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The “Bachelor” Colton Finale – Part 1 Recap & (EXCLUSIVE) 15 Guys on Hannah’s B.’s “Bachelorette” Season (UPDATED): 13 Guys

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When I first posted the spoilers back in November, I expressed this thought of basically “How the hell are they going to have enough footage of this if they keep the same amount of episodes considering how much normal stuff we didn’t get this season.” Well that question was surely answered night, and will be again tonight. LIVE SHOWS BOTH NIGHTS! Lets talk to former contestants who pretend not to know what the outcome is and get their slanted/biased takes on the show. Always riveting TV I tell ya’. So they kept the same amount of episodes, but technically they do have less footage that’s airing, since a normal episode on a Monday night is where 80 of the 120 minutes allotted is dedicated to the show. Well, we certainly didn’t have 80 minutes of footage last night considering how much studio time they put in. And tonight I’m guessing will be even less actual footage from Portugal/Spain since there’s only one woman left and no proposal. He’ll talk to Cassie, he’ll take her to meet his parents, they’ll have an overnight, and then no proposal. Just preparing you for a lot of in-studio stuff tonight as well. Demi, Sydney, Onyeka, and Chris Randone will all be there, we’ll get Colton and Cassie together in public for the first time for a couple segments, then we’ve got the Hannah announcement as the “Bachelorette” and then maybe, possibly, meeting some of her guys if they decide to do that again. So yeah, plenty of content to fill the two hours.

Since this will be the last time a lot of you visit this site until “Bachelorette” season rolls around, I wanna go over a couple things. Right now, there’s maybe 25-30 spots left for the 5th Annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party taking place Friday, June 7th at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. There’s no cover charge and it’s open to anyone. First come, first serve. So if you still want in, we’re running out of spots. If you’re flying in, your itinerary is your confirmation into the party. If you’re driving, a hotel booking is your confirmation. Vegas people just need to promise they won’t flake. As of now, Ashley Spivey & her husband Steve will be in attendance along with all 4 women from “Temptation Island” – Kaci, Shari, Nicole, and Kady. There is an open bar all night and there will be food as well. I think I’m doing away with the Trivia Contest this year but it will be replaced with something for sure. So if you’re still interested, email me with any of that info to get on the confirmed list.

Some podcast updates. First off, the “He Said, She Said” podcast is getting pushed back a week because we only have one call right now, and Ashley and I got too busy at the end of last week to get another one. So if you want to be a part of it and can record Wed, Thurs, Sunday or Monday, email me or Ashley and let us know your situation, the best time for you to record, and what time zone you’re in. As for this week, been about a year, but Sharleen Joynt will be my podcast guest as we talk about Colton’s season and I give her sh** for remaining unspoiled throughout the season. Always love having Sharleen on the show since she’s one of my favorite people from the franchise. In addition, next week’s podcast will be released on Wednesday because I leave for Vegas for my March Madness trip that morning. It will be with the “Again With This” podcast co-hosts, Tara Ariano and Sarah D. Bunting. I screwed up by deleting the first one we did. Won’t happen this time. And with Luke Perry’s unfortunate passing last week, seems like a good time to do it.

I know the past couple years I’ve done a March Madness Bracket Pool for free and given a prize to the winner. I still haven’t decided if I’m gonna do it this year. I want to do one with a $10 per bracket, but getting the money Venmo’d, then having to match up each person with how many brackets they filled out is not something that I would look forward to. I’m still deciding. Could be another free one, could be a $10/bracket one and winner takes all, or could be nothing. You’ll know by next week if I decide to do it because I’ll address it here on the site or on Twitter, so stay tuned.

As you know, filming for Hannah’s season begins this Thursday. Most of the guys are arriving in LA today. Some are already there. If you saw my tweets over the weekend, you saw that Hannah was shooting a ton of intro video stuff all around Alabama. On campus, at the Bama Theater, etc. So with filming beginning Thursday, Friday is an off day where the men move into the house, then filming every day while in LA. Dates start Saturday, next Monday the 18th is a group date open to the public, Tuesday will be rose ceremony #2, then Wednesday is another group date open to the public, which would be the first date of episode 3. And you know from a previous spoiler I gave that episode 4 will be shooting in Rhode Island at Gurney’s Resort. Since we know episode #4 is in RI, pretty much means they’ll be heading overseas after that. I’ve heard some places but nothing confirmed as of yet. I’ll keep you updated. UPDATE: Filming will now begin this Saturday the 16th instead of this Thursday.

Wanted to give a brief explanation to this tweet from yesterday:

That tweet was absolutely NOT sent so a bunch of people could send me, “we appreciate you Steve” replies back. I know a lot of you did in return, but that wasn’t the intention. You know why? Because I see what my traffic is. You’re re-paying me with your “thank you’s” by my traffic numbers. Any follower of my site with any regularity knows I thank my readers at the end of every season. Seeing you come out almost in record droves this season is all I need to know that you enjoy and appreciate the site. I wasn’t looking for people to validate me. I said my the job was thankless because, at times, you should see the emails I get. Especially this weekend when a bunch of people sent me stuff that Colton never goes back to CA for Cassie and it happened in Portugal. Really? If I have to explain how nitpicky and utterly ridiculous that sounds, then you’ll never get it. Colton has gone on record this season saying “the spoilers are wrong,” and THAT is what he’s referring to. I don’t need to list everything I gave you before it happened this season, which dates all the way back to September. You know what it was. If you’re someone who’s never bitched about details being wrong, or someone who appreciates what I provide on this site, no worries, you aren’t who I’m referencing. You aren’t the people that make the job thankless at times. Got 99 out of a 100 on this year’s test. I’m fine with that. Moving on…



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