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Bachelor in Paradise 6 Spoilers

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – (EXCLUSIVE) What’s Happening Now & “Bachelor in Paradise” Spoilers for Episodes 1 & 2

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All right, lets talk some “Bachelor in Paradise” season 6 now. Immediately lets get to three tweets I posted towards the end of last week and on the weekend which are immediate spoilers:

Lets break down all three:

1) Yeah, so the second Demi’s gf Kristian Haggerty (not part of Bachelor Nation) came on the show and they were allowed to stay, I figured they were heading towards this ending. What other possible reason can be given for why someone who America doesn’t even know would be allowed to stay on the show? 2 reasons: 1) Because it’s their first same sex couple this franchise has ever had and 2) Because they can exploit it by having them get engaged. Just weeks before going on Paradise, Demi was on a podcast saying she wasn’t ready to be engaged. Then after 2 weeks she was? Ok. Look, I’m fine with Demi being bisexual and having a girlfriend. Good for her. Just the way she went about this whole thing, pre-planning with production, etc., I’m sorry, it just loses sincerity for me and feeds the notion that Demi is all about Demi. She wants attention on her as much as possible. Production is just as guilty as anyone since they allow it, but make no mistake, Demi knew what she was doing heading into the show, brought her girlfriend on so she could specifically come out on national television, and then gets engaged? I just find this whole thing very exploitative and ABC will no doubt pound their chest until the end of time promoting the hell out of the fact they have their first same sex couple.

2) Caelynn is someone who went on podcasts and did interviews post Colton’s season talking about how she was looking for a good Christian guy. And now, she ends up leaving with Dean, a known playboy in this franchise, someone who self-admittedly has a hard time committing, and within the last year had no problem telling anyone who’ll listen that every Bachelor Nation relationship is fake. Not to mention, for those who have no idea, Dean doesn’t have a home. He currently lives out of his van and just drifts around basically. His van is his home. Ok. This relationship totally seems realistic. This’ll work.

3) So let me explain this one in more than 280 characters. By the way, isn’t it amazing that when Twitter changed from 140 to 280 characters everyone flipped out saying it was too much? Now, can you even imagine only having 140 characters to make a tweet? Neither can I. Anyway, so there were certain contestants who were already filming in Paradise that were allowed to attend Chris and Krystal’s wedding. I don’t think the whole cast did, but just selected ones. Connor was already on the show at that point, and I think Dean had already come back to take Caelynn away. Anyway, Whitney Fransway (Nick’s season) was in attendance at the wedding even though, as far as my knowledge, she had zero allegiance or friendship with Chris or Krystal. So Connor and Whitney started talking at the wedding and hit it off. Connor goes back filming Paradise thinking Whitney will be brought on at some point. She wasn’t, so Connor eliminates himself since Whitney didn’t come on. Whitney ends up being brought on the show shortly after Connor leaves, sees he’s not there, and eliminates herself to after Connor. And now they’re together post-show.

I’m still trying to gather all the information about how the show ended outside of Demi’s engagement. Pretty sure I know who the final couples were and if they decided to go to the fantasy suite or not, just trying to get details behind everything. So with that said, I’ll give you the spoilers for the first 2 episodes of Paradise this season. Here is the original cast:


Kevin Fortenberry (Hannah’s season)
John Paul Jones (Hannah)
Dylan Barbour (Hannah)
Cam Ayala (Hannah)
Blake Horstman (Becca’s season)
Wills Reid (Becca)
Clay Harbor (Becca)
Derek Peth (JoJo’s season, BIP season 4)
Chris Bukowski (Emily’s season, Andi’s season, Bachelor Pad season 3, BIP seasons 1 & 2. Yes, he has come out of retirement).


Hannah Godwin (Colton’s season)
Caelynn Miller-Keyes (Colton)
Nicole Lopez-Alvar (Colton)
Onyeka Ehie (Colton)
Tayshia Adams (Colton)
Sydney Lotuaco (Colton)
Jane Aver (Colton)
Demi Burnett (Colton)
Katie Morton (Colton)
Bibiana Julian (Arie’s season)
Annaliese Puccini (Arie)
Kristina Schulman (Nick’s season & BIP 4) joined the cast on day 2.


Blake gets the first date card of the season and asks out Tayshia.
Kristina arrives with a date card on Day 2 and asks out Blake.
Clay is given a date card and he asks out Nicole.

If you didn’t read what I already posted on June 18th about Blake and his whole situation after he got back from his date with Kristina, you can read it all here.

Some other drama that happened before this rose ceremony involved Annaliese. Because she is friends with Angela, Clay’s ex-girlfriend, she wasn’t happy Clay was on the show and felt he broke up with Angela so he could do it. She confronted Clay with this.

Also, at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Annaliese told Chris he was the only guy she wanted to be with. Gee, shocker. Annaliese immediately clinging on to a guy? No way! Anyway, Chris was having none of that and didn’t want to be attached to someone so quickly, so, he didn’t give her a rose.

Rose Ceremony #1 (Men giving out roses)

Clay gave his rose to Nicole
Kevin to Sydney
Blake to Tayshia
Cam to Caelynn
John Paul Jones to Onyeka
Wills to Katie
Derek to Demi
Chris B. to Kristina
Dylan to Hannah G.

Eliminated this episode: Bibiana Julian, Annaliese Puccini, and Jane Aver.

Rose Ceremony #2: (Men asking dates, Women giving out roses)

Men (13): Clay, Kevin, Blake, Cam, John Paul Jones, Wills, Derek, Chris, and Dylan. Four guys entering this episode: Jordan Kimball (Becca’s season, BIP 5), Mike Johnson (Hannah’s season), Christian Estrada (Becca’s season), and Dean Unglert (Rachel’s season, BIP 4)
Women (9): Nicole, Sydney, Tayshia, Caelynn, Onyeka, Katie, Demi, Kristina, and Hannah G.


Jordan with Nicole
Mike with Caelynn
Christian with Nicole
Dean with Caelynn

It’s during this episode that Blake tells Caelynn and Tayshia that he wants to pursue Hannah G. Hannah is already pretty close with Dylan at this point, so nothing ever comes of Blake & Hannah.

During the cocktail party of this episode, Christian and Nicole are off by themselves talking and he brought a pinata. Clay goes over to interrupt and basically Christian doesn’t let him. Clay goes back to the group, tells them what happened, and Jordan then goes over to talk to Christian. He’s about to rip the pinata from where it was hanging (basically to throw it in the ocean like last season’s teddy bear), but Christian grabs his arm, and Jordan body slams him to the ground. Security has to jump in and separate the two, and after a while, Chris Harrison says they both have to leave the show.

Rose Ceremony:

Demi gives her rose to Derek
Caelynn to Dean
Hannah G to Dylan
Nicole to Clay
Katie to Chris
Sydney to Mike
Tayshia to JPJ
Kristina to Blake

Onyeka ended up not giving out her rose. Said she didn’t find a connection so she ends up leaving.

Eliminated this episode: Cam Ayala, Kevin Fortenberry, and Wills Reid. Jordan Kimball & Christian Estrada eliminated earlier in the episode.

I pretty much have everything for episodes 3 and 4 as well and will be posting those soon. Just wanted to give you some more spoilers to hold you over.

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