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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 6 Recap, Next Bachelor Talk, & Your Daily Roundup

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-We’ve definitely got some self eliminations coming up and @Bachelordata broke down all past self eliminations per season. Interesting:

-The next thing we saw is just surrounded with questions, and that’s Logan’s exit. And here’s the thing, we’re probably never going to get a legit answer about it. Jesse went into Gabby’s room before the group date and told her that Logan had COVID and had to be removed from the show. Then he went and told the guys there’s a “situation” with Logan and he had to leave. Clearly us as the audience have questions, just like anyone has had regarding COVID and protocols since the pandemic started. It’s probably the one thing the CDC hasn’t been great with since the beginning, is being perfectly clear on protocols and when. So yeah, if Logan have COVID, even though everyone on set was vaccinated, doesn’t mean you can’t get it. Did just other contestants avoid it? Did someone on the crew get it too that we don’t know about? Did everyone on that whole set avoid it but it was only Logan? So many questions, and frankly, so few answers. I’m not into conspiracy theories so I really don’t wanna go down that road. I would just be curious to know if anyone else caught it that the audience just doesn’t know about. And if they didn’t, boy, did they luck out. Seems weird only one person got it, but, it has happened before where one person catches it and no one else around them did.

-Still so mad at myself for not keeping my notes straight on this season. Didn’t post until the MTA last Thursday about Logan’s COVID exit, yet, I was told back in April/May that someone left the show because of COVID this season, yet 1) I never got it confirmed and 2) forgotten I’d been told about it. But when I went looking back yesterday, I found an email from June where I asked someone, “Did you hear anything about Logan being eliminated from the show because of COVID?” I’m seriously losing my mind. I can’t believe that not only did someone tell me months ago there was a COVID elimination this season, but that they specifically told me it was Logan and I never did anything with it. My bad. I think on something like that in the future, that’s an instance where I would put something out there I’m hearing as “rumor” and say I haven’t got it confirmed, but I’d just leave the name out of it, because I don’t want to falsely report about a particular contestant. I’ve definitely done that a few times in the past, but I can start doing that more. Telling you stuff I hear but not mention the contestant in question unless I’ve gotten it confirmed.

-We had another “Bachelor” application commercial, although I think it’s a bit misleading since I’m pretty sure final casting is over and they’ve already narrowed down the women they want for next season. They were in LA two weeks ago and then people should be getting acceptance letters by the end of this month. But there’s Jesse last night on the commercial doing a voiceover saying, “Get rid of dead weight. Ditch your boyfriend and apply to be on the Bachelor.” Ha ha. Yeah, because that’s what this fan base loves to see. A girl who breaks up with her boyfriend right before the show just so she can claim to be single and get cast. The audience LOVES those types of contestants. Never come down on them hard at all. They usually treat those women with care and respect. Especially on social media. So yeah, everyone ditch your boyfriends and come on this show! And oh yeah, let’s not forget that little point of where women who do that are scorned much harder and way longer by the female audience than any guy with problematic behavior. Wash, rinse, repeat every season.

-Tino is the Cheese King of Edam. Big title I tell ya’. He must be thrilled. Although Tino’s reaction the rest of the episode, especially to not receiving the group date rose, was certainly head scratching. With that said, that was all producer driven. They somehow knew they were gonna get that reaction from him which is why he didn’t get the group date rose and Tyler did, and why he was the last one to get the rose at the rose ceremony. Lets face it, none of it really matters in the long run. I think him saying he “earned” that rose was the wrong word to use. You don’t earn anything on this show. Dude, you got the first impression rose. You got last weeks group date rose. Rachel has made out with you more than any other guy this season. You’re the Cheese King of Edam for Christ sakes! Tap the brakes, pal. Not that big of a deal. But, this show always has to depict some sort of conflict of the final couple and, I guess, this was Tino and Rachel’s. I wouldn’t say there’s much depth here to any problems, and considering they’re happy and engaged, does any of this really matter? Production pushed his buttons and got the reaction they wanted. Probably because they knew he was going to win.

-Spencer and Ethan were the two guys eliminated at the rose ceremony and Rachel only had 2 roses to give out since Zach and Tyler already had roses. Yes, Jesse Palmer actually came out after Rachel gave her first rose to Aven to say, “Rachel, gentleman, it’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready.” Wow. He ain’t letting Chris Harrison’s meaningless job be forgotten. Wait, so you’re telling us 2 minus 1 equals 1? You don’t say! Thank you Jesse for your hard work. Now get back in the studio and tell me what the next iteration of the College Football Playoff is gonna look like, who’s gonna win the SEC this year, and will CJ Stroud be the #1 pick or Bryce Young? Way more important matters than you counting down from 2. Then again, I’m sure Jesse is laughing all the way to the bank checking that direct deposit every couple weeks or so. Must be nice.

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