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The Bachelor 27 – Zach

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    The Bachelor Zach – Episode 4 Recap, Snorkeling, Transcribing, & Your Daily Roundup

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    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Such a wonderful made up holiday for people in relationships. If you need a holiday once every 365 days to remind you to do something nice for your significant other, then you should probably be re-evaluating your relationship. Just sayin’. Anyway, don’t for the “Coming Out For Love” premiere is happening in a few hours at 3pm ET. Go to, click “Watch” in the upper right hand corner, sign up for a bundle package, and you’ll be able to see the live pre-party and watch the first episode today. Even if you miss it, episode #1 will re-run this Saturday then be accessible whenever you want to watch. From there, a new episode will be released every Saturday for the … Continue reading

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    The Bachelor Zach – Episode 3 Thoughts, More on Yesterday’s Spoiler, & Your Daily Roundup

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    Did you see the possible greatest news ever yesterday? According to a report by Variety, there are talks to doing another sequel to the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” franchise and, even better, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. are being talked to about reprising their roles. This is the kinda news I wanna hear on a Monday. Thank God. 30 years later I’m down. Remember when I collabed a couple years ago with Amazon Prime for the TV series? I thought that was excellent. Was bummed to see it didn’t get picked up for a season 2. I think they could’ve gone in multiple directions. But now hearing the movie might get another sequel almost 30 years later? Count. Me. In. … Continue reading

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    (EXCLUSIVE) How Does Zach’s Season End & What Happened in London?

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    Big day today on the site for both of us. For you the reading/listening audience to finally find out how Zach’s season ends. And for me, not having to get bombarded with “When are you gonna find out about Zach’s finale” emails. Whew. Glad we are done with that. It’s on today’s podcast, it’s in this column for those that don’t listen to podcasts, it’ll be on my IG feed and it’ll be on my IG stories today. And not only that, I’ve got your info on what happened in London that I alluded to a couple weeks ago that something happened which caused them to have only one 1-on-1 date (Gabi’s) then no other dates in London. That gets answered as well along with … Continue reading

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