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“Reader Emails,” Misinformation Again in the Nick/Blake Feud, Jordan V.’s Exit, & Your Daily Roundup

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Some good emails this week for “Reader Emails,” but the one recurring one that I got more than any surrounded Jordan V.’s exit. Mostly people just asking why didn’t he have a chance with Gabby once Rachel didn’t want him. Short answer: she didn’t want him either. Plenty of other topics today in “Reader Emails,” so check those out. But clearly a lot will be talking about what I covered mostly in today’s Daily Roundup, and that’s the Nick/Blake feud that continued yesterday. You knew Nick wouldn’t let Blake’s IG post from last week calling Nick a hypocrite go unanswered, so Nick addressed it. Could he have let it go? Sure. But god forbid he got called a hypocrite, so he spent time on his IG talking about why he thought Blake was a hypocrite, to which Blake responded to because Nick said something that was blatantly wrong. And that’s the main point I cover today in the pod.

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For those that want a shorter version, here it is:

-Nick didn’t think that him sharing Katie’s texts last week was equivalent to Blake sharing Caelynn’s texts 3 years ago. His reasoning for that was because as he said, and this is a DIRECT QUOTE from his podcast yesterday (you can listen yourself if you need to): “Blake demanded she (Caelynn) put out a public statement, or else, and when she didn’t do what he asked, or demanded, he posted it all over his social.” Blake’s IG response yesterday was just referring to that accusation. 100% did not happen. Blake never demanded her to do that, and Nick’s treading in dangerous waters as well as
completely mischaracterizing the situation when he says that. So that needed to be called out. By Blake, by me, and Dave Neal addressed it. I was made aware at the time of the conversations that were taking place behind the scenes before Blake released the texts. I can say Blake is telling the truth. Hell, Caelynn told the truth!

-Nick must’ve forgotten his own podcast. Viall Files. Episode #58. It starts at the 53:45 mark:

So Caelynn says in her interview with Nick that she was in conversation with Blake before he released the texts wanting to do an interview or release a joint statement together. Yet yesterday on his podcast, Nick is saying you can’t compare him reading Katie’s texts to Blake releasing Caelynn’s because “Blake demanded Caelynn put out a public statement, or else, and when she didn’t do what he asked, or demanded, he posted it all over his social.” Really? I just listened to what Caelynn said 3 years ago sitting 3 feet from you, and that’s not at all the way Caelynn described what Blake did. So once again, I’m going to call out blatant lies and flat out misinformation when it occurs. This is one of those instances. Again. I know Nick isn’t doing the homework and listening to others opinions or podcasts, but geez, can’t he go listen to his OWN to get the right information? Apparently not.

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