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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 6 Recap, Next Bachelor Talk, & Your Daily Roundup

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Boy I tell ya’, as I mentioned on my Daily Roundup yesterday, I don’t wish an Achilles tear on anyone. Now granted, it’s been 5 days since surgery and I haven’t once had to take the pain pills described to me. I’m sitting in any throbbing pain at all. Getting used to a leg being in a splint, I’ve banged it a couple times, even fell off my scooter once and the bad leg hit the ground first. But that’s just an instant pain and goes away after a few seconds. All in all, the recovery has just been boring. Well, that is until I attempted my first shower over the weekend. Yikes. Lets just say I now have a chair in my shower to sit on, and for the first time in my life, I’m taking a shower facing the nozzle the whole time. Just weeeeeirrrrrd. No, I have not bought a removable shower head, but maybe I should. Or else I might start crying if I get shampoo in my eyes like a 3 year old. The whole shower experience I break down a little more in my Daily Roundup today, but just know, it wasn’t fun. Quite an event just to do normal activities now. From getting injured at the gym, to having to walk for 9 days until the surgery, I’m telling you, the toughest part of this recovery has been the shower I took this past Saturday. It was like I went through a workout.

Don’t forget to get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow’s column, as I am fairly low right now. A lot of stuff happened last week with the Nate story, your season ending spoilers, and your MTA spoilers. So get your emails in and they will pretty much appear in tomorrow’s column. Like the Mens Warehouse guys says, “I guarantee it.” Well, sorta.

Today’s Daily Roundup is now up covering last night’s Bachelorette episode, the COVID question, next Bachelor talk, my love of rebooted game shows, and the disgusting trial happening for Vanessa Bryant right now.

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Just a quick word of advice to anyone who tries to get info out of me, and starts an email or IG messaging by kissing my ass, only to have me give you information to look into and you and run to strangers online with it – you will be exposed. Just not by name. Like what happened yesterday. That’s what I get for trusting people with information. Good thing this information wasn’t too explosive, it pretty much confirmed something I’d already reported, but still. The second anyone breaks my trust – they’re done. They’re lucky I don’t expose what they’ve been doing publicly, which would be very easy without mentioning their name. And after getting caught you know what they did? Blamed me. Well of course they did. Seems to be the chique thing to do nowadays. I’M the one that shared private info with you. Then you run and tell strangers online and when you’re caught it’s MY fault? Delusional. The gig is up. Nothing more to see here, but watch the reaction now. Will talk about it all day and it’ll somehow be my fault. The hypocrisy is laughable. Same ol’, same ol’. Yes, I know this is vague, but I wanted the person to know who did this to me. And I know they’re reading. They always do. That’s all that matters.

So this is a big week in that I think we can all expect Nate is going to hit the podcast circuit, protected by the show. Got a video of him and his daughter at Disneyland from this past Friday with a tour guide, and while not being definitive proof of anything, that’s definitely something that’s reserved for the next leads in this franchise. Especially with his daughter and getting the tour. You couple that with last night’s edit, Fleiss having his Twitter diarrhea last week defending Nate every chance he could, which in turn meant acknowledging something I posted? Lets just say Nate is definitely at the forefront of their mind for the Bachelor, if not at the top of their list. Will he get it? Don’t know. We’re still weeks away from that announcement happening. And we know they tell multiple people they’ve got it and have multiple people sign the contract so to keep it secret until THEY release it. It’s the only spoiler they’ve been able to keep somewhat quiet over the years. Some I’ve been able to spoil ahead of time, some not. It’s hit and miss. But if you ask me right now, I’d say it’s gonna be Nate. They don’t care about the Kelsey and Laree story. Means nothing to them. It’s why they acknowledged it last week and immediately went on the defensive. Obviously anything can happen and they’ve definitely changed last minute in the past before. But if you ask me now on Aug. 16th, I think it’s going to be Nate based on all those factors above. We’ll see what happens.

As has always been my stance, and will be again next season – I don’t care who the Bachelor is. All I care about is that there IS a Bachelor. If Nate gets it, great. If he doesn’t, great. Nothing changes on my end. Well, maybe except a few extra Kelsey and Laree jokes thrown in during recaps, but that’s about it. This show is going to choose who they want to choose, and nothing I say or report is going to change anything. Nor did I ever expect it to. That wasn’t the point of the story last week. While it did get a lot of run on some of the major media sites and the podcasts talked about it, way less of their audience knows about the Nate stuff than ones who don’t. That’s why the show doesn’t care and can move past it.

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