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The Bachelor 28 - Joey

The “Bachelor” Joey – Hometown Recaps, How Are They Filmed, & Toxic Bachelor Nation is At It Again

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Hey guess what? We have a new spoiler guy in the mix. You know, every season someone seems to come along that likes to spoil the show. Most of the time they’re wrong, but this season, well, they nailed it. Anyone listen to Jason Tartick’s “Trading Secrets” podcast the other day. As we was wrapping up the pod and teasing upcoming guests on the show, he mentioned he was gonna have Jess from “Love is Blind” on there, Colton Underwood was coming on, and then…wait for it…“Joey and Kelsey from the ‘Bachelor’”. Woopsie. I’m actually not surprised he said it. He obviously knows who Joey chose. I’m just surprised nobody on his team recognized what he’d done and left that line in there. Is he gonna get in trouble? Probably not. He doesn’t have an affiliation to the show other than they allow contestants to go on his show. But that was kind of a big slip up for people who listen to his show that don’t follow spoilers. Jason knows Joey from way back, so, he probably has known for a while Joey is with Kelsey. That’s why I think it was an accidental slip when he said that. I’m just surprised he left it in there. Oh well.

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One thing that I covered yesterday in my podcast that I wanted to mention today is, once the spoiler change was announced last week, some of the responses I was seeing online started to assume a narrative that just isn’t true. And that is basically I was seeing people say that essentially, “Well once Daisy left he HAD to pick Kelsey. She was the only one left.” And that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Kelsey wasn’t some sort of default pick of Joey. Daisy left BECAUSE she knew/felt Joey was in love with Kelsey. And that’s what she told her from what I’m led to believe. She didn’t bolt because she wasn’t feeling it and Joey was dying to pick her. Quite the opposite. I don’t know where that idea came from but it’s just flat out not true. I said in the spoiler that Daisy goes to Kelsey’s room after her last date with Joey and tells Kelsey basically, “it’s not me, it’s you.” She recognized she wasn’t being picked and took the initiative to tell Kelsey herself instead of, I guess, having her worry all the way up until final rose ceremony day. Nothing wrong with that.

I understand there’s definitely a faction of people out there that think everything Daisy has done this season is calculated, for her own interests, and gearing towards a “Bachelorette” run. Again, I disagree completely. First off, if you don’t think every woman goes on this show with the idea they could possibly be the “Bachelorette” at the end of this thing, you need to start having that mindset. Not many people go onto a show of 30 other contenders and know they’re going to win. They’re going on for the experience and see what it can lead to post-show. Pointing out that Daisy is the only person who has this mindset is just wrong. EVERY woman has it in the back of their head because the facts bear it out. In 20 of our previous 22 Bachelorettes, they all finished in the top 4 of their season. So yes, naturally if you make it that far, you have an idea. We don’t even know if Daisy wants the gig. I would think she would since there aren’t many that would turn it down, but because of her hearing, maybe it’s too overwhelming for her. I just think to assume the worst on everything Daisy does seems to be very short sighted.

And then somehow it’s gotten worse, as it’s turned into, “Geez, is all she talks about is her cochlear implant. I don’t even know anything about her.” Gee, someone with all your hearing, must be great to comment on someone else’s hearing issues. How miserable of a life do you have to lead that you’re telling someone you’re watching on TV to stop talking about their hearing issues all the time? You know, something they have to deal with every day of their life and you don’t. I swear, Toxic Bachelor Nation is out in full force this season. I can’t believe some of the stuff I’m seeing directed towards Daisy and her being Dear/Hard of Hearing. “That’s all she talks about.” “I barely know anything about her.” Really? Tell me what you know about Rachel this season other than she’s a nurse. Tell me what you know about Kelsey other than her mother died. You’re acting like you have all this other background info on these other women and Daisy is just out here only talking about her cochlear implant. Hell, the woman who’s gotten twice as much screen time as anyone else this season, Maria, I don’t think I know one thing about what she does. Do you? Has she ever talked about her job, her goals, her aspirations. So I ask again, what do you know about Maria from the excessive amount of screen time she’s gotten? That’s why it’s disturbing to hear this narrative. Kinda crazy.

Here’s @BachelorData’s breakdown on Hometown dates and what to look for going forward:

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