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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 2 Thoughts, Notes on Yesterday’s Group Date for Zach & Your Daily Roundup

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We’re two episodes in to BIP and I’m already questioning my sanity. There were times during last night’s episode where I legitimately had no idea what I was watching. Like, what the hell was going on? And did you see @BachelorData’s screen time breakdown from last night (see below)? Who did Genevieve pay to have double the screen time of anyone else from the show last night? She had 14 minutes of screen time and second highest was Hailey, who didn’t even have 7 minutes. Genevieve was EVERYWHERE last night. 14 minutes of screen time on a show like this where, what, 21 people are there? Teddi got less than a minute. And I get that Teddi got a 1-on-1 last episode, but that’s extreme. Then again, this is BIP we’re talking about. Extreme is their middle name. You know, like the whole Salley BS storyline last night that was so laughable, exaggerated, and basically fake in so many ways, you wonder exactly who Salley pissed off to get thrown under the bus like that. So bizarre. But hey, this is what BIP is. Romeo/Jill/Kira dominated the screen in the first episode, and last night we didn’t get a word from them until one hour and 40 minutes into the episode. And oh yeah Brandon and Serene, one of the two couples that gets engaged at the end of this thing, were at the bottom of screen time. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a 1000 times: you can complain about the drama on the Bachelor/ette, but BIP actually has MORE of it season after season. Don’t complain about lack of love stories. They don’t care about that and never will. If you’re watching this franchise for love stories, you’re watching the wrong show.

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Your Daily Roundup is up now where I talk about last nights BIP episode, yesterday’s football group date for Zach’s season, Shanae’s edit, the BIP schedule, and a Beverly Hills 90210 interview I did.

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Here’s @BachelorData’s screen time breakdown from last night:

A few things about BIP last night:

-The Salley Carson storyline was garbage. Geez, what did she do to get thrown under the bus by the show last night? The re-enactment was 100% exaggerated and mostly false. Salley was in Mexico, that’s why her luggage was there. But production convinced the women to go through her suitcase and planted the waffle iron and vibrator in there. So if they never show her there then it’s even MORE f’ed up they did that because they’re making it seem like she was never there, yet her suitcase was? Yeah, right. Why would women go through a suitcase that isn’t theirs? Who in their right mind would ever do that? It’s because they were told to by production and did it. That was one of the most illogical things I’ve ever seen on this show, and that’s saying something. Really? You see a suitcase clearly labeled with someone else’s name, a woman that most of them knew who it was as they spoke about it last night, but since you don’t see her around you open up her suitcase? Seriously? More on this tomorrow in the podcast and the column.

-The Shanae edit sure is interesting. Why? Because she’s acting like a normal person. I don’t know what got into her during Clayton’s season, if she was just playing it up, she was listening to her producer too much, or she didn’t care how she was being portrayed. But how she’s coming across through two episodes so far is 180 degrees different from how she showed herself on Clayton’s season. So while it’s great to see her not burning every bridge and shit talking the other women, just remember 9 months ago how badly she acted, dismissing another contestants ADHD diagnosis, having nothing nice to say about any of the women, and generally being dismissive of everyone there. Why she couldn’t act then like she’s acting now, I have no idea. But editing can sure be a strange thing.

-The BIP schedule is out for the remainder of the season. Every Monday and Tuesday the rest of this month is 2 hr episodes, with Tues, Nov. 1st being the finale. Wow. Now the length of weeks this show has lasted is always around 6 weeks long, but the fact we’re getting 4 hours a week for the next 5 weeks is pretty crazy. The Bachelor/ette gives us 2 hrs a week for 2.5 months. Now we’re getting 4 hrs a week for 1.5 months. That’s a lot of content crammed into a short amount of time. So those screaming for love stories, you might wanna check in somewhere else. With 44 different people showing up at some point this season, and 20 hrs of programming this month, get prepared for episodes and episodes full of drama for your mama. Love stories take a major backseat on this show and always will.

Update on yesterday’s group date:

-We’re in episode 3 now of Zach’s filming.

-Rose ceremony #2 was this was past Saturday. With a Zach’s group date being yesterday and having 15 women on it, that means episode 3 will have two 1-on-1’s and a group date.

-This group date yesterday was a tackle football game at Moorpark college. Blue team vs Yellow team. Blue team had 7 players. Yellow team had 8. Cameras weren’t allowed to take pics of the women, buuuuuuut, well, you know. I may have had pics sent to me of the women in their uniforms that had their name on their helmet and jersey. So I do have all 15 women that were on yesterday’s date.

-It was similar to Clayton’s group football date. It was tackle in helmets and shoulder pads. The Blue team won. Two women ended up getting injured during the game. Not sure how serious the injuries were.

-Zach attended to a lot of the women that got tackled during the game.

-After the blue team won, the fans in attendance got to rush the field and spray champagne with them.

-Jesse Palmer and Hannah Storm were the announcers for the game. Hannah is basically the new Fred Willard of this show. Anytime there’s a competition date, she’s there to help “announce” it.

-Today will be the second 1-on-1 in episode 3. If anything gets out, I’ll let you know and post about it on Twitter and my IG stories. Rose ceremony #3 is tomorrow, then I assume they begin traveling. It’s possible they have a 4th episode in LA but I think it’s been a while since they’ve done that. Usually it’s just 3. Sean Lowe’s season had 4 eps in LA before travel. That might’ve been the last season to do so.
Tomorrow I’ll have an updated list on the schedule for Zach’s season and what they dates were, etc. Along with that, will have thoughts on tonight’s BIP episode and your “Reader Emails.”

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