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  • The Bachelor 23 - Colton

    The “Bachelor” Colton – Episode 2 Recap, My Podcast Screw Up, & The Return of “Temptation Island” Tonight

    Photo Credit: ABC

    A few things to get to today before we head into our recap of last night’s episode. Got an update on the Vegas Fan Appreciation Party, my major podcast screw up this week, the new Bachelor Nation couple that can’t stop telling us they’re a Bachelor Nation couple or whatever you want to call it, and tonight marking the return of “Temptation Island” on the USA Network. If you haven’t already watched episode 1 which I included in last week’s recap, go do it now. If not, you can watch it tonight and get hooked. Our Nell Kalter will have her recaps up every Wednesday for your reading pleasure. I’m telling you, if you like the “Bachelor” franchise, I don’t know how you wouldn’t be … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #112 – Interview with Paulie Calafiore of the “Challenge”

    Photo Credit: MTV

    Well here it is. An interview that a week ago I never thought I’d be doing. I made my feelings known about Paulie last week during my conversation with Jemmye, Paulie reached out to me wanting to come on, I told him I would if he understood that I probably wasn’t going to agree with anything he said and I would call him out for his behavior towards both Danielle and Cara. Listening to it back last night to do the time stamps, you will hear the exasperation in my voice, and yes, there were numerous times where I wanted to step in and say something (and I did a few times), but it honestly would’ve been 2 hours of interruptions if I did that. … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, Cassie Might’ve Screwed Up, and Paulie on the Podcast

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Another successful premiere is in the books. So thanks everyone again for coming back to the site yesterday for all your “Bachelor” info. I say it every season, and it never fails. From the second BIP is over in mid September, until the day of the “Bachelor” premiere on the first Monday in January, so roughly 3 1/2 months, my traffic is rather pedestrian. Sure, the die hards who have to know every second what’s going on are there every day, but those people are so the minority of this show’s overall audience. You should see the numbers from Sept. 15th or so through Jan. 6th. Sure, there’s spikes on days of spoilers during filming, but the second that first Monday rolls around, it skyrockets. … Continue reading

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