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“Reader Emails,” Misinformation Again in the Nick/Blake Feud, Jordan V.’s Exit, & Your Daily Roundup

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I know you’re a big sports guy. Do you follow Formula 1 at all? Thanks to Drive to Survive, I’ve become a huge fan!

Thx for all the tea all the time!

Comment: I do not. But I have heard that reality show is great. Everyone that’s seen it loves it. Will I get into it? I doubt it. Put it this way, if I don’t get into it before football season starts in about 6 weeks, it ain’t happening.

Dear Steve,

I am thoroughly enjoying your Daily Roundups; thank you!

The Kardashian stuff. It is exactly what you stated. Obviously Khloé had forgiven Tristan several times for indiscretions but, yes, with this surrogate timing she did not know about his most recent affair. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been told. But at least she’s not trying to rekindle because they’re having this kid now. I read yesterday the only communication they have right now is when they co-parent. Still, what a disaster. Granted, those kids will grow up with everything they need and then some materially. But Tristan has a lot on his plate, is an NBA player, and can’t keep it in his pants. Just embarrassing.

Ask for Nick Viall, what I will say and maybe I will post this on a Dave Neal video and maybe even on a NIck video and I am not an avid poster. I lead a quiet life with for little internet activity but this really had my blood boiling so to speak. I never have my blood boil and am very very slow to anger so this is rare for me.

Well, I do not listen to Viall files any longer but I did a bit during Clayton’s season and I can tell you that it was a literal bashfest at the beginning of the season because Nick kept saying that Gabby had romantic relationships with Dean and Blake and made her out to be a desperate girl on the fringe trying to be part of the Bachelor franchise. I mean I believe Dean was her first love and she was like 20 and as for Blake I believe she publicly said she never dated him but even the timeline of that I believe was well before Blake being on Bachelorette. NIck is cringe. The child bride is pretty ridiculous and that’s about all I have to say.

Last. Oops. One more thing. I think Nick came around on Gabby somewhere during the middle of the season but never really apologizing for his misinformed characterizations of her.

Comment: It’s takes like that, and lack of acknowledgment on his part that pretty much tells you all you need to know about how he rolls. How hard is it to apologize or take back something after getting more information on the subject? Apparently impossible for him.

Hi, Steve! I’ve followed you since Des’ season. Thanks for all that you do!

You probably already know this, but while doing some Instagram sleuthing I figured out that Zach’s uncle is Patrick Warburton. I wonder if this has something to do with him saying in the season previews that he “has to tell her the truth”. Maybe he came on to start an acting/modeling career. Just a thought!

Comment: I guess anything’s possible. Yes, I’m aware his uncle is Puddy. May be an unpopular opinion, but I think Puddy and Dwight Schrute are two of the most overrated comedy characters ever. Just a personal preference. I didn’t find either of them funny. Did they have funny moments during the course of the shows run? Sure. But the character overall? I’d say there were 10 characters on each show I found funnier. Doesn’t mean I hate Zach. Doesn’t mean I’m bashing him or anything of the such. Just don’t think his uncles character on a show 25 years ago was all that funny. That’s all.

I can’t believe I have to preface that, but, you know how this fan base works.

Hey Steve, wanted to write in about FBoy island. You had just tweeted about how well done it is, and I feel like I’m missing something. The concept just doesn’t make sense to me…. like it’s all over the place. And I don’t get how they eliminate someone they don’t have a connection with that maybe someone else does have a connection with..?? And Peter saying the therapy sessions with Nikki really helped him, when the “therapy sessions” were clearly meant to be a joke for comedic relief. I just feel like it’s acting? Am I just talking it all too seriously? And also… even numbers of men going for each of the women? Were they just assigned a woman or are we supposed to think it’s just totally evenly distributed?
I feel like Nikki Glaser is the only saving grace!!! Ha ha, I think you’re taking the show way too seriously. Watch it for what it is: mindless entertainment. Don’t read too much into it.

Also, fun question, which of the 3 girls would you go for if you were there? This season & last.

Comment: Hmmmm…I think CJ is one of the best looking women ever on reality TV. This season is really tough. I think all of them are attractive. Tough call.

(Apologies for late reader email, just watched first ep now)

How likely are we to see a 2-bachelor season? I just feel that now we’ve seen two seasons featuring double bachelorettes, the show has to do the same with the bachelor. I just think it’s a bad look to make gabby/Rachel share a season and not the same with the men.

Also, how about a POC for next bachelor? Or do the producers think that Matt James satiated the need for diversity?

Would love your thoughts!

Comment: I don’t think we’ll see a double “Bachelor” season. You’ve probably seen reports that this season was more difficult to film. And we’ll see how much we learn about the contestants with 2 women this season they have to focus on. As for a POC Bachelor, like I said when they cast Matt, it filled a need at the time. But if the next 5, 6, 7 leads after him were white, then it was all BS. So we’ll see.

I know it’s very early in the season and we don’t know who each girl chooses, but have you heard of any standouts or a production favorite that might be our next bachelor? I’m assuming he’d be one of the top 8 guys.

Comment: I’d assume you’d be right.

Hey Steve –

Challenge USA – So far, I’m missing the MTV TJ who is comfortable goofing on the contestants when they suck at a challenge or plummet into the water. They did fail to edit out his trademark laugh when someone jumped and bounced off the tires but did not show the source of the laugh. Yeah, I noticed that. You heard his laugh, and TJ was in the shot, but the shot was from behind and to the side, and you could see that particular scene he wasn’t laughing.

Big Brother – So many theories out there on why Paloma left. Regardless of the reason, I suspect she is hoping to be forgotten quickly. The hypocrisy of pulling Taylor aside to comfort her and act like she was in no way responsible was exceeded by her rudeness later on when she wouldn’t let Taylor explain her side of the story. When Jasmine fell on the course and the other houseguests didn’t get her off the course and out of the way quickly, did you notice the pissed look on Julie’s face because it might jeopardize ending on time? I don’t remember Julie’s face. But I do remember her stumbling over her words. Live TV. It happens. But they definitely didn’t seem like they knew what to do right away.

If you were one of the single guys on this past Temptation Island, which of the women would you have gone after? Unrelated – You and Mark W demonstrated how difficult it is for people over a certain age to consistently use preferred pronouns other than he/she. Geez. Another tough one. Ash was the only one who didn’t do anything for me. Different strokes for different folks. I’ve just never been attracted to the hippie vibe. Gillian, Ashley, and Iris were very attractive. Impossible to choose, at least for me.

Yeah. Even though we started the conversation by specifically saying we’re aware of their pronouns, when just having a casual conversation, it’s just very hard because we’ve used she/her our whole lives. And I’ll admit something. Just in that previous sentence alone, I typed “aware of her pronouns” first before I realized it was wrong. It’s not easy, but you do your best.

If you were a contestant on this Bachelorette season, Gabby or Rachel? Ha ha, kinda funny that’s now the third time this “Reader Email” I’ve been asked to choose which women from a reality show. Hmmmmmm. I hate answering these because it gets taken the wrong way and turns into “Reality Steve hates so-and-so” for the one I don’t pick, or “Reality Steve favors so-and-so” for the one I pick. But whatever. I know that’s not the case. So if you’re absolutely forcing me to pick one over the other because my life depends on it? Rachel. And going back to your last one? Probably Iris.

Comment: To this emailer, you know who you are, I left the last part of your email out. I have no problem with what you asked, I just don’t wanna talk about one of the particular subjects you mentioned in it anymore. Just know that of what you asked, these conversations are more funny than serious and that these people are close friends to where it’s not awkward at all. In fact, they’ve given me permission to say what I have.

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