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The “Bachelor” Zach – Overnight Date Thoughts, “Reader Emails,” Your Opinions on Zach & “Bachelorette” Filming Update

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Hi Steve,

I think his Catholic upbringing “Catholic guilt” plus his low self esteem add to his conflicting reasoning.
He wants to be the Bachelor but he feels bad following the usual protocol in order to be successfully engaged at the end.
So he ends being a selfish schmuck in the process.

Question? Don’t you think Katy and Zack hooked up on the overnight museum date?

Hey Steve,

While Kaity said she didn’t need to hear Zach’s confession, I think it would have been worse if Zach waited until after engagement to tell her. She would have been furious if he kept it from her. It was really a lose-lose situation for Zach. A lot of couples have struggled post-engagement due to the lead sleeping with someone other than the F1. As much as I hate to say it, Nick was smart by only sleeping with his F1. Matt didn’t sleep with any of the women. They were just smart enough to wait until the fantasy suite to say what they wanted. I think producers wanted a complete opposite from last season. Clayton tried going 3-for-3, so Zach was going to try the opposite and sleep with none.

Zach didn’t even mention Gabi’s name to Kaity, she was just smart enough to figure it out. Kaity would have found out eventually, but that should have happened off camera. It’s clear he was worried about what Kaity would feel, versus breaking trust with Gabi.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been a fan of yours for awhile but this is the first time I’m emailing you. I have to say I have enjoyed this season with Zach on The Bachelor. In regards to last night and everything that played out, my wife and I had a lengthy discussion about this.

In the end, I think Zach should have never put those boundaries/pressure on himself as far as not having sex. The participants know what the week is and what the fantasy suite usually entails.

My wife and I both were on the same page that in his and Gabi’s quiet time together, they should have come to an agreement privately about if they should discuss it all. I mean it’s not just him that is involved in this. Gabi has to have a say too. And while Clayton said on his Instagram story that there is no privacy, there would have been some before the producers came that morning.

They both needed to be on the same page and it was clear they weren’t. If Kaity (or Ariel) would have asked about if he had sex, then he should have been honest and I’m sure Gabi would understand. I think all three of these ladies would have understood if he did indeed have sex this week. It is, after all, part of the show at this stage in the season.

I believe they were all in the camp of not wanting to know about the others, and I’m sure most of the viewers would agree of not wanting to know unless they ask.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been watching the bachelor/bachelorette since it first started , everyone knows what May go on in the fantasy suite, if I was on the show I wouldn’t want the lead to tell me he had sex with anyone. I’m on Kaity’s, like she told him she knows what can go on but didn’t need to hear it from him , that’s more hurtful knowing. I think they need to get rid of the fantasy suite, all it does is cause more problems . I respect the fact that Zach wanted to be honest with Kaity, but he could’ve waited till after the date with her instead of ruining it. Just my opinion

Hey Steve

Listened to your podcast about the whole should Zach tell Kaity about Gabby. It immediately made me think of Ben Higgins and him not telling Lauren before they got engaged. And how unfair she felt that was and ultimately put a rift in the relationship.

Maybe in the future.. as I’m processing all this.. the lead should have that conversation with the final girls before overnight week. And say hey IF anything does happen.. do you want to know or do you prefer don’t ask don’t tell. Because everyone feels sooo differently about this topic that I think that’s where it should start. Not just assuming someone wants to know or doesn’t. Or maybe even during the overnights in their private time ask if they would like to know about the other overnights or not before a possible engagement. Communication is everything. And by communicating, I mean asking questions. And never making assumptions.

Hi Steve!

I saw that Gabi was deleting mean/negative comments on her Instagram today. I think it’s absolutely WILD that people are somehow blaming Gabi for Zach breaking his word? I really don’t understand why people are hating on her. I also agree with Kaity about understanding what goes on in the fantasy suite but not needing to hear about it. Loved your Marty McFly costume by the way! Back to the Future is my favorite movie and I loved all the little details you added to the costume!

Hi Steve,
Not sure if this is an email for readers questions or if you can just answer this question for me!

I haven’t been watching the last couple of seasons. With so much negativity going on in the world and what the bachelor was choosing to focus on I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch ! With that being said, I love your daily podcasts & games of roses so I feel like I’ve been watching the “better version” by just listening to both your podcasts haha

Question for you as like I said I haven’t been watching just “listening” but I realize Zach had sex with Gabby in the over nights and choice to tell Kaity which I agree is not necessary and private between the two of them but my question is didnt Clayton do the same thing when he announced he slept with the girls on his season ? Not that I think either are right I just feel like I’m hearing more about Zach from other bachelor people than I did Clayton? Like I said could be way off base, but just wondering your insights on it !

Thanks for all you do ! Always enjoy your daily round up and Thursday podcasts !!

Hi Steve!

Last night’s episode was a hot piece of garbage and I found myself wishing every girl would know they deserve better.

Zach continued to completely ignore or dismiss the feelings of the girls. He thought it was a good idea to tell everyone watching the show that he was intimate with Gabi, then tell her that before his date with Kaity? What in the world was that supposed to accomplish?

Then, I’m on Kaity’s side regarding the fantasy suite dates. The girls know what they signed up for and details should be kept between the couples. The girls absolutely know that the bachelor is more than likely going to be intimate with people. But airing the laundry here means announcing to the whole world who you had relations with. So, it seems more appropriate to keep that quiet.

Just my thoughts.

Hi Steve,

I wouldn’t be ok with him sleeping with someone else if he knew he was picking me. That would be really hurtful.

Maybe if he really didn’t know, and wanted to be sure…but I think it would still bother me forever. I don’t think I could ever fully get over it even if I forgave him, it would cause issues down the line.

I also don’t think I’d be a good contestant and would have a hard time just being ok with someone I’m crazy about dating other people. I envy the chill girls-but I’m not one of them.

Love the pod, listened from the start. Start everyday with the daily roundup.

We all have a past! However, I really wish he just wouldn’t have said he wasn’t having sex now he just looks stupid. I also think that Gabi 100% feels he was choosing her since she said he doesn’t need to tell me how he feels I know. While yes they are free to have sex us women no matter what thinks it means more. I don’t care what woman says they don’t think it means more, they are lying lol.

He 100% regretted it and that’s why he told Kaity. I feel Gabi was in denial when he went to see her again and knew he regretted it all.

Hi Steve, wanted to respond to your question in the daily round up about fantasy suites. I feel like I would have the same response as Kaity because there have been too many seasons of the bachelor to be naive to what happens in fantasy suites. I definitely would not want to know in the moment, but would probably be ok finding out down the line because it’s one of those situations where you know it’s most likely going to happen! Hope that answered your question! Thanks for all you do, love listening to you!

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