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The “Bachelor” Zach – Overnight Date Thoughts, “Reader Emails,” Your Opinions on Zach & “Bachelorette” Filming Update

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Hi Steve,

I was just thinking that maybe a twist to when Charity and 5 Contestants appear on ATFR would be that the 5 were already eliminated. The 5 rejects would each make an appeal to the viewing audience as to why they deserve a second chance. The winner of the vote would come back to the house obviously to the shock of those who are at the house.

I know it has been done on other shows but I think it would add a little to spice things up a bit.

Comment: Not a bad idea. They probably won’t do it, but I’d be up for that. Because we’ve seen contestants who got eliminated the first night make a name for themselves down in Paradise sometimes, so maybe the lead needs to give them another chance. Definitely would be something different.

Steve, you mentioned Zach the show constantly being shown showering outdoors, but did you ever notice he is NEVER using soap? I can’t take credit for the observation– the ladies in a recent “She’s All Bach” podcast had a recent conversation where one of them said “We get it — the guy is very clean. This is the cleanest guy ever.” Then the other one observed, “But why is he never using any soap? Are they always catching him at the end of the shower after he has already rinsed off the soap?”

I only mentioned this because in today’s daily roundup (which I had to search for on Google because you haven’t linked to them on your website lately) you mentioned the idea of how uncomfortable it must be to have someone filming you as you rub soap on yourself. 😉

Comment: Oh, I thought I saw soap on him. Could easily been mistaken. Lets be honest, it’s not like I’m examining those scenes with a magnifying glass. I just assumed any normal human taking a shower, whether it was on TV or in the privacy of their own home, would be rubbing themselves because they want to get the soap all over. Apparently not.

You have been right on so many upsets, but don’t bet against my Hoosiers. They have the heart and talent to go a bit in this tournament:)
Have fun in Vegas!

Comment: I mean, it’s quite easy to say something like that after the game is over. Kent was a good team that shot horribly that game. All things being equal, I still liked the pick, but man, Kent couldn’t have hit water if they fell out of a boat that day.

Hi! Do you think the bachelor intentionally looks for people who are unstable and so desperate for love to cast since they make better TV? I watch this show and just think.. how are they acting like this? many seem unstable. Although I’m sure the pressure of the show does not help. Thanks!

Comment: Unstable? Not necessarily. There’s alcohol, there’s lack of sleep, there’s pressure by production, and there’s the whole competition aspect of it. I think the environment you’re put in can absolutely screw with your mental capacity if you let it. But to say they are openly looking for unstable people? No. they’re looking for who they think will make good TV.

Hi Steve,

I miss the good old days of when it was considered shocking if the lead even kissed someone and what happened in the Fantasy Suites was left totally up to the imagination.

What is really up with guys like Clayton and Zach who feel compelled to “confess” their sexual activity to the other women and to their own families? It’s just weird.

They act like it makes them good guys but it doesn’t. Just the opposite. Kaity was absolutely right. A woman can accept that a guy she’s not in a committed relationship may be having sex with someone else but she sure as hell doesn’t want or need to hear about it. And if you ask me Ariel needed to know about Zach’s course correction more than Kaity did.

I sincerely wish that Gabi had followed Susie’s example and just rejected the rose.

See Ya!

Comment: The Ariel question is definitely one a lot of people had because I could’ve sworn after he had sex with Gabi, he said either in a voiceover or to Jesse that he needed to tell the other two women. But we never saw him tell Ariel. My guess is he did and they didn’t show it, but I don’t know for sure.

Hey Soothing Steve –

As the Jesse casting call ads like to incorporate stuff from the show, I was waiting to hear “Never dressed in or supported blackface? Apply now!” during WTA. Or how about, “Wanna have your private, intimate overnight date sex tattle-taled all over national television! Apply now for our next season of the Bachelor, since I’m sure he won’t be able to keep his mouth shut about having sex with you!”

Zach’s biggest blunder of the season was telling the women he broke his no sex vow. As he did not announce it upfront to all 3 and none gave him a Susie ultimatum, he should have kept his mouth shut since he only told Jesse.

The earliest explicit mention of fantasy suite sex I remember was Nick Vile on Andi’s ATFR.

I don’t think they have fully thought the senior edition through. They always show us these snippets of kindly grandparents on the show, but many seniors are very political/not tolerant of the other side and grew up in times when racism was more common. There may not be the social media evidence but the risk of blackface and troubling comments from the past makes me think it could go horribly wrong.

Comment: I will believe that show when I see it actually airing its first episode. I heard it’s filming in July, but again, we’ll see.

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