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“Reader Emails,” Misinformation Again in the Nick/Blake Feud, Jordan V.’s Exit, & Your Daily Roundup

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Hi Steve,

My group though it was really weird that Rachel was able to send Jordan home on their one on one. What if Gabby wanted to date him? Or do you think he “chose” Rachel so it was okay?

Also my apologies if this gets answered in the next hour. Just wanted to ask while I was thinking about it.

Comment: I think this question was asked more than any other question this week. Considering Jordan took to IG to thank Rachel and never mentioned Gabby at all, or wondering where his second chance was, I’m sure this was discussed previously, and it just wasn’t shown.

Hi Steve!

Watching 2nd episode and was wondering —even though Rachel didn’t feel it with Jordan V —and decided to send him home—but what if Gabby wanted a shot? Do you think they discussed prior Rachel date and she knew Gabby may not have been into him?? I know after 3rd rose ceremony you gave written they guys choose one girl or other..but was wondering why he didn’t get to go back to have a shot with Gabby.

Also, loving your daily round ups!!!

Comment: See? Yeah, I’m guessing it’s because Gabby wasn’t interested either. We just didn’t need to see him getting rejected twice.

Hey Reality Steve!

Been following you for years, you are the GOAT. I was wondering if you knew anything about how bachelor casting works? How long does it take to hear back after applying? Does everyone who applies get an interview? Or is it a good first step if you do get selected for an interview? Was thinking about nominating my friend after i saw the ad for it, and was hoping you could lend me some of your expertise?

Appreciate you!

Comment: The honest answer is that nominations like this are basically a futile attempt at getting cast. That’s just not how people get cast anymore. Tomorrow’s podcast sheds a little light on that. I’m not going to tell you not to, just know that the chances of getting cast that way are basically slim and none.

Hey Steve!

I am loving the daily roundup podcast, it’s been great to listen to while on walks every morning. I did have to laugh today though when you said for the internet trolls to just text their friends about their mean thoughts. The people who go to that level and can find the time to contact someone’s employer probably don’t have many friends…Or all their friends are trolls as well and they’re one big happy family being miserable humans together.

I agree with you that it looked like Jasmine’s foot hit the ground during her obstacle course race. My theory is that since they didn’t call it down initially that they would have had to restart the race since there’s no guarantee Terrance wouldn’t have fallen at some point as well. Then once Jasmine hurt her ankle it wasn’t possible to have them restart and they were running out of time so it just stood as initially called. We will probably never know the truth but that’s my best guess. Makes sense. The ankle injury really put any wrench into plans of running it back.

Finally now that we get to hear more of your sports takes I’m curious your thoughts on the Baker Mayfield trade? Seems like it was in the works for a while since the NFL schedule has the Panthers and Browns playing in week one so now there’s a storyline for that game even if Deshaun Watson isn’t playing.

Thanks for all of your podcasts and columns!

Comment: 0% chance Deshaun Watson will be playing in Week 1, nor should he be. My guess is he’s suspended for the season.

Well, Baker had to get out of Cleveland. Once they gave Watson that contract when he’s probably not even gonna play this season, pretty much told you all you needed to know of what they think about Baker. I think he’ll be fine in Carolina. He’s not an elite NFL quarterback. I also don’t think he’s terrible – at least when he’s healthy. He wasn’t healthy last year and stunk. Remember the year before when he was healthy he got to the second round of the playoffs. So he’s serviceable. But lets see how he does this season. He’s not even guaranteed to start yet.

I am enjoying your daily podcast! Why did you move to a different house?

Comment: Well, I don’t dive into my personal life too much, but, 1) I’d been at my old place 9 years, and 2) prices going up out here. That’s the short answer.

Hi Steve,

Love that this is some new territory with 2 Bachelorettes. I did think it strange that one (in this case Rachel) could not feel it with a guy and send him home – especially this early. What if Gabby had interest and maybe wanted him around longer? Wondering if there are any agreements or negotiating between them before they cut a guy loose… what do you think?

Comment: I toooooooolllllld youuuuuuuu. And there were easily 5 other emails just like this where that’s all they asked. So no need to continually post it.

Just a quick comment – I’m pretty sure that Emily Maynard let (some guy named) Joe go on their date at the Greenbrier resort and he was her season’s first 1-on-1. If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me. While it’s certainly not common, I don’t think Jordan V was the 1ST.

Comment: Nope. Ryan Bowers had the first 1-on-1 of the season. Joe had the second date and was sent home. It was the first episode, but the second date.

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