer, and Ethan.
Rachel’s roses: Aven, Zach, Quincey, Tino, Tyler, Hayden, Kirk, Alex, and Mario.

So by my calculations, 27 started the rose ceremony (Jordan V & Chris eliminated during the episode), 3 guys safe with roses, and the 6 eliminated were: Ryan, John, Brandon, Justin B., Matt L., and Collin. So 21 guys left. And by next week, we’ll be down to 15 or so before travel begins.

One thing I want to mention because it’s kinda become stupid. A few weeks ago I had mentioned that I thought Kirk was cut before filming began. Then when ABC announced the official cast list, I said I was wrong and clearly Kirk made the cast but was an early elimination. Literally a throw away one sentence mention. It’s not like I’ve been jumping up and down for weeks and weeks and weeks saying “Kirk was eliminated early! Listen to me!” But clearly Kirk thinks it was. Because like clockwork, literally two seconds after the rose ceremony has ended the last two Monday nights, Kirk has posted on his IG story a rose and tagged me in it. And I’m sure he’ll do it again next week. Not sure why he’s so hung up on this since I never made any sort of big deal about this, but man, this guy is seriously hung up on me. I’ll just say this. You know what? Forget it. I’ll just bite my lip on this one. He should hope others do as well.

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  1. justsaying

    July 19, 2022 at 8:59 AM

    I don’t see what’s wrong with what Chris said. He merely said IF he’s in fantasy suites, he just doesn’t want to be with a person who’s chosen to sleep with the other finals. It’s his choice.

    Sean Lowe decided he didn’t want to sleep with any of his finals. As did Matt. There are leads who did choose to not sleep with all the finals. Why assume Gabby or Rachel won’t be like that.

    Susie and some of the other finals chose to not like it when it happens. Are they villains and backwards too? Surely everyone should be allowed a choice and be respected.

  2. teenie26

    July 19, 2022 at 9:54 AM

    Um, first, assuming you’d be invited to Fantasy Suites is pretty presumptuous before he’s ever actually spoken to either one of them, and thus so shows a certain amount of arrogance. Second, refusing to answer whether or not you’d inform them of said dealbreaker before that moment was really gross. It was gross when Susie did it, it was gross when Luke did it, and it’s gross now. If that is your choice, you need to let people know! Not spring it on them AFTERWARDS – that’s 17 different kinds of controlling.

  3. justsaying

    July 19, 2022 at 10:22 AM

    Some call it arrogance, some call it confidence and some call it thinking ahead. Everyone knows fantasy suites WILL be looming.

    Maybe if the both of them bothered to actually speak to him at all, they’ll know where he stands. The only time they bothered even speaking to him was during this confrontation.

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