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I am wondering about the top 3 guys in the bachelorette season not usually being in paradise. Do you know if it’s because:

1) they think they might be the bachelor and that not doing paradise gives them a better shot? Wouldn’t say it’s necessarily that because Nick got the gig strictly from how well he was received in Paradise.

2) producers don’t let them because of #1 No.

3) producers think they are “too” heartbroken with the show just ending to put them on a show right after? For even the last remaining guy, it’s been a month. That’s enough time to get over it. It’s not that either I don’t believe.

Ive been assuming it was mostly because they wanted to be the bachelor, but 2 of the last 3 bachelors were on paradise as well (Nick and Colton)

I’m also wondering because I would love to see them on the show as they are the more popular guys from the recent show and I think it would be so much more interesting pairing them with girls from the previous season, but I don’t think a top 3 has ever been on paradise right after correct?

Comment: Correct. No top 3 guy has ever been on Paradise. But what needs to be clear is no top 3 guy has ever been on Paradise in that particular calendar year. Robby ended up doing Paradise, but the following year after JoJo’s season aired. There are other examples, like Blake will be this year. It’s more so that if word gets out (and it obviously will), that one of Hannah’s top 3 filmed in Mexico in June when the show is only 4 episodes old, then they’re spoiling that person doesn’t win. They’ve done it up to the guy who finishes 4th (Marcus, Dean, Colton), so I guess that’s where they draw their line. They don’t care that the guy who finished 4th gets spoiled, but top 3, through 5 seasons, they’ve never had on there.


Hannah was on Almost Famous yesterday (or I listened yesterday) and said that she has always had a red nose. She said that they’d have to stop for make up all the time for touch ups and she can’t make it go away. And she informed everyone that she named her zit on the first night “Marcus”. It came out of nowhere throughout the night and they had to do touch ups all night. Well there you go. Straight from Hannah’s mouth. We have our answer now.

Also are you ready for Aug. 7? Big night for us kids-of-the-90s. After my 13-year old daughter watched Riverdale with “Dylan” she wanted to know more about 90210. So we’ve been watching it from the start. I got her hooked! Brandon just broke up with Emily, Donna just started dating David…

Comment: My excitement level is about an 8. But after reading Tiffani Theissen’s answer yesterday that she can’t do it because she’s filming her Netflix show and doesn’t have time, I’m bummed. That answer sounded to PC to me. Something tells me she wasn’t asked, or not a whole lot of effort was made in trying to get her on, which sucks. A reader responded that it still stems from the fact Jenni and Tori had a falling out with her. Really? Wasn’t that years ago? And they still aren’t over it? Kiss and make up ladies. Valerine Malone needs to appear on this reboot at some point. Maybe they can work something out for season 2, you know, if Tiffani can fit it into her schedule.

If you have listened or heard her in depth podcast interview with Ashley I, She mentions she was on accutane for her acne before the show so her face is redder than usual. She cracks jokes about it because she was saying how she always has to take breaks during cocktail parties to repowder her nose after kisses because her make up rubs off and she knows her nose is so red lol

Just wanted you to know the mystery 🙂

Comment: So the person in the question before never mentioned Accutane. And since I didn’t listen to the interview, nor will I, I don’t know what to believe. Accutane sounds accurate though. That makes sense, so I’m sure that’s it.

Hi Steve,

I have a theory on the voiceover comment from Hannah saying that sex is between a man and a women in marriage. The fact that it is a voiceover and obviously out of context leads me to believe that she was repeating a bone-headed comment that Luke probably said while they were getting into their argument at the overnight date. I know she’s from the south where people are traditionally more religious and/or conservative but I really refuse to believe that she would say that statement as her own view. I think the sentence that we will probably see once it airs will be some variation of “Luke believes sex is between a man and a woman in marriage; can you believe that A-hole?!”

Anyway, that’s my theory, curious to know if you’ve considered that as a possibility.

P.S. Peter is totally my favorite contestant ever. I would be shocked and disappointed if he wasn’t the next bachelor. Please tell me you don’t have any dirt on him!

Thanks for all the work you do!

Comment: It’s speculation at this point. We won’t know what was said or how it’s shown until it is. And even then, probably not gonna get the full picture, but we’ll see.

Peter seems like a fine young man, sure.


Can you give me your opinion on Demi and why she is being forced down our throats? I have a feeling it’s because they know the cast of paradise is probably not going to be as outgoing or entertaining as past seasons? (just based on the cast list). So maybe they are showing us so much of her to get us “excited” for paradise? I don’t know. I can’t figure it out. I don’t have anything against the girl and she is funny but it’s starting to be a little too much Demi already. Thoughts? I’ve always thought Demi was too extra and trying too hard. Been saying that for months. Her two appearances on Hannah’s season added nothing really. They easily could’ve handled the Scott situation without Demi there, and the eavesdropping on the doggy photo date did nothing. So it’s whatever at this point. She knows her role, what she has to do when she’s on, and she’s going to do it, and they eat it up. The whole thing just seems much too scripted for me and, well, lets just see how Paradise plays out. There might be something made public there. We’ll see.

Also, please tell me you watched the challenge reunion? I’m dying to hear your thoughts on something.

-How do you feel watching Cara and Paulie? It’s so bizarre. She looks so miserable yet claims to be so happy. And it’s so clear she’s trying to prove how happy and in love they are, almost just as a f-you to the people that said they wouldn’t make it? I don’t know. Seems just so strange. Also, how literally everyone can tell how she’s changed and NOT for the better. Like making those comments about Ninja in the final and then when Ninja was clearly upset, Cara responded with “its no big deal. I’ve been called worse by better.” You would think with how a lot of the cast has turned against her recently, she would take any friendship she can and not burn bridges. Just curious of your thoughts since you know her more personally.

Thank you!

Comment: I’m as skeptical as anyone when it comes to Paulie and Cara. You heard the interview I did with him. You know that I saw the stuff he was sending to Danielle Maltby all while with Cara. So yeah, it’s all very strange. But here they are 6 months later, living together and still happy. So I don’t know. Still plenty of time for something to blow up, but they’ve definitely made it longer than I thought.

As for Cara, as an outsider who knows no inside dirt really on that show, it does seem like she’s not happy. Or just losing a lot of friends in the franchise. Whether it’s because she’s with Paulie or because she’s alienated herself on purpose, I don’t know. But I do sense a definite change in her. I feel like she’s just gonna explode on a future season and go scorched earth on everyone.

Hi Steve,

I meant to send in this question last week but forgot. Anyway, what are your thoughts on the finale of The Challenge? My husband and I had been rooting for Turbo the whole time so we were happy he won. The final seemed especially gruesome though. I think MTV heard the people complaining that the finals were getting to be a little too easy so they definitely turned things up a notch. I really enjoyed the season and wanted to get your thoughts on how things played out.


Comment: Thought it was an excellent season. Can’t wait for the next one. The final was brutal. By far the hardest one I’ve seen. Just the way that it’s shot, and in different legs, and with time penalties, and them not ever updating you on who’s in what place, I don’t know, I haven’t decided if I like that. In the past, didn’t we always see the final done in one day and whatever individual/team crossed the finish line first won? Maybe go back to that? I get their could possibly be no suspense if someone basically boat races the rest of the field and crosses first and they’d rather have the winner announced by TJ in dramatic fashion, but I don’t know. Seems like there’s a middle ground they could reach on that.

The UK infusion was gold. Theo will be a top competitor for years to come. As will Turbo. Bear might be the biggest prick ever, but he’s TV gold.

Hi Steve,

I think Luke P. will definitely be on BIP. He is a Producer’s Dream for all the reasons that have unfolded so far. I’d be pretty surprised if he was. If I were him I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not him.

I believe Hanna G and Blake H will be in a torrid romance and then Luke P will show up around the fourth episode and throw everything into the ringer. Luke will make a play for Hanna and Blake will go bonkers.

If Blake doesn’t wind up with Hanna I think he has a dark horse chance of becoming The Bachelor. I don’t think Peter is a lock yet. I think the producers will let BIP play out before they decide.

Comment: They’ll definitely let BIP play out and make their decision during that run since “Bachelor” starts filming about 7-10 days after BIP is done airing in early September. No decision has been made yet. Still plenty of time.

Hi Steve,

What is the time commitment for the person chosen to be the Bachelor? From the start of filming in September through the post-finale media tour in April or May, which would be 8 or 9 months? Or longer than that? A full year?

The reason I’m asking is that I’m thinking about Peter Weber as possibly the next Bachelor. I know, it’s way, way too soon and the decision is several months off, but just as a possibility if, if, producers were interested in him, how much of a time commitment would he need to make? Basically from beginning of September to gear up for the role through end of filming a week before Thanksgiving. Then you basically get the holidays (although you’d be on Happy Couple visits with the person you chose for 3-4 days at a time). Then they need to be available for press at the beginning of January and periodically as the season goes along through mid March.

Unlike some of the bozos on the show, Peter has an actual job that he’s supposed to show up for, and as someone who used to work for a big airline, I know that there are potentially seniority and recurrent training issues if a pilot is gone from flying for an extended period of time. I assume he took a short-term leave of absence, March-May for example, to film The Bachelorette, but being the Bachelor would be a much longer commitment.

I know Jake Pavelka was a pilot too, but my impression at the time was that he wasn’t necessarily committed to a life-long career as a commercial pilot. I know he did some television post-Bach, do you know if he ever went back to flying full time? Based on Peter’s Instagram it looks like he’s planning on a full career as a Delta pilot.

Again, I know the Bachelor decision/announcement is several months off, I’m just pondering.


Comment: Certainly interesting. As someone who once worked for a big airline like you say, this would be something you’d know more about. If Peter’s sole goal is to be a full-time pilot one day, is it even possible for him to take that much time off? I don’t know. We need a pilot to weigh in on this.

Are you going to be buying Adam and Raven a wedding gift? They were a final couple, but didn’t get engaged for two years (which I find more practical)

Do you know of Adam was gifted a Neil Lane ring?

Comment: Good question. I don’t know. I don’t buy couples from BIP wedding gifts, but, with Raven being kind enough to donate to my party this weekend, maybe I will for them.

According to the IG video of their engagement, no, that was a ring Adam had done himself.

Hi Steve!

Thanks so much for everything that you do! I’m so fascinated by all your info and spoilers. I was just wondering if you saw Cam’s recent call in interview with Lauren Zima? He was saying that the letters were not for the other guys but for someone else. Possibly a producer? Do you have any idea what was going on there?


Comment: I did see that interview. Don’t know who or what he was talking about.

Hey Steve,

Just curious after listening to Tyler talk about his dad being sick and him having to sign papers for him to have surgery, etc. do you know where his mom is?

Also, I know you’ve mentioned it before but where is Tyler from? He lives in Florida now but he didn’t grow up there did he?

Comment: I thought I heard that he did grow up in Florida, but I could be wrong. His mom? Like are you asking if she’s still alive or if she’s still with her husband? I don’t know. I haven’t looked into Tyler’s family history other than I know he has two brothers.

Hi Steve,

Do you think that Jed admitting that he’s using the show as a platform for his music will hurt his chances to be the next Bachelor?

Comment: I don’t think so. But I also don’t think it’ll be him anyway. I really don’t know who it’ll be at this point, but I don’t see it as Jed.



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