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  • Bachelor Zach Spoilers

    “Bachelor in Paradise” – Social Media Wars, the Salley Storyline, Zach’s 1-on-1 Yesterday, & “Reader Emails”


    So here’s a weird thing. It’s Wednesday morning and I do not have a guest for tomorrow’s Thursday podcast. So unless something comes up today (which I doubt), I think what I’m gonna do is “Reader Emails” that I didn’t get to this week and maybe tell the Salley story earlier than I’d planned. On today’s Daily Roundup, I said that I was gonna wait til next Tuesday because it looks like we’re gonna see Salley show up on Monday’s episode, so I wanted to wait until we see what’s shown there and then share everything I’ve heard behind the scenes. But with no podcast guest tomorrow as of now, and the fact that Salley was only on the beach for like an hour, maybe I’ll just share it tomorrow. Basically the re-enactment that Wells did on Monday’s episode was somewhat accurate in some of the things that happened, but the details of it were complete lies and/or exaggerations. Like a producer going to Salley’s door to pick … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8

    “Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 2 Thoughts, Notes on Yesterday’s Group Date for Zach & Your Daily Roundup

    Photo Credit: ABC

    We’re two episodes in to BIP and I’m already questioning my sanity. There were times during last night’s episode where I legitimately had no idea what I was watching. Like, what the hell was going on? And did you see @BachelorData’s screen time breakdown from last night (see below)? Who did Genevieve pay to have double the screen time of anyone else from the show last night? She had 14 minutes of screen time and second highest was Hailey, who didn’t even have 7 minutes. Genevieve was EVERYWHERE last night. 14 minutes of screen time on a show like this where, what, 21 people are there? Teddi got less than a minute. And I get that Teddi got a 1-on-1 last episode, but that’s extreme. Then again, this is BIP we’re talking about. Extreme is their middle name. You know, like the whole Salley BS storyline last night that was so laughable, exaggerated, and basically fake in so many ways, you wonder exactly who Salley pissed off to … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Zach Spoilers

    Podcast #306 – Interview with Dave Neal, Stand Up Comedian & Bachelor Recapper & (Column) A Few Notes on “Bachelor” Filming So Far


    One of my favorite podcast guests, Dave Neal, joins me today to talk about pretty much every recent story happening in Bachelor Nation. Always great to have Dave on because of his insight, and the fact that with a lot of things in this franchise being looked at as so black and white by its fanbase, it’s nice to have a more nuanced discussion about the hot topics within the franchise. Also in the open before Dave comes on, I update you on what’s happening today with Zach’s 1-on-1 including where it’s taking place. If you don’t feel like listening, scroll down this column and you’ll see some notes regarding the Bachelor filming which started on Monday night at the mansion. Those wondering why this is up a little later today, it’s because the Daily Roundup went up so much later than normal today. I have it set to upload to Apple Podcasts at the same time every morning, which is 6:40 CST. Since I know it takes … Continue reading

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