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“Reader Emails,” Misinformation Again in the Nick/Blake Feud, Jordan V.’s Exit, & Your Daily Roundup

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Hi Steve,

Question – do you think the rose on Mario’s lapel in his confessional after the rose ceremony was photoshopped? It looked like it to me – wondering if that part was recorded prior to the rose ceremony and made to look like it came after.

Comment: I didn’t even notice it.

Dear Reality Steve,

I have enjoyed your Daily Roundup podcasts. Thanks for putting these out and sharing about other shows you watch and some of your opinions about what is going on in pop culture and sports. I have found myself checking out what it is you are talking about. For instance, you referenced the Emmy nominations earlier in the week as you were disappointed in the lack of nominations for “This is Us.” I usually don’t pay attention to the award shows, but since I have “cut the cord” and gotten more into streaming services I checked out the latest list of nominees and was happy to see some of my favorite shows from the last year on the list. I really enjoyed “Only Murders in the Building”, “Ted Lasso”, “Abbott Elementary” and “The White Lotus.” I was a huge fan of “This is Us” during the first couple of seasons, but I feel like these last 2 seasons were a real slog. It seems like the academy(?) likes new and fresh every year too. I mean, it’s all subjective. I’m not gonna say you’re wrong. I’m sure those were deserving as well. And yes, network TV shows are falling off the face of the earth when it comes to Emmys. So that probably played a role. But usually in the last season of a show, they at least give it out as sort of a Lifetime Achievement nom. While the seasons may have slogged in your minds, I don’t think you can deny Mandy’s individual performance playing so many different iterations of herself.

Another recommendation I picked up from you this past week was watching the new season of FBoy Island. I really enjoyed the first 3 episodes and I am disappointed that you are not covering it/podcasting about it this season. I am unable to find any podcasts about the new season anywhere. Can you recommend any? Are you going to share your thoughts on it during the Daily Roundup or have any of the contestants on? The girls are really dynamic this time and it really is a hoot (much more entertaining than the Bachelorette).

Thanks for everything you do!

Comment: I’ll definitely mention it every Friday in the Daily Roundup since I’ll watch the eps when they come out on Thursday. And will definitely be having the women on the podcast when the season is over. I can’t/don’t want them on now since it’s still airing and we can’t really talk about much. Would much rather have them on once it’s all over so we can talk about whatever happens at the end, like we did with Sarah and CJ last season. I’m trying to book them for next week since I believe the final episodes drop next Thursday.

I remember you mentioned Justin B was a contender for Gabby’s final 4. I believe he was eliminated last night… any other leads so far?

Comment: No. Haven’t heard. And after I initially posted that about Justin being a possibility on May 2nd, a week later he was seen in a pic with his mom on Mothers Day, so that eliminated any chance of him being in the final four. So it’s been known it wasn’t him for a while now. But I don’t think that was in a column, just a podcast, so you probably missed it.

Hi Steve,

Figured I’ll write since you’re short on emails, and I’m taking a break from scrubbing the bathtub. (Btw, anyone recommending the brushes, and scrubbing pads that attach to a drill for cleaning? We have this old tub that is just hell to keep clean. I’m confident I can skip my arms day this week. There has to be a better way.) Sorry about your struggles. But I have a cleaning service that does that since I have about as much interest in cleaning as you do.

I have to admit, I’m enjoying this season. Perhaps it’s because we haven’t had one in a while, but I’m liking the show.

Watching Chris last night I kept thinking: doesn’t he know how this show works? Even if that’s how you felt, you should’ve kept it to yourself. Of course I’m happy for Gabby and Rachel that they don’t have to waste their time on him now (though I don’t think he was staying much longer based on their reactions to his speedo performance), but after all the past seasons you should know the minute you say something like that to other contestants, they’ll go running to share it with the lead, now plural. You’d think that if he wanted to take it all the way, he would’ve acted accordingly. Whether someone is there for the “right”, or the “wrong” reasons, everyone wants to stay as long as he, or she can for the most part. Perhaps he is that clueless as to what he did wrong, or how bad it made him look. Surely seems that way.

Also, couldn’t agree with you more on people who feel the need to threaten the contestants, and even, as I learned from your blog, contact their employers! That is absolutely insane, and I cannot wrap my mind around the motivation there. Don’t these folks have a life to live, and bathtubs to clean?! 😉 “Ain’t nobody got time for that”

Hope you, your fans, as well as the fans of the show who enjoy it for what it is to us, entertainment, have a great rest of the week!

Comment: It’s gross, disgusting, embarrassing, and anyone who does that should seriously lose access to their social media accounts. Get a life.

hi steve,

every time jason is on the screen, i see matt saracen. is it just me?

anyway, thanks for all the spoilers! i’ve been reading since jason mesnick’s finale, and i’m sure i would have stopped watching if not for your website.

hope you and luka are having a great summer,

Comment: No, I can definitely see that. Good call. QB1 Jason.

Hey Steve,

Hope all is well. This whole two-bachelorette format is just so awful. I feel like it takes away from the integrity of the entire show. Instead of having one lead navigate her own journey through love, the power now shifts to the guys who get to decide which of the leads they like better. It’s almost as if the 2 women are the ones competing for the men’s attention which certainly isn’t the intended spirit of the show. Don’t get me wrong- the contestants have always had the power to cut their journeys short – we’ve seen that many times (Greg, Micheal on Katie’s season) but that’s a different level of power than what we are dealing with now. If this season was meant to be a “make up” season for the shitty experiences R and G had on Clayton’s season – production epically failed on delivering that. I hate to see that future episodes will involve so much insecurity in both these girls (moreso Rachel based on promos). Truly awful!

Comment: I mean, based off the first two episodes, I can see your point. But after next week, that becomes a moot point because they each have their separate journey, and we know they each have a different final four. This is just a sell job by the show to make you think the whole season will go this way, but as the spoilers have provided to you, that’s not what happens. It ends next week.

Hi Steve,

Now that Justin B. has been eliminated, who do you think Gabby’s remaining final 4 guy is? I know you always update us on spoilers as you have them, but just based on what we’ve seen so far this season and in previews, who do you think the last one is? If I knew, I’d tell you. And it’s pointless to guess since that’s not what people want. Anyone can guess. You have a 50/50 shot of being right.

Also my husband is a huge college football fan and from West Texas, so he (and I) are dying to know with tea you have on Kirk! Please spill! (I know it’s a fat chance, but still thought I’d shoot my shot.)


Comment: I hear negative things every season about numerous contestants, both men and women. Some are more egregious than others. This season is no different, including a lot of guys that go far.

Hi Steve. Love your content. In Tuesday’s Daily Round-up you mentioned you set the podcast to drop at 7:45 CDT. Is it possible to change that to 4:45 CDT….. because alot of EDT commuters (like me) can’t listen until our ride home. It would be great to commute and have something short and informative to listen to. Thanks for considering it.

Comment: I hear ya. Here’s why I don’t think I will. I don’t wake up til around 6:30-7:00am CST. And yes, even thought I don’t HAVE to be awake for my podcast to post, I like to be because once it posts, I like to tweet out and post on my IG story that it’s out. It’s just a personal thing I like doing.

The other reason would just be on the rare occasions that something breaks overnight, I want to be able to add that in in the morning before it posts. While that may be something that happens no more than once or twice a month, I still want to be able to do that.

Just know I appreciate the email and the biggest thing for me is that you’re listening, no matter what time of day. And who knows, maybe I will get to a point where those two reasons above don’t matter as much to me anymore. Maybe I’ll try it out for a week just to see the download numbers and if they change at all. It still only counts as one download whether you listen in the morning or evening, but, I get why some would want to listen in the morning on their commute. Let me mull this over and thanks for bringing that up.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is RealitySteve, or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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