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The Bachelor 28 – Joey

  • The Bachelor 28 - Joey

    “Reader Emails,” What Are the Odds?, Joey Rumors, & @BachelorData Ep 2 Screen Time

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    Fun times the last 24 hours. Everyone’s got an opinion on my niece Olivia being BFF’s with Daisy’s sister Adeline, sickness starting to subside, another plate of rumors surrounding Joey’s ending. It’s like it’s non-stop. But I’ll say this here on Jan. 31st. I don’t know who the next Bachelorette is gonna be, but mark my word, after I give the spoiler to whoever she picks on her season, someone will put together a 4 month report stalking every guys IG account, pictures of their feet, full surveillance video of every time they’ve sneezed from the time they arrived home til the time of the ATFR trying to prove whatever spoiler I gave out is wrong. Knock yourselves out. What was released yesterday on Reddit … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 28 - Joey

    The “Bachelor” Joey – Episode 2 Recap, My Indirect Connection to a Contestant, & @BachelorData with Some First Episode Trends


    Not the most fun last 48 hrs to say the least. I know COVID hits people differently. Fortunately, I’m one that just gets a runny nose and congestion from it. This is the second time I’ve had it and it was the same symptoms both times. Just a sore throat that turned into a runny nose and congestion and within a few days, I was over it. I know for others, that hasn’t been the case. Hell, some people are still suffering from long COVID to this day. I wouldn’t wish that for anyone. And some when they did get it, got it way worse than what I did. Being sick in general sucks, but for me, I’ve never been one to woe is me … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, & That Opening Scene from Episode 1


    I’m not gonna say the “Bachelor” has had some sort of renaissance because it’s not like Joey’s premiere drew some crazy numbers. It still drew 1.5 million less viewers than Gerry’s premiere did. But remember, Gerry’s premiere was also the highest rated episode this franchise had produced in 9 seasons since COVID. But Joey’s overnight number was 3.05 million viewers with a .5 rating in the 18-49 demo, which won the night for it’s demo. And that’s not even the demo that this franchise cares about. The other thing you need to take into consideration is overall consumption of the show. Did you see yesterday where Netflix is gonna pay the WWE $5 billion over 10 years staring in Jan of 2025 to televise Monday … Continue reading

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