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Geez. Hell of a week on this site, no? Tuesday you had your Nate story. Yesterday you had your season ending spoilers. And today you have your “Men Tell All” spoilers. However, don’t expect many fireworks. There were really only two guys this season that caused any drama in the house – Chris and Hayden – and neither of them were at the MTA taping yesterday. So your guess is as good as mine as to why they weren’t there. Who knows? But there was some interesting news to come from it, including the fact that they did bring up the Nate story that I reported earlier this week. Did they mention my name? Of course not. But hey, it’s a start. And it’s not like they did a full deep dive on it either. Nor will any of the podcasts he goes on next week. And that’s the disappointing part. Just asking him, “Tell us your thoughts on it” is getting nothing accomplished, I hope people realize that. As I said Tuesday though: did he commit a crime? No. Was there an assault here? No. Is it questionable behavior? Absolutely. But the way this show is bending over backwards for him right now between what happened at the MTA and Fleiss’ tweet, just makes you wonder, you know?

Your Daily Roundup today also has your MTA spoilers in it, along with my thoughts on the two Bachelorette format, a podcast calls me out for my coverage (shocker), the BIP cover poster, and the fake Nate IG account (along with others).

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Here are your MTA Spoilers:

-The guys in attendance were: Nate, Tyler, Logan, Meatball, Mario, Spencer,

Roby (the magician), Termayne, Jordan H., Jacob, Jordan V., Alec, Quincy, and Ethan.

-The 3 guys to get the hot seat were: Logan, Tyler, and Nate.

-On Nate’s hot seat, they ask him about the “accusations” from former women. He got emotional on stage. He said his divorce was very messy, and his #1 goal was always to protect his daughter in any relationship. He did say he could’ve been better at communicating with them, he was still feeling his way into the dating scene, he wants to do better and apologized, but he never says exclusivity conversations took place with either of them. Well, then it’s just a he said/she said on that part because Kelsey said they absolutely had that conversation. And the “I’m protecting my daughter” line isn’t what anyone is really questioning him about. That would insinuate introducing her to anyone you’re dating, and at no point has anyone said Nate’s behavior was shitty because he didn’t introduce his daughter to Kelsey. He’s completely missed the point. Nate didn’t deny on stage an on again, off again relationship with Kelsey for 18 months. All any of us are saying, and most importantly Kelsey and why this whole thing started, is how did you never even TELL her you had a daughter in 18 months. That has nothing to do with “protecting” her since you told a girl you met on Tinder out-of-state within the first month, not to mention FaceTimed with her with your daughter in it. Nate’s completely missing what people are questioning him about.

-When Gabby and Rachel came out, Gabby defended Nate saying she can only go off how he treated her and it was with nothing but respect. All the guys on stage also defended Nate saying everyone has a past, and whatever happened in the past is not the man they know him to be today. And then I think they all sang Kumbaya together. Kidding. Soooo yeah, it’s pretty much the softball job you expected. No mention of, “Hey, so Nate, on Feb. 14th 2021, you shower Kelsey with gifts, take her to dinner, all while making sure a bouquet of flowers was sent to Laree in Atlanta with a nice card and gushy message about how much you’re into her – what’s that all about? Or we just have to file that under you need to “communicate better?” Weak. Anyway, you’ll see on Monday’s episode in Amsterdam is where Gabby eliminates him on their 1-on-1 because she’s basically scared she won’t be a good mom, and he already has a child.

-We’ve seen the previews of Jesse telling Logan he has to leave next week. Well, it’s because Logan ended up getting COVID during filming. That’s why he’s eliminated in Amsterdam. And now I’m pissed because I remember waaay back in April hearing rumblings of a COVID case this season but didn’t have a name attached to it and couldn’t get it confirmed where it happened. Now we know. It was Logan.

-Tyler gets eliminated during the day portion of his hometown date with Rachel. Because Rachel had already had a hometown date with Aven two days earlier, she felt she was farther along with her relationship with him and didn’t feel the same with Tyler, so she didn’t continue on to meet his parents. Tyler then still goes home to meet them without Rachel and they shot footage there. But on stage he appreciated her being honest in that moment, and Tyler was very well liked by the audience, as was Nate. They were the two “winners” of the day so to speak.

-They did a promotion for BIP with Victoria Fuller, Genevieve, Serene, and Andrew on stage just briefly talking about the season.

-The only drama really came from Roby since apparently he ran his mouth a lot and the guys were like, “WTF, you were here for one night.” Stuff like calling them out for how they acted on group dates, etc.

-Comedian Billy Eichner and Luke MacFarlane were there to promote their movie “Bros” coming out soon. And they touched on the time that Billy hosted one of Colton’s group dates and made reference to maybe him being gay, which became somewhat of an iconic clip once Colton did come out.

-The previews for the rest of the season show a clip of Jesse telling Rachel seemingly on final rose ceremony day “you’re the only here” insinuating that Gabby had left already. Again, we know how these previews work, but it’s making it seem like Gabby leaves alone. Not what I heard.

-Also, Meatball took off his shirt again Billy and poured sauce on him. The audience was given a meatball sandwich to hold. They also had some dude dressed us as Rambo (the action character, not Hayden’s dog) for some reason that they flashed to.

-They also did a “Do’s and Don’t(s) of Dating” showing some of the clips of the guys this season: like Quincey admitting celibacy out of the limo, Mario’s kissing of Gabby night 1 after getting first impression rose, and a segment on the speedos.

That was pretty much it from what I was told, but expect Nate to be the talk of the MTA. The guys, Gabby, Rachel all loved him and defended him – which was to be expected. That will continue into next week once he starts doing the podcast rounds. But again, I guess “I should be a better communicator” is going to be his answer to anything brought up against him, and it doesn’t seem like anyone will really challenge him on exact details of what happened and he’ll be protected. All we want is for him to actually address specifics and give any type of explanation. That’s not asking much. Oh well.

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