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The Bachelor 28 - Joey

The “Bachelor” Joey – Overnight Date Thoughts, “Bachelorette” Rumors, @BachelorData Breaks Down Overnight Dates

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To say it’s been an interesting last few days would be an understatement. For those that aren’t podcast listeners, let me quickly fill you in on what’s happened since Thursday. Saw my doctor Thursday, suggested I go to the ER, I did, and stayed in the hospital for 2 days so they could monitor my blood sugar levels, which were very high on Thursday. So the bottom line is I have Type 2 diabetes. Not a death sentence whatsoever, but a lifestyle change is now coming. I did not take care of myself the last 4 or 5 months – didn’t eat well and did very little exercise. Now that all changes. Even though it’s only been 5 days, my numbers have drastically improved and I know what I need to do going forward. Granted, it comes with some medication and insulin shots every day, but to me, those aren’t a big deal. Maybe takes me :30 secs to take an insulin shot, so it’s more of just a tedious thing having to do it numerous times a day. Other than that, it’s a good thing I learned this now to where I can get things back in order and take care of my body better. It’s not every day you all the sudden find out you’re a diabetic, so that was a little shock to the system, but here we are. Need to prioritize my health now so I can get to the point where insulin shots aren’t needed anymore, which is definitely possible. So that’s the latest with me. On to, you know, the important stuff…

Don’t forget to send your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow at Can’t say I’ve been dialed in too much on the social media happenings with the show for the last few days, but I’ll eventually get around to it. Any questions/queries/comments, send them my way for tomorrow’s column.

One thing I spoke about yesterday on the pod was the “Bachelorette” rumors. And what it pretty much comes down to is this: this is the one thing the show can really keep a tight lid on because they have the ability to change their mind, or not make a decision, until the last minute. I’m hearing it’s between Daisy and Maria. No surprise there. I think most people expect it to be one of those two. And considering 22 of the 24 women who’ve been the Bachelorette finished in the top 4 of their season, that tracks. But considering what’s happened in the past, where some people have literally been told they’re the new lead, and then at the last minute had it pulled from them, it’s never truly in etched in stone until it’s announced. They could have Maria and Daisy both shoot intro videos. They could have both of them also go for their wardrobe fittings. We know they’ve had multiple people sign contracts in past seasons as well. All so that when they DO make their decision, everything is all ready to go. You’ve already seen Ducks Moy doing what they do best – throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. They had two different blinds items posted on the same IG story a few days ago – one saying Daisy was gonna be Bachelorette and one saying it’s Maria. So yeah, they don’t know anything more than anyone else. All I know is it’s between those two and we should have an answer within the next week or so. Filming starts in basically 2.5 weeks, so yeah, we gotta know fairly soon.

Bachelor/ette are one of the few shows I watch live just because I don’t wanna be behind when I’m live tweeting. However, it wasn’t til last night where I noticed how many diabetic commercials run during this show. You probably don’t pay attention like I didn’t for years. But now that I’m a diabetic, I totally noticed it last night. There were at least 3 different ones I saw last night: Ozempic, Mounjaro, and Arexva or something like that. I guess it makes sense considering the demographics of this show, but go ahead next week and follow the commercials and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Amazing how for years I never paid attention and now when any diabetic commercial comes on, my ears perk up and I watch. This lifestyle change is definitely something I need to get used to that’s for sure. Already feeling some changes, my blood sugar level has dropped considerably since my hospital stay, and I’ve eaten clean for 5 days in a row, which is no doubt a record for me. Fun times ahead.

Ever wondered if the order of overnight dates mattered in terms of who won? Well, they kinda do. Since in the last 13 Bachelor seasons, the woman shown getting the first overnight date has only ended up winning once – Hannah Ann on Peter’s season. And, lets face it, did Hannah Ann really win? @BachelorData breaks it down for you:

Thoughts on last night’s episode on Page 2…

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