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The Bachelor 26 – Clayton

  • The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

    The “Bachelor” Clayton – Hometown Date Thoughts, “Bachelorette” Poll, & the 6th Annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party Set for June 3rd


    3rd time’s a charm, right? After getting cancelled in June of 2020 due to COVID, and then cancelled again in August of 2021 because of the Delta variant, the Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party is back on this year. It’s happening Friday night, June 3rd at Mandalay Bay. It is first come, first serve, although those that were set to come either of the last 2 years have first dibs this year. Not all of them will be able to make it, so, just let me know if you want it. There is no cost to attend the party, although I just need screen shot proof of vaccination to attend. You don’t need to bring it with you. Just show me in an email and … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Clayton Spoilers

    “Women Tell All” Spoilers

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Very, very rarely is there a Friday column. In fact, I can’t remember the last one we had. But, when there’s spoilers to give, outside of posting on the weekend, I will do the occasional Monday or Friday column. The “Women Tell All” was taped on Wednesday in LA and there was a lot of expected drama, mostly surrounding Shanae. But definitely some things that were said and that happened that I think will raise some eyebrows. Things we hadn’t heard yet, accusations that were made, and one appearance that maybe was a little surprising. Definitely will be explosive, there was a lot of arguing, women were called out, there was advocating for mental health, and Clayton, well, Clayton had it pretty rough up there … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

    The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 7 Thoughts, & What I Can Report About the Finale

    Photo Credit: ABC

    This past weekend is one that continuously makes my sports brain explode, and that’s the NBA All-Star game. Why are we even arguing about this anymore? What’s the point? And also, when did the game turn into what it is? Kinda like the Pro Bowl that has turned into 2 hand touch and has no tackling, when did the first 3 qtr turn into, not even a pick-up game, because even those games teams play defense. There’s nothing remotely interesting about what we see in the first 3 quarters of the NBA All-Star game. At least anything outside of what Steph Curry did. Because there’s nothing impressive about wide open dunks, layups, alley oops off backboards, etc. When no one’s guarding you, and you’re a … Continue reading

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