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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Social Media Wars, the Salley Storyline, Zach’s 1-on-1 Yesterday, & “Reader Emails”

So here’s a weird thing. It’s Wednesday morning and I do not have a guest for tomorrow’s Thursday podcast. So unless something comes up today (which I doubt), I think what I’m gonna do is “Reader Emails” that I didn’t get to this week and maybe tell the Salley story earlier than I’d planned. On today’s Daily Roundup, I said that I was gonna wait til next Tuesday because it looks like we’re gonna see Salley show up on Monday’s episode, so I wanted to wait until we see what’s shown there and then share everything I’ve heard behind the scenes. But with no podcast guest tomorrow as of now, and the fact that Salley was only on the beach for like an hour, maybe I’ll just share it tomorrow. Basically the re-enactment that Wells did on Monday’s episode was somewhat accurate in some of the things that happened, but the details of it were complete lies and/or exaggerations. Like a producer going to Salley’s door to pick her up, a guy answering the door, going to her ex’s house, and going to the airport and Salley not getting on the plane – all happened. It’s just that every detail that the re-enactment included in those stories weren’t true. Why the show has decided to make an example of Salley, a woman that got less than 5 minutes of airtime on Clayton’s season, is beyond me. And yeah, Wells took it too far. I know he thought it was funny as he promoted it on Twitter, but lets be honest, he participated in a skit that embarrassed a contestant, bordering on bullying, that never even happened the way the re-enactment went. So I hope he’s happy with the role he played in that.

Today’s Daily Roundup talks about the Salley issue, Clayton and Susie on Kaitlyn’s podcast, last nights BIP, social media drama, and some DWTS thoughts.

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I did an interview about a month ago, but it didn’t run til yesterday because yesterday was exactly 32 years since Beverly Hills 90210 premiered on Fox. I spoke with Shari Weiss, who is a 90210 aficionado, about all things related to the show. If you watched and you’re fan, you’ll enjoy this conversation:

So one of the biggest things happening on BIP this season (well, not actually on the show), is the fact that what we’re seeing for 2 hrs every Mon and Tues isn’t telling the full story of things. Social media has been just as entertaining, if not more. In case you missed it, Justin claimed not even remembering meeting or talking to Kira at Stagecoach 2 months before BIP filming began. So Kira clapped back. With receipts. Read down the thread:

The other thing that’s been interesting, which was covered by Game of Roses pod, is the fact that even the contestants are speaking out against production – without actually mentioning production by name. Look at these tweets:

I mean, Marlena was blatant in calling out production, but she’s not on BIP. But Jill and Genevieve’s tweet, in case you can’t read between the lines, is literally telling you production planted that suitcase and made us do it. No, that wasn’t Salley’s actual suitcase. It was 100% a suitcase put there by production, packed by production, and convinced some of the women to act that way and open it up. It’s a slippery slope. Because their actions of opening up the suitcase are the reason this is a storyline. But they opened it because they were told/forced to by production. And when production holds your whole image and edit in their hands, you do what they say. Sometimes it’s to advance a storyline, which is what this was. So yes, while it is easy for us to sit at home watching to say, “Just don’t do what production tells you to do,” I’ve spoken to enough contestants in past seasons to know that’s much easier said than done. It’s definitely an interesting discussion to have. Who’s more at fault?

And yesterday, Zach had a 1-on-1 date in Santa Barbara with Alyssa (Aly) Jacbos:

Rose ceremony #3 is tonight at the mansion, then either they’re doing another week in LA, or, they start travel. But this is where we’re at in filming.

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…

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