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    The “Bachelor” Zach – Episode 7 Thoughts, the Next “Bachelorette,” & Your Daily Roundup

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    I know this is off topic, but I can’t tell you how geeked I am about March Madness and Conference Championship Week. How geeked am I? Last night I went online and about a Furman Paladins shirt, just like I bought a St. Peter’s Peacock shirt last year. It’s why I say at the end of every Sports Daily podcast that sports will always be the greatest reality show on television. Because it is. Furman exacting revenge on UT Chattanooga almost a year to the day where they were knocked out of a chance to go to the Big Dance by a 40 foot heave at the buzzer is what sports are all about. Seeing two guys like Mike Bothwell and Jalen Slawson come back … Continue reading

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    The “Bachelor” Zach – Episode 6 Recap, Overblown Drama, WTA & Email Issues

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    One of the best reality shows in recent memory, “The Traitors” on Peacock, just dropped their reunion show this morning at 5am EST. I haven’t watched it just yet but the plan is to watch it later today. When I spoke with Rachel Reilly on my podcast, she seemed to be of the opinion that Cirie was fine with Andie but that Quentin felt betrayed. Or was it the vice versa? Either way, should be interesting to see this play out on the reunion show. Not sure if we’ll have many other fireworks just because I don’t think anyone really has beef with anyone else. And anything between Kate and Rachel themselves I think might just be played up for TV since Rachel didn’t seem … Continue reading

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    The “Bachelor” Zach – Thoughts on Episode 5, a “Bachelorette” Breakdown, & Your Daily Roundup

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    If some of you have never listened to the Daily Roundup, I suggest tuning in to today’s. No, not for any new Bachelor tea, or any hot takes on reality TV or pop culture. No, just because you can hear me singing late 1980’s Glenn Mederios songs. I bring it up because, and now I’m aging myself, but Glenn’s daughter was on the season premiere of American Idol this past Sunday auditioning for the judges. Of course, they bring up his “Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You” single that was a chart topper in the late 80’s, but me and maybe 4 other people know Glenn Mederios for another song – “High Wire” – which played during the club scene of Karate Kid 3 … Continue reading

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