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    Daily Links – 3/28 Incl Tabloids Already Starting in on Rachel’s Guys & Filming in South Carolina Today


    Remember how yesterday I said that I’m pretty much failing at my NCAA Brackets this year. Weeeelllll, that’s not exactly true. That was in my own Bracket Challenge that I have zero chance to win. I’m in another one that only has 155 participants, but had an entry fee. I can actually win that one, but four things need to happen. 1) Gonzaga needs to beat South Carolina 2) Oregon needs to beat North Carolina and 3) Gonzaga needs to beat Oregon for the championship. IF all three of those happen, I tie for first with one other person, so the tiebreaker is total points in the championship game. They have 153 and I have 158. So not only do all three of those things have to happen first, but I also need 156 pts combined points for me to win outright, since I’d be the closest. I do think I would get something for second place because this is a decent pool amount, but yeah, I can still win it. If I lose on … Continue reading

  • Daily Links

    Rachel’s Date from Friday, South Carolina Dates This Week, & the Return of “Daily Links”

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    The “Reality Steve Bracket Challenge” is gonna be a nail biter. Over 1,600 entrants in the pool this season, with most people filling out multiple brackets. I can tell you that our current leader has led after every round. A pretty dominating performance if you ask me. She’ll win if Oregon wins it all and if South Carolina somehow manages to win it all, since nobody has them in their final four anyway. I’m sure you’re asking, “Well Steve, Mr. Knowledge of all things basketball, how are you doing in the pool?” Let me tell ya’, I’ve had a fine NCAA Tournament thank you. I filled out 5 brackets and my best one is sitting right there in 970th place, so I’m really happy with my performance. My other 4 are doing even worse. So as you can see, always listen to me when it comes to filling out your bracket. I was cooked after round 1 since I had picked quite a few upsets, and there were only 6 games in the first 32 … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 13 - Rachel

    Latest on Rachel’s Filming & What Exactly is Considered a “Spoiler?”

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    I appreciate the response to yesterday’s podcast with Chris Bukowski. He really seemed to hit a chord with a few of you. In a positive way, I mean. As I mentioned yesterday, I like talking to people who are candid, open, and honest. Chris knows how he acted on the show was wrong. He owned it. And I respect that. I never would’ve been interested in having him on if he didn’t apologize, kept doing stuff in the franchise, and continued being a Grade A douchebag. But you can tell that things have changed for him, he’s got a successful career, found himself a girlfriend, and has rid himself of Bachelor Nation. I gotta respect that. Definitely an interesting listen because I think a lot of people only see him one way. And the guy I heard on the podcast, is 180 degrees different than the guy we saw appear on 5 shows. Doesn’t blame anyone but himself for how he acted, doesn’t make excuses, and is real about what happened. Love hearing stuff like … Continue reading

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