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The “Bachelorette” Rachel/Gabby – Episode 2 Recap, Harassment in the Franchise, Ratings with @BachelorData, & Daily Roundup Podcast

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Before you know it, nine consecutive months of “Bachelor” related programming will be over and we’ll be clamoring for more. But we’re not there right now. We’re only two weeks in. But time flies and this season will be over before you know it. Remember to get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow. Have a few so far but can always use more. I’m sure you have some questions/comments on this season, or maybe even some suggestions. Whatever you have, send it on in so it can appear in tomorrow’s column. Obviously if you’re looking for specifics regarding spoilers, I’ve given you everything I know up to this point. Hopefully I’ll be hearing more soon, but I just never know when I’m gonna get info. I have feelers out on a few things. Will report back if I hear anything.

Today’s Daily Roundup is now up. Just know with my new podcast platform, I can schedule my podcast for any release time I want (I think I could on my old one too, but for some reason never used that feature). I guess now that I’m doing a daily podcast, it’s good that it’s in your feed at roughly the same time every day. I record my Daily Roundup the night before, and it’s automatically scheduled to post at 8:45 EST every morning. That’s when it uploads. When it makes it into your feed varies. I’ve noticed it’s been in my feed anywhere between 7:57-8:02 CST every morning. So about 15-20 minutes after it uploads to Apple. So expect that every day. If there’s ever breaking news that happens overnight that I HAVE to get in that day’s podcast, then I’ll just add it in the morning when I wake up, and it could possibly set the time release back 10 or 15 minutes or so. Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure it will at some point. Enjoy…

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Clearly over the next few weeks we’re going to dive deeper and deeper into the season and more people will be developing their favorites and/or people they dislike on the season. It’s embarrassing that I have to put out this disclaimer, but this season is no different. If you wanna make fun of the contestants for shit they do on screen, have at it. It’s what they signed up for. They deserve. But when I start hearing stories already about guys being attacked online, jobs being contacted, family members personally and place of employment are being reached out, it’s once again, the reason I call it Toxic Bachelor Nation. It’s happening every season right now and it’s embarrassing. Why can’t people just watch a show, form their opinions, and maybe just share those with friends and family? Hell, start a group chat. What kind of miserable life do some of these people lead who are out contacting employers of contestants to share info? I’ll never understand it. To that I say, get a life. And I think that says way more about you than it does about the contestant. Have fun, crack jokes, make all the sarcastic snide comments you want. But feeling the need to attack contestants personally (on both Bachelor and Bachelorette) with name calling, threats, etc is out of line. I’m sure anyone who has that much hate in them sure isn’t gonna listen to me telling them to stop, but regardless, I’m gonna say it anyway. This shit is getting out of control with some of the stuff I’m hearing.

Jed got engaged over the weekend. Jed Wyatt that is. Been with his now fiancé quite a while now, so congrats to them. One thing I gotta know though. It’s killing me, really. At any point during this engagement, did Jed ask or give her a note, or possibly send a text that said, “Wanna make out? Y/N?” I have to know. If you’ve been following long enough, and you remember all that went down during the Hannah Brown breakup and the women that came forward, that’s a damn funny joke. If you don’t remember, then it went completely over your head. What person are you? If you got it, you’re a die hard fan and deserve a sucker. If not, then you need to step up your game.

When I had Suzana Somers on from the @BachelorData account last week, we talked about how the “lowest rated premiere ever” headlines for Rachel and Gabby’s season are misleading. Here’s a reel by Suzana to break it down for you even further:

So keep that in mind when people who don’t know what they’re talking about, keep peddling the same nonsense without doing any homework. It’s been happening a lot recently, and I’m gonna keep calling it out when I can.

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