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“Reader Emails,” Instagram Numbers Way Down, Social Media “Clues” (Or Not), & Your Daily Roundup Podcast

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Hey Steve, I’ve been a bit MIA from the bach franchise because we welcomed a new baby into our family recently. Anyway I’m LOVING the daily podcast. Regarding the Nick/Blake thing — I’ve pretty much decided Blake is the most authentic guy in Bachelor nation. I remember when Blake released the texts and ALL the drama. You could see the pain Blake went through during the Paradise situation and releasing the texts — I think he really felt like he HAD to do it. Anyway, Nick got a pretty good Paradise edit and I thought it helped redeem his character from how it had previously been portrayed. But dang, I was wrong. Producers just loved him and he loves them. He has no ability to just leave things alone. He feels like such a bully in Bach Nation. I listened to Click Bait the other day for the first time (ever, I’m pretty sure) and I just couldn’t believe how much they all seem to like Nick. Maybe he’s one of those people that it’s better to be on his good side. Anyway, I’m Team Blake, not that you or ANYONE ELSE cares what side I’m on. I’m just so sick of Nick trying to hurt people just to bolster his podcast.

Thanks for always keeping us in the loop!

Comment: I think there are more and more people that are starting to see things that maybe they never saw or realized before. All you have to keep in mind when listening to certain podcasts is know whose bread is buttered, so to speak, by the show and whose isn’t. That speaks volumes.

Hi Steve,

Congrats on your move! Hope it went smoothly.

I have a podcast related question. You mentioned downloads from Apple Podcast in this week’s email regarding a different podcast question. How does it work if someone listens on a platform like Spotify? I listen to podcasts on Spotify (or Youtube if it’s Dave Neal/Sharleen because the video aspect is integral to the content). I know you have ads, but do you get the streaming statistics from services like Stitcher and Spotify so your numbers are more accurate? 85% of my downloads are from Apple Podcasts. So while Spotify counts and I can see how many come from there, it really doesn’t ultimately matter. It’s total downloads that matter, so as long as you press play, that’s most important. So thank you for listening.

I love your content, and while I am unable to listen to the daily podcast timely, I have been catching up even late. I completely agree with your (and Dave Neal’s) take on Nick’s coverage of Blake H and Katie. I felt so bad for Blake M being the guest on Nick’s podcast that had a large chunk focused on the Bachelor Nation drama. I didn’t watch the whole recap (just what was relevant to the drama), but from the snippets he looked SO uncomfortable for those portions.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: It’s still pretty mind boggling how much he let Katie saying, “I blocked Nick from my phone” bother both him and Natalie. And then the non comparison to him reading Katie’s texts to Blake reading Caelynn’s, I mean, I’ve already gone over all that. The only thing worth noting is through all of that, he absolutely doesn’t think he’s said or done anything wrong, will not even think about hearing another side to it, and will just keep plugging away with his misinformed and flat out wrong takes. To each their own I guess.

I’ll go with a sports question. I know that the Espys are basically a popularity contest. I’m wondering how different the results would be if people voted objectively for the awards rather than for who they liked the most. So, I’m looking for an outside opinion for a couple of categories. I am objectively looking at it but I know I still will have a bias to who I would want to win. So, what record breaking performance would you have chosen? Who would have you picked for best team?

Comment: Honestly, I don’t even know who was up for Record Breaking Performance, nor do I know who won. The only thing I saw from the ESPY’s were clips from Steph’s monologue on Twitter and TikTok if it happens to show up on my feed. Everybody kinda knows those actual awards they give out are a joke, and it’s just ESPN’s way of patting themselves on the back once a year to hold a red carpet event with athletes. So I could never truly get invested or care about who wins what award at that show.

But while we’re at it, I’d still like to bring up again that Mandy Moore didn’t even get nominated for Best Actress at the upcoming Emmy’s this season. THAT will kinda bother me.

In which episode do we normally get to 9 guys on the Bachelorette? It means we’re going to be skipping a whole lot of framing that the show normally gives us, so how the hell are they going fill all that time?

Comment: Usually episode 6. Because episode 7 is predominantly the episode before hometowns when they go from 7/6 down to 4. So episode 6 is usually from 10 down to 8 or 7.

Hey Steve

Listening to your daily pod. I think a non-viewer of American Idol could come up with KC, JHud, Carrie Underwood, etc. but probably couldn’t have produced the fact that they came from Idol, in my opinion. A lot of people didn’t know they got their starts from that show.

If you look at it that way, Morgan Wallen, Jordan Smith, Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbury, all came from The Voice too. I don’t know why I even felt compelled to send this email in LOL. I love both shows but you’re right, significantly less big stars from the Voice, but still some big names.

Comment: What’s funny is I’ve only heard of 2 of those 4 singers you mentioned (Wallen and Pope), and I had no idea they were from The Voice. Should I have?

Hi Steve,

I want to thank you for the recommendation of Forever Summer: Hamptons. I love this show. First, I’m from NY and I go to the Hamptons (usually East Hampton) every summer. As I was watching, and saw Ilan with his family, his grandmother was on and she used to be my congresswoman until she retired. So cool!

Anyway, just wanted to write to tell you that I love reading your column and listening to your podcast. And, by the way, I’m a HUGE 90210 fan (rewatched the entire series during the pandemic) and now I listen to Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth’s podcast.

I appreciate all you do!!!

Comment: I hope I was able to turn more of you on to Forever Summer: Hamptons. Finished it last Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really hope it gets picked up for a second season. A nice, easy, quick summer reality show to enjoy.

Hi Steve.

Love your daily roundup. I was listening to Jordan Vandergriff, the recently eliminated drag racer, on the Talking it Out podcast last week. He mentioned about looking for a sponsor and getting back on tour so I wanted to find out more.
I read this article and he literally says last year that he needs more social media presence and is trying to be an influencer to get sponsored.

Unbelievable. Seems a weird time to go on the show if you’re unemployed, in a sense, unless you have other motives. Maybe he was really into her (Rachel)…just the fact that he says he nominated himself really makes me wonder though.
Give it a read. Interesting.

Comment: I mean, this is what the show is now. Has been for a few years. I don’t think that makes Jordan any worse or better than others who use the show for it.

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