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“Reader Emails,” Instagram Numbers Way Down, Social Media “Clues” (Or Not), & Your Daily Roundup Podcast

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Did anyone else feel that we just watched two hours of Gabby crying! What the hell! She is coming across at mentally unstable.

Hope the franchise realizes that having two bachelorettes was a GIGANTIC mistake.

Comment: Eh, I wouldn’t say that. This show is built on drama. There’s plenty of other seasons where one lead cried a whole episode. This isn’t new. The only thing that’s new is two of them are navigating the whole season.

Hi Steve,

One aspect of this season that is really different, and just hit me last night, is that there are really THREE ongoing relationships happening:

Gabby/potential husband
Rachel/potential husband

On a regular season, we as viewers want to see which relationships are developing between the bachelorette and her potential future husband(s). I, for one, enjoy the film editing and watching the captured eye contact, body language, chemistry, etc between them (….will this be the one?!??….), etc. I love to try to figure it out before the final.

BUT now this time we have two Bachelorettes having relationships so our time is split between two of them. We only have half the time with each.

BUT BUT BUT NOW production/filming/etc has to ALSO show another relationship: The relationship between Rachel and Gabby that began when dual Bachelorettes were originally announced and is progressing thru this journey. Arghh!!—we as viewers are really watching THREE separate relationships happening here: TWO Bachelorette/suitor and ONE Bachelorette/close friends relationship. So now we are splitting 1/3 of the time with each.

My head was spinning last night. I’m gonna try to stick it out to the end. I hope I can hang thru all of this, along with everyone else!
Thank you for all that you do!

Comment: I’m just curious how they’re gonna do hometowns. Are we really gonna get 8 hometowns in one episode? They gotta split that up over 2 episodes, right?

I saw Michael say on his IG that he knows what happens on this season of the Bachelorette? Do you think he’s telling the truth? I know he knows some of the guys from her season bc of Paradise but you think they just told him?

Thanks for your site. Loving the daily roundup podcast. So fun!

Comment: I don’t follow Michael so I didn’t know he said that. I have no idea if/what he knows.

Hi Steve! I just read your column where you asked if they have ever shown anything big during the credits. Since I have watched every season since season 1, the only thing I can remember is when Brady went and knocked on the door of Brit’s room after she lost the bachelorette role to Kaitlyn. I’m almost positive that was during the credits. Yes, I think you’re right. Other than that, I can’t remember anything else where the credits scene advanced a storyline. And judging by some of the responses I got yesterday, MOST people didn’t watch the credits scene and see that Meatball was given a rose.

I’m absolutely loving your daily roundup podcasts! All of your regular podcasts have been great too. I wouldn’t say I’m watching every moment of Big Brother but I am following along this season so I like when you talk about it.

It is too bad that the person who came to you about the bachelor franchise person cheating didn’t want to go on record but of course it is understandable. They could always put a blind in your favorite Instagram account, Deux Moi, to give it away. They seem like they want to handle it behind the scenes now, which is fine. I told them they could do it anonymously by still using the receipts. Obviously the guy in question would know who it is, but what do they care at that point? They just don’t want their identity publicly out there for fear of retaliation. But they didn’t want to go that route either. All it does is lend more credibility to why women don’t come forward.

Do you remember the video that you sent to Jacqueline during your last podcast with her? It showed bachelor franchise people together even though one of them was in a relationship on bachelor in Paradise. Did that story ever come out? Yes, I remember, but neither of the people involved were in a relationship. It was just a hookup that I don’t think anyone has ever talked about or knows. And no, it never got out. I still have the video on my phone.

I don’t want to brag Steve, but this double Bachelorette season was totally my idea. Ever since your friend pitched Hannah Brown for bachelorette and it actually happened, I have always thought that producers read your column to get ideas. I sent you an email about them having a double Bachelorette season and you posted it, and you said it would never happen (ha!) And here we are. I also kept telling you that Colton was 100% going to be the next bachelor even though you didn’t think it would happen. I also knew that he would be the Virgin bachelor so I pretty much consider myself to be a fortune teller now.

Comment: Damn, you’re good. What are the PowerBall numbers? I could use a little help there.

Hi Steve, I have followed since you spoiled Jason Melissa insanity but never sent in questions.

I think you agreed with a fellow reader that The Bachelorette is trying to implement the success of Two Joe’s. I just cannot wrap my head around the unnecessary drama they created by having men refuse roses. It really felt like they created drama at the expense of these two leads. Am I remembering wrong but did JM have some separate group dates before making the women choose who they wanted to pursue. That felt more genuine. I know you have always said production doesn’t care about the people on the show. Just is so hard to wrap my brain around how they can see how successful a more genuine way going about the show and they still can’t stop being so petty. It’s an awful example of exploiting humans for money in the most unnecessary way.

Comment: You’re right. That’s how Joe Millionaire did it. It was well done. This, well, they did it for 2 episodes to get some early season drama. Unnecessary? Sure. But that’s what this show does. They don’t care. The drama going forward won’t be surrounding that anymore, so, I guess we can be thankful that’s over.

Greetings Steve,

I hope your week is going well. Had a reader email submission for tomorrow:

With regard to the number of men in one on one conversations with Gabby in this last episode being blunt that they were interested in Rachel and not her for various reasons (i.e. you’re a great girl but to the Tarzan esque dude who said if it was just her he would likely head home) how much of that do you think was the guys being authentic, in essence ripping the band aid off and telling her where they stand in order to be clear with their intentions versus potential producer manipulation in order to rock the boat. From viewing it feels like production saw the metaphorical chink in Gabby’s armor and did everything in their power to exploit it.

Comment: Yes, that’s exactly what they did. I still think Jacob’s convo was edited a bit choppy, but, his ultimate endgame was that he was choosing Rachel. They absolutely 100% toyed with Gabby’s emotions knowing how fragile she was. It’s why they cancelled the cocktail party, because if they had it, then every woman would’ve known where each guy stood, and we wouldn’t have had 3 rejected roses.

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