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The Bachelor 28 - Joey

The “Bachelor” Joey – Episode 3 Recap, Location Secured For Fan Appreciation Party, & @BachelorData with Your Latest IG Updates

-I know a lot of people are put off by all the Sydney/Maria drama last night, but hey, I’m more interested in why ASKN is no longer. In case you didn’t know, April is no longer part of that group. We don’t know why. Since they recorded that date at the end of September, there was definitely a falling out. We don’t know if April separated herself from the other three, or if SKN separated themselves from her. There’s been no evidence as to who ended the relationship, other than April has made it known she’s no longer friends with them. Hey, can we get an answer? Inquiring minds want to know. The Bachelor and Golden Bachelor – tearing friendships apart no matter what the age!

-The pageant group date to start us off incorporated something this show loves to do, and that’s always have some sort of talent show where they can embarrass someone. You had your evening casual wear, a Q&A, and a talent portion. Nothing too exciting happened in the first two. And it’s not like there was actually great talents displayed. BUT, to have Sydney cheer like an 8th grader on the sideline cheering for her school crush was cringeworthy. Maybe Sydney grew up in cheer. Maybe did it in HS. Or college. Point being, spelling Joey’s name and saying “Yaaaaaay Joey” is ridiculously dumb. Whatever producer convinced her that was a good idea might need a raise.

-Then Lexi takes over and says her talent is being the best kisser in the world, so she does that, setting off a few of the other women who complain she took the easy way out. Again, a producer set up since I’m sure at least one of those other women thought of doing that themselves, but they saved it for Lexi. Is it a talent? Ummmm, no. I mean, to claim you’re the best in the world? I love the confidence but that would be a completely subjective talent. Therefore, nearly impossible to claim. I feel like every time we’ve had some sort of talent competition on this show, one of them ends up kissing her. Shit, didn’t we see it last season with Sean during the Barbie group date where he kissed Charity? They’re running low on the group date ideas portion of this show in case you haven’t noticed.

-All right, lets talk about it. Sydney vs Maria. Maria vs Sydney. I went into a little more detail on my podcast today about it, but to me, the bottom line comes down to this. What they’ve shown us on TV is not matching up. Sydney is getting incredibly mad and constantly tearing into Maria in ITM’s for things that aren’t making sense. It can’t possibly be just for the Madina comment now. Madina told Maria she felt invalidated when she said what she did, said she felt bullied, Maria says she’s been bullied in the past and this isn’t it, and they kept going round and round. Madina saying she was bullied, Maria saying “I’m not a bully,” Madina saying I didn’t call you a bully, I said I was bullied…it was all too much for me since I’m now a bald man from continuously pulling my hair out last night.

-My taken on everything is that we are not getting shown the full picture. Sydney’s insistence on going all in on Maria isn’t matching up with what we’re being show on TV. It just isn’t. I don’t know what they’re leaving out but the math just ain’t mathing for me. Period. It’s times like these where I hate that this show has basically shunned me from its contestants. I would flat out email both Sydney and Maria today and ask “What am I missing here,” but I can’t. They won’t answer. Well, at least on record they wouldn’t. But then what’s the point of giving their answer if I can’t say, “Maria told me this…” This show puts a stranglehold on contestants, because even when either of them is allowed to do a pre-approved interview with one of their Bachelor affiliated podcasts, or any media outlet for that matter, they aren’t allowed to talk about things that aren’t shown on camera.

-I’m guessing one of these two, if not both, will be on some podcast soon and they will truly never be able to say what’s going on. Sydney is getting torched online. Moreso than Maria. Neither one of them deserves the ridiculous hate being thrown their way. I know I say it every season and ultimately it won’t matter since that’s what Toxic Bachelor Nation is all about. But however you feel about either of them, there’s no need to share your opinion publicly or on either of their IG pages or in private messages. Once again, this show LOVES to be the first to tell it’s audience not to bully contestants. Yet everything that’s happening between Sydney and Maria is completely producer driven. You can tell in every ITM that Sydney has, she’s being asked leading questions about Maria. It’s ultimately on her what she says, and maybe she sees now what was done to her, but it’s clear as day they found someone to do their dirty work for them this season and it’s Sydney. In case you didn’t know from my podcast with Jill, Sydney knows both her and Ashley I. They took a group photo last night and tagged it with “Please be kind to our friend @syd_gord. Sometimes you just have to have been there to understand why people made the moves they did.” Translation: Sydney wishes she could say more but she can’t. So without knowing the full story, I’m not gonna get worked up over the Sydney/Maria battle which ends next week.

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