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The Bachelor 28 - Joey

The “Bachelor” Joey – Episode 4 & 5 Thoughts, Golden Bachelorette is Coming, & @BachelorData Shows Ratings are Improving This Season

So I have a brilliant idea. If it happens, I want full credit for this. And as far as I know, I haven’t heard anyone bring this up. I said this on my Daily Roundup yesterday. You all know how big of an SNL fan I am. I’ve watched every episode since high school. Sometimes I watch it live if I’m home, but most times will watch Sunday mornings. Anyway, when Eddie Murphy came back to host a few years ago, that was like a BIG deal. Not only to me, but for the media in general just because he’d had a falling out for a while, etc. But to see him back there was awesome. And then not only that, he DELIVERED. Very funny show. Well, I’m here to tell you right now, if SNL can do it, they can easily deliver the most watched show in their history if they could do one thing – make Travis Kelce the host and Taylor Swift the musical guest. EVERYONE would watch that. They’ve both done it separately. Taylor numerous times as musical guest (and hosted once or twice) and Travis hosted once last year after the Super Bowl. The American Doll sketch was one of the funniest ones of the year. I know she’s on her International Tour now, but I wonder if there’s some time between now and the finale in May where he could host again and she’s the musical guest (and they’d obviously throw her in sketch or two as well). Don’t tell me it wouldn’t be the most talked about and watched SNL episode, probably of all-time. Not to mention the amount of social media views it would get. Just remember who first put it out there (as far as I know).

Sorry no column yesterday, but man, I woke up and just felt wonky. Wasn’t sick, no fever, no cough, no sore throat, etc. I just felt weird and my stomach was kind of hurting. So after I posted my podcasts, I just went back to bed. Which meant that today you’re gonna get my thoughts from the last 2 nights of episodes along with your “Reader Emails” for the week. Oh happy day!

We got news over the weekend that the Golden Bachelorette is “officially” happening. I say that, because I told you over a month ago I was hearing that after the “Bachelorette” films from March thru beginning of May, they were filming “Golden Bachelorette” afterwards. This was made at the TCA press event, and there was no mention of “Bachelor in Paradise” by ABC/Disney. I’d say that’s a pretty telling sign at an event where networks promote their upcoming shows, the Bachelor franchise promoted two of them, “Bachelorette” and “Golden Bachelorette” and made no mention of BIP. Safe to say BIP is not happening in 2024. My guess is they bring it back next year. Because you assume “Bachelorette” will start airing end of June/beginning of July and that’ll run to the end of Aug/beginning of September, then you follow that with “Golden Bachelorette” from that point, and assuming it gets 10 episodes, runs into November. Where would you have time to air BIP in 2024. Only reason they could do it last year is because they ran Golden Bachelor & BIP on the same night. That would’ve been mentioned at the TCA’s if that was the plan this season and it wasn’t. Just means if they bring it back next summer, you’re gonna have Joey’s women, the Bachelorette’s men, the NEXT Bachelors women, and the 2025 Bachelorette’s men to choose from. I’m fine with that.

I think this post by @BachelorData regarding the Maria/Sydney feud shows you all you need to see in regards to the who the audience has gotten behind. And with what they’ve been shown on screen, I’m not the least bit surprised.

And also, we’re seeing something in the ratings for Joey’s season that we haven’t seen in, well, a while. In addition to the IG growth for Joey is something that we haven’t seen in a lead in quite some time…

Recaps of the past 2 night’s episodes begins on Page 2…

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