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The Bachelor Zach – Episode 1 Recap, Info on the Fan Appreciation Party This Year, & Your Daily Roundup

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It’s been a couple months. Glad you’re back. A lot has happened since we last spoke. Now, I realize there are some of you that only want to read what I say and don’t care to listen to podcasts. That’s fine. You are who I’m referring to when I say a lot has happened since we last spoke because basically you haven’t seen any new columns since Bachelor in Paradise ended. Just keep in mind what happened this offseason is what happens EVERY off season. I basically NEVER have columns when the show isn’t airing. The only time I do is to report spoilers, which I did in Sept, Oct, and Nov. But once I posted all my Zach’s spoilers up to the final 3 on Nov. 15th, I didn’t have anything new until last week, which I added in there. So that’s why there’s really no reason to have a written translation of my Daily Podcast. If it’s spoiler related, it will most likely appear in a column. But other than that, I don’t write in the offseason. What I’ve done though is just continue to talk about the show and any news and notes and that’s what’s in my “Daily Roundup” podcast.

And now that we’re back in the swing of things, don’t forget to send in your emails for “Reader Emails” tomorrow. I have a few from the last couple weeks that I saved, but I’m sure you’ll have thoughts after last nights episode. Email me at with any questions, comments, or thoughts you have and it will possibly appear in tomorrow’s column.

As you know my Daily Roundup podcast goes up around 8am EST every morning, and you can listen to that here:

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In addition, I started a sports podcast on the first Monday of this year that’s also 5 days a week, called “The Sports Daily,” which you can listen to today’s here:

Sports is my first love, so this is a passion project of mine. I know most of my Bachelor audience may not care and there won’t be much crossover, but since it’s on a completely different feed than my Reality Steve Podcast, I wanted everyone to have the chance to subscribe and listen if they so please. The early response has been great, so I appreciate those who have listened, rated, and reviewed on Apple Podcasts.

Well, you know what I always do in the first recap of the season, don’t you? That’s right, it’s time to start hyping the Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party this year in Las Vegas. The party will take place on Friday, June 2nd, and it will be at Mandalay Bay, as it’s been now for 6 of the 7 years I’ve had it. It’s open to anyone, first come first serve, and the plan is keep to have around 80-90 people total this year. It’s free, there’s an open beer and wine bar the whole night, and will be food as well. So as always, if you’re flying in from out of town, a copy of your flight itinerary is all I need to confirm you on the guest list. If you’re not flying, a hotel reservation is all I need to confirm. If you’re a Vegas local, you just have to promise me you won’t flake bc by putting your name on the list, you’re taking up a spot for someone that may need to put in more of an effort to make the party, and I have to give out-of-towners priority. I am holding spots for locals, but those fill up quick. Once those are filled, locals go on a waiting list. So if you’re in Vegas and want to come, I suggest you email me asap and let me know you’re interested and all the name of the people in your party.

Last year a few of the women from “Joe Millionaire,” including the butler Martin Andrew attended. Not sure if they’re coming this year, but I already have invitations out to a few reality TV people, including some past podcast guests. Those probably won’t be confirmed until we get closer to the party, but I do expect at least a few to come. Again, I’ll keep you updated with all that as time goes on. But this is party #7, it’s always a good time, and it’s my thank you to all of you who have supported the site and the podcast over the years. That’s why I don’t charge anything and anyone’s invited. Like I said, first come, first serve. Email me at if you’re interested in coming. Once I have a flight or hotel itinerary for out-of-towners, you’ll be on the list. This usually fills up fairly quickly, so let me know as soon as you can if you’re interested.

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