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    Podcast #89 – Interview with Samantha Steffen


    Back to the “Bachelor” world as I’m pretty sure the whole month of August the podcasts will be with contestants from Bachelor Nation, assuming everyone follows through with what they said. Today’s guest had an interesting run during her time on the show, and that’s Samantha Steffen. She’s the first girl I had on from Chris Soules’ season which I didn’t even realize until I started researching for the interview. Most people probably don’t even remember her from Chris’ season, since she definitely more known for her time on BIP 2 and her relationship with Joe Bailey. We get into that and a whole lot more in this podcast. I had Joe on probably over a year ago, so it was tough to remember what … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” BIP & “Bachelor” Talk

    Photo Credit: ABC

    One thing that I know I constantly harp on about this show and its contestants is that so many of them love the perks that come with the show (i.e. – the travel, the shilling, the appearances, the social media adoration) but very few seem to be able to handle the criticism. That manifested itself earlier this week when Colton just decided to go scorched earth on Twitter Monday night during the show. Very bizarre. Very defensive in everything negative thrown his way, and this is where these people seem to miss the difference between criticism and hate. If you’re getting death threats, being bullied, etc that’s wrong. We’ve been over that 100 times. But if people are just giving their opinions on social media … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 14 - Becca

    The “Bachelorette” Becca – “Men Tell All” Recap, Podcast React, & “Bachelor” Casting

    Photo Credit: ABC

    One thing that I tweeted about over the weekend was the fact that final casting weekend for the “Bachelor” was happening. Even though they use the word “final,” it happens over the course of a couple weekends, so this weekend it’s happening as well. Inevitably this will lead to questions of, “How is it final casting weekend if they’re still doing open casting calls? Do those people even have a chance?” My short answer would be, probably not. But when it comes to this franchise, there’s instances where something isn’t black and white. We know (based on some of my former podcast guests) that they were late adds to the cast. Not everyone who makes it on the season is at one of the final … Continue reading

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