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“Reader Emails,” Greer’s Apology, One of Zach’s Women Hard Launches Her Relationship, & Your Daily Roundup

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Hey Steve,

I’ve read your column for years but have never reached out. I love what you do and I’m happy to see that you are doing your part to remove some of the toxicity this franchise seems to spawn. Looking at all the info coming out about Aaron dating multiple girls pre-paridise, I can’t help but feel that there were other guys on the beach that knew what he was doing and said nothing. They had such a bromance going between like 6 of the guys how could they have not known? It makes me question every guy’s character! Why would any woman want to sign up to be part of this crap?

Comment: Yes, some of these emails were back from November when BIP was on ha ha.

Maybe the guys didn’t know while they were on the beach, but I’m sure post show they were well aware. I mean, the first time I brought up the situation I mentioned that Amy posted pics with him on her birthday, which was the weekend of the BIP taping, and he was with Logan and Jacob in the pics. So clearly those two at least know who Amy is.

I gotta tell ya, Steve, it really “feels” like the Bachelor should be starting next season. This late start is going to become the norm, unless the NFL goes back to a 16-game season, and we both know that ain’t happening. I just think it really hurts the Bachelor franchise. I mean, what’s wrong with Tuesdays for the first few weeks?

Comment: Yeah, it doesn’t look like it’ll start on the first Monday of January anymore. Bc the college national championship will always be on one of the Mondays and the Wild Card game will always be the following week. I think the Tuesday thing is out just because they’ve always had that market on Monday nights. It’s a familiarity thing. Every time they do happen to air episodes on Tuesday when they double up, it always draws less than Mondays. Mondays is their thing. I don’t see them starting on a Tuesday in that first week of January.


I listened to your Daily podcast for yesterday (catching up). I am enjoying your podcasts. But I wanted to comment specifically about Zach being the bachelor. I am going to watch and I understand that the show is not specifically about the bachelor only. I have no idea if he is boring or not.

My frustration is that Rodney would have been a really good choice. I don’t know if he would have been a better choice or not. I can’t say that. But Rodney had the perfect storyline and lead in after BIP and they didn’t pick him. The only reason I can think of that they didn’t pick him is because he is a person of color. That is very disappointing. I personally believe if he was white they would have chosen him instantly. I understand there is no way to prove that. But that is the only reason I can think of why they wouldn’t pick him. He was handed to them on a silver platter.

Comment: But Rodney was in the same boat that Michael Allio was in. Zach’s season started filming right when the first episode of BIP aired. So none of the women would have seen or known Rodney’s storyline on BIP. That’s why when others were reporting it was gonna be Michael and they were setting him up on BIP to be Bachelor, I shot that down immediately. That made no sense. And it applied to Rodney as well.

Don’t you think the 4 women in Zach’s final 4 have the wrong names to be Bachelorette? We just had a Gabby, we already had a Kaitlyn from Canada, Ariel Frankel is too Jewish sounding, and Charity is too black sounding. Maybe they purposely did that because they wanted to pull someone from the past like Natasha to be Bachelorette.

Comment: Wow. Just wow. My suggestion is to keep your racist views to yourself. Seriously?


Regarding Chris Harrison, you went way too easy on him in your recap today. I only lasted 10 minutes into his first one because it was just so whiney and like this “happened” to him. It’s obvious he’s not sorry for anything and learned nothing. Also I miss a little sports talk in the daily round up but am glad you are getting to do what you are passionate about!

Comment: I felt I called him out for what he should’ve been called out for. I’m pretty much already over his podcasts. Didn’t listen to yesterday’s and probably won’t. We know these aren’t really revealing much, so until one does, then I’ll give my thoughts.

HI Steve,

I wonder if Fleiss tweeted about Rachel and Bryan in retaliation for Chris Harrison starting his own podcast. Maybe to bring attention to the fiasco that Chris’ responses to Rachel brought to the franchise. And to say, hey look at me, I’m team Rachel. I highly doubt that. Mike Fleiss doesn’t care about Rachel.

Also, I am a white, middle-aged woman and I have no tolerance for hate. Please don’t make generalities. In response to the Mandrell troll, I know where you were coming from but not all white, middle-aged women are racist bigots. Most are actually pretty terrific. Yes, the woman is an asshole but please don’t put us all in a box of stupid, naive, ridiculous women. I assume your mom is a white, middle-aged woman. Would you put her in that box? Please be careful with your words. Thanks,

Comment: No, not all are. Nor did I say they were. But it’s without fail, when women call out Rachel online for being a bully or blame her for Chris getting fired, it’s amazing how many of them are white and middle aged, which we can clearly see on their Twitter or IG accounts. It’s uncanny.

Hey Steve,

I just have two thoughts for the sports daily podcast.

1-Am I the only one thinking the Texans blowing their #1 draft pick isn’t that bad of a thing? I feel like the Bears are going to stick with Fields as their QB so it’s highly unlikely that they will go for a QB first pick which the Texans desperately need. It’s very possible they still get Bryce Young at #2. With that said, it still made no sense for them to go out and win the last game of the season to possibly jeopardize it.

2- Have you thought of doing like a “reader email” type podcast, where people send you some reader emails only related to sports/betting/etc and you pick a few to answer during the sports daily? Maybe? Not like answering questions everyday but some that go along with what you’re talking about? It’s possible I will add answering some emails in both the Daily Roundup and/or The Sports Daily.

Okay, last’s your Achilles? I listen to your pods daily and haven’t heard an update recently.

Comment: I did address this in a recent Daily Roundup, but long story short: been off the knee scooter for a little over a month, out of the boot, walking in shoes and flip flops, still a little bit of a hitch when I walk bc my Achilles isn’t 100% stretched out yet, but everything is pretty much back to normal. Only things I can’t do are jog, run, and jump. Probably another 3 months before that happens.

1. Why didn’t the cowboys go for two after touchdown number three and touchdown number four? This is referring to the playoff win over Tampa Bay after Maher missed the extra points on TD’s #1 and #2. My guess is probably because they wanted to see him get right. It’s never happened in the history of the NFL where a kicker missed 4 extra points in one game, so I guess they figured it wouldn’t happen to him and he just needed to correct it. Unfortunately he didn’t and he set a record.

2. Don’t you think Chris Harrison’s exit was similar to the Star Jones exit from The View? I think Chris would have done anything to keep his job. I think ABC wanted him out no matter what. Therefore, they told him he could sign the nda, have $10 million dollars, and “resign” (like Star Jones) or, they would just fire him but then of course he would have gone on to spill the tea (which I personally would have loved). So he was pushed out but technically not fired?? Like he says, “it’s complicated.” What I do know is if the Rachel interview never happens, I believe he’s still the host. And the fact that he won’t admit that or even address it kinda tells me all I need to know. Just a lot of revisionist history on his end going on right now.

3. Aren’t people “cast” on the show? I keep hearing people say, “casted” and I’m so confused.

I’m really enjoying your sports podcast! It’s fun to be able to talk sports with my husband each day (and weekly with my dad!) I also love hearing the theme song each day. I can’t wait to see your spoilers tomorrow!

Comment: Yes, the word is “cast.” There’s no such word as being “casted.” You’re “cast” for a show, not “casted.”

Hi Steve,

I was just curious if anyone had told you about the Almost Famous podcast last week where they talked about all of the contestants on Zach’s season. They’re discussing Aly first, and Ashley states “fun facts that Aly wrote herself include…”

When they’re discussing the next one, she further states “whenever I say ‘fun facts,’ the girl herself wrote them in her Bachelor survey when she was there for the casting experience. We know from first hand experience.”

I don’t believe that for a second, but it almost felt like she was purposely trying to respond to what you said without mentioning your name. Anyway, thanks for giving us the real facts.

Comment: I mean, they’re wrong. Women from this season are even taking to their IG’s and literally saying they never wrote that. So they don’t even have to listen to me. This seasons contestants are saying it themselves. Not sure what more proof they need.

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