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“Reader Emails,” Instagram Numbers Way Down, Social Media “Clues” (Or Not), & Your Daily Roundup Podcast

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You think this show is ever gonna do two leads again? Uhhhhh, probably not. Yes, the show will change from episode 4 on since each have their own journey. And there won’t be any more focus on competition and what not. Even Logan makes his feelings known and essentially has Rachel’s blessing to switch to Gabby, which she accepts. But just the overall vibe so far this season is that people hate how it’s been shown. Can’t say I disagree. I get that they always focus on drama early on, and then later in the show is where you see more serious relationships, but having your leads constantly crying in episodes 2 and 3 because of how they feel they’re being treated by the guys, and the situations they’ve been put in, is not a good look. And also lets face it, Gabby and Rachel both know production is at the center of all of this, but they can’t call that out. They’re being paid to be the leads of this show. You have to play along with them because it’s their show. So if they’re being honest, are they thrilled with how production handled the first 3 episodes? No way. But you’ll never get them to admit that publicly. It’s unfortunate.

If this isn’t more evidence how much Instagram is dying, we are 3 episodes into a season, and of the 18 remaining men left, only ONE has over 10k followers and that’s Nate. Look at these numbers provided by @BachelorData:

It’s one of the topics I cover in today’s Daily Roundup which is up now. I also touch on some “Bachelorette” social media “clues” (or not), a Dawson’s Creek reboot not happening, and what’s making my brain explode.

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Two social media things that happened yesterday. First off, Jason finally went public on IG. A major deal to some, not really to me. And that’s because him going public isn’t anything definitive. I try and look for things that are definitive when it comes to social media. Jason going public doesn’t say anything one way or another. If someone has a contestant in mind they want to or think wins, you can take any type of social media activity and use that to defend your argument that they won. Yet only one person wins, and I’ve already heard “reasons” Zach, Tino, Jason, and Erich won based on social media activity. So if two of those are going to be dead wrong, it’s basically a whole bunch of nothing. And nothing I’ve seen on social media is anything definitive in those four, so it’s all just speculation and guessing.

One other thing I noticed is that Tyler Norris re-posted at least 5-8 photos from Monday’s episode of him and Rachel together. People love trying to dissect which contestant likes, follows, posts, etc about the show as some sort of determining factor of whether they won. Well we know Tyler didn’t (he finished 4th for Rachel), yet here he is re-posting pictures of him kissing her from Monday’s episode. Numerous ones. And not only did he not win, he’s currently with someone ELSE, as he’s dating Brittany Galvin after Paradise. Hence another reason not to put any stock into what a contestant posts, follows, or likes to determine if they won. The examples over the years are endless of contestants who didn’t win posting photos from the show of them with the lead, kissing, and hyping up the show. It means nothing. Rachel literally posted a picture of her kissing Clayton on Valentine’s Day last season with a heart emoji next to it. Did she win? So lets just tap the brakes on likes, follows, posts etc as a determining factor of who you think wins.

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