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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 6 Recap, Next Bachelor Talk, & Your Daily Roundup

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-The show absolutely did something necessary at the beginning of the episode that I want to thank them for. All day yesterday, I was sitting around wondering to myself, “How does one get from Bruges, Belgium to Amsterdam? What route would you take? I can’t find an answer anywhere.” And the show answered my question in a BIG way:

Thank you, ABC. So helpful.

-As I tell you every season, each 1-on-1 date has a purpose to it. Either that person getting the date is someone production knows the lead already likes, or it’s someone they know the lead wants to send home. I think you can make a case for Jordan V. getting the first 1-on-1 of the season and getting sent home that Rachel didn’t realize that til she was on the date because she barely knew him at that point, but I’m talking about any date from about episode 4 on or so, production knows why each person is getting a 1-on-1. And Gabby giving Nate his second 1-on-1 of the season before Spencer even got his first was strictly done because Gabby had already made up her mind she didn’t want to be a stepmom and was sending him home. This was made even more evident by the fact they never even had a date. They met, and she brought him straight to a bench where they sat down and she was crying immediately knowing she was sending him home. Which she did. Now, if you never knew the story of Nate I posted last week, it’s safe to say everyone at home would’ve been saying, “Wow, that’s a next-Bachelor edit if I’ve ever seen one.” And that’s how you have to view it. Obviously the show had no idea I was posting that last week, and that episode was already edited. One of the three main factors that I mentioned on Page 1 as to why I think they really want him as next Bachelor (and if you wanna add a 4th reason, throw in the MTA edit he’s gonna get). Again, anything can happen and nothing is set in stone until they officially announce it on GMA or an ATFR, wherever they plan to do it. But it’s looking like Nate right now.

-So while this date between Gabby and Nate did nothing and she broke up with him immediately, they then spent a good 5 minutes showing Gabby cry and giving both numerous ITM’s wallowing in their sadness. They went into Rachel’s 1-on-1 date with Zach, which was kinda funny. Funny in the sense that I learned that Rachel must’ve been in the circus at some point. If you watched the ending credits of the show which was basically a blooper, it showed when Rachel and Zach first started getting on the bikes by the tulips, Rachel saying it had been forever since she’d been on a bike. Yet, when they were riding, Rachel literally tried to stand up on her bike seat. Wait, WHAT? A two wheel bike that you haven’t ridden in years and you’re gonna try to stand up on it? Like, on the seat? While no one holds the handles and has their foot on the peddles? What in the PT Barnum kind of shit is this? You do that, Rachel. We’ll see you in the hospital.

-Of course they put a hot tub in the Middle of Nowhere, Amsterdam so Rachel and Zach could get some cuddle kissy time. That was a given. At dinner, Zach admitted a couple things: 1) his last relationship ended a little over a year ago, and he was 85 lbs overweight 2) him being severely overweight had him feeling not ok, he wasn’t happy, and he went to therapy. One thing this show has been doing a better job of is casting contestants who have been to therapy and aren’t afraid to talk about it. But it’s a double edged sword. It seems like unless you HAVE been to therapy because you’ve been through something traumatic in your life before the show, then you’re almost boring to the fans. Lets face it, anytime any of us see someone who tells a story like Zach, or any underdog story where someone had to overcome something, you immediately feel for them and root for them. That’s perfectly normal. Everyone loves a good underdog story. And it’s great they’ve been to therapy. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. I’m just saying there’s nothing wrong with you either if you haven’t been in therapy. And with so many telling therapy stories, it almost seems like if you don’t, it’s like you’re not accepted by fans or have less of a “story” to root for.

-Also at dinner, Zach tells Rachel “I’m falling in love with you.” Which bring us to the point in the season that we talk about EVERY season, and that’s the love declaration. It’s something that I always loved Sharleen’s take on this, which is, not every love declaration means the same thing. Because there’s really 4 different types of phrases you can say:

1. I can see myself falling in love with you
2. I’m falling in love with you
3. I’m in love with you
4. I love you

Am I missing one? That’s pretty much the gist of the L-bombs you can give on this show, right? And I think I ranked those in orders of seriousness from least serious to most serious. Zach’s declaration was at level 2. Points for being vulnerable and even saying anything at all, but lets face it, the points are minimal. If you make it this far and never even utter a level 2, you’re kinda screwed. No chance of winning. Because the lead doesn’t know how you feel. And the “I’m falling” one at least gives them a sense of, “Oh ok, he’s starting to catch feelings.” It’s still fairly hollow though and doesn’t reveal much. Considering we know Zach during final 3 basically gets to a point where either he’s not at the same level Rachel is at, or isn’t ready to be engaged (like I said last week, I don’t know exactly what his reasoning is), this dinner date didn’t surprise me at all. But he gets a rose and is on to hometowns.



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