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  • Ex on the Beach

    “Ex on the Beach” – Nell Kalter’s Episode 7 Recap

    Photo Credit: MTV

    With only a few episodes of Ex On the Beach left to go, I find myself wondering: what will become of the villa itself? Though I have not wasted one centile of a millisecond contemplating the future of the relationships hatched like tubs of doomed Sea Monkeys in that house, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about the house itself and the relics that will undoubtedly be left behind. I’m just being pragmatic here. Not only do some members of this cast strike me as incompetent when it comes to impersonating human beings, but don’t they also strike you as incompetent packers? I’m therefore imagining half-squeezed tubes of kiwi-flavored lube shoved under beds and shorts that do not cover the labia piled high in the corner of the bedroom closet. I’m betting almost-empty bottles of booze – the only liquid remaining a cocktail of backwash and whatever dribbled out of Faith’s ass crack during her last booty shot of the season – will dot every countertop. There will be a bounty of … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #80 – Interview with Ashley Spivey & the Final Episode of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Sharleen Joynt


    Ahhhh, it’s been a great birthday week. Nothing like a few hatred filled emails filling my inbox just because they don’t like a podcast guest coming up. Yes, today is birthday #43 for me. Yippee. Anyway, Ashley Spivey is my guest today in case you didn’t know by now. She was the center of the firestorm of the Garrett Instagram controversy since it was her tweets and IG story of his screen shots last Friday that were sent to her to which the media picked up on. We talk about how it all came to be, why she did it, how did ABC overlook this, how do you think Becca will handle this (although we’ve seen a bunch of her statements yesterday. We recorded this Tuesday afternoon), and where does she go from here. I think Ashley gives a lot of great insight into everything and explains herself very well in terms of her role of what happened. And for Ashley fans, I’ve got some even better news for you that I address in the … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” the Garrett Controversy Goes Mainstream, & “The Proposal”

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Quite a day yesterday, that’s for sure. There’s no other way around it: this sucks for Becca. One day after your season premieres, the Garrett situation is all anyone’s talking about. And rightfully so. It’s a big deal. And if you don’t think it is, then you might actually be part of the problem. “Roseanne,” the highest rated show on ABC right now, got cancelled yesterday because of a tweet. So yes, social media plays a HUGE role in our society today. Believe that. Nothing is private anymore, and that’s the problem. Tomorrow’s podcast with Ashley Spivey is excellent. We get into everything that happened over the weekend, why she did what she did, and why this Garrett Instagram controversy shouldn’t be treated lightly. Already gotten a few emails spewing some pretty vile stuff towards Ashley, but whatever. The podcast is recorded, you’ll hear it tomorrow, and if you’re already pre-judging something you haven’t heard yet, I don’t know what to tell you. And not only that, if you already hate Ashley, you’re gonna LOVE … Continue reading

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