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Bachelor in Paradise 6 Spoilers

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Mini “Men Tell All” Recap & (EXCLUSIVE) Your “Bachelor in Paradise” Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

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Rose Ceremony #4: (Women giving out roses, Men entering)

Men (11): JPJ, Derek, Dylan, Clay, Chris, Mike, and Blake. 4 guys entering this episode are: Connor Saeli (Hannah’s season), Chase McNary (JoJo’s season), Old Matt Donald (Hannah’s season), and Luke Stone (Hannah’s season).
Women (11): Demi, Kristian, Haley, Tayshia, Hannah, Nicole, Katie, Caelynn, Sydney, and Kristina. Angela Amezcua (Nick’s season, BIP 5) entered this episode. She was part of Chris and Krystal’s wedding that happened after the 3rd rose ceremony, then joined the cast from there.


Angela with Mike
Chase with Angela
Connor with Caelynn
Old Matt Donald with Sydney – double date
Luke with Kristina – double date

This episode is where we see the fight shown in the promo of JPJ and Derek. Essentially JPJ accuses Derek of saying something along the lines of using women, or using Tayshia, JPJ takes to her defense, Tayshia essentially takes JPJ’s side during this fight and Derek ends up crying and leaving the show.

The Blake/Kristina relationship takes somewhat of a turn before this rose ceremony as he tells her he wants to try a relationship again with her and doesn’t want to keep giving friendship roses to each other.

Rose Ceremony #4: (Women giving out roses)

Demi to Kristian
Tayshia to JPJ
Hannah to Dylan
Nicole to Clay
Katie to Chris
Caelynn to Connor
Haley to Luke S.
Sydney to Matt
Kristina to Blake
Angela to Chase

Eliminated this rose ceremony: Mike Johnson. Derek Peth eliminated earlier in the episode.

Rose Ceremony #5: (Men giving out roses, Women entering)

Women (14): Demi, Kristian, Tayshia, Hannah, Nicole, Katie, Caelynn, Haley, Sydney, Kristina, and Angela. The three women entering this episode are: Revian Chang (Colton’s season), Bri Barnes (Colton’s season), and Whitney Fransway (Nick’s season).
Men (9): JPJ, Dylan, Clay, Chris, Connor, Luke S., Matt, Blake, and Chase.

There’s A LOT that goes down this episode because it’s the last rose ceremony before the remaining couples have to decide whether to split or stay together and take the overnight date, so a lot of people eventually get weeded out/sent home. I think I have everyone accounted for, but here’s what I know goes down this episode.


Bri with Matt
Revian with Connor

This is the episode where Dean comes back and takes Caelynn with him. While she’s with Connor (someone she told people beforehand is the one guy she came on the show for), Dean shows up, pulls her aside, Caelynn is going back and forth talking between Dean and Connor, then starts making out with Dean and leaves with him. Connor is crushed. All I know is I read in many post Colton interviews that Caelynn said she was looking for a good Christian boy, and she ends up doing this. Obviously you’ve seen the numerous pictures of Caelynn and Dean together in Europe post show, so yeah, makes all the sense in the world. Good luck you two. Or should I say good luck Caelynn, because in a few months, dude will move on to someone else. It’s who he is.

Connor had met Whitney Fransway at Chris and Krystal’s wedding. He thought she was eventually gonna come on the show. She didn’t, so Connor left. When they finally did bring Whitney on, Connor was gone. So what happened was, they actually sent Whitney to Connor’s room, and Whitney and Connor got to spend a few days in Mexico together and they are still seeing each other last I checked.

Also in this episode, Blake planned a private date for himself with Kristina, but on this date, Kristina told him she wasn’t feeling it and had buried her feelings for him and wasn’t looking to rekindle them in Paradise. So Blake leaves, and Kristina leaves shortly thereafter. As far as I know, nothing is happening between these two post-show. But I think you can set your stop watch now to see how long it takes Kristina to pair up with someone from the franchise. It’ll happen.

There’s also a love triangle going on between Old Matt Donald, Bri, and Sydney. I don’t know if Sydney made it to the rose ceremony portion and didn’t get a rose, or she left before it.

Rose Ceremony #5: (Men giving out roses)

Demi to Kristian
JPJ to Tayshia
Dylan to Hannah
Clay to Nicole
Chris to Katie
Matt to Bri
Chase to Angela
Luke has a rose and no one wants it so he has to leave. Either Haley left before this rose ceremony, or refused to take Luke’s rose because she was sick of him talking about his tequila business. That became a thing.

So of those remaining couples:

JPJ and Tayshia broke things off and didn’t take the overnight date. I believe Tayshia was the one who ended it.
Matt and Bri broke things off and didn’t take the overnight date. I believe Bri ended it.
Chase and Angela broke things off and didn’t take the overnight date. I believe Chase ended it.

4 couples go to the overnight dates:

Demi and Kristian
Dylan and Hannah
Clay and Nicole
Chris and Katie

On “Decision Day,” Nicole breaks up with Clay because he won’t tell her he’s in love with her/won’t propose. So they leave broken up.

The other 3 couples:

Demi/Kristian, Dylan/Hannah, Chris/Katie all get engaged.

So there you go. Gonna be quite an interesting season of Paradise with more tears than you can shake a stick at. Be ready because there’s a ton of drama this season.

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  1. adelina

    July 23, 2019 at 10:15 AM

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I think Steve’s desire to have Luke P on his podcast to answer a bunch of questions – would be a total waste of everyone’s time.

    Luke P talks in circles and doesn’t really answer questions with any consistency. You might as well be speaking two different languages.

  2. cjscjs711

    July 23, 2019 at 10:39 AM

    I’d like a podcast with Luke P. if Steve will talk to him on subjects that others have not.Including why he decided in the first place to go on this show, since he was obviously very unsuited to this type of format.

  3. crushonspivey

    July 23, 2019 at 10:48 AM

    Pretty obvious that Luke tries really hard, but just is not equipped with the social skills others have to navigate certain situations. He is just off. Signs of some sort of emotional or more likely a personality disorder. And also highlights the fact that people around him are really bad at spotting it and knowing how to navigate it as well. Once you develop a sense for it, they are easier to spot. He has one. And the show exploited it, none of the guys knew how to deal with it, and neither did Hannah. So it ended badly, as things do with people like that.

    And yeah, Luke talks in circles. There is a reason for it. He lacks some skills, though no fault of his own really. Makes these things harder for him.

  4. keddo

    July 23, 2019 at 1:38 PM

    I think it would make more sense to interview Luke P in 3-5 years, once he has had time to grow and to gain some perspective on this experience. So, I guess I agree with adelina. Regarding crushonspivey’s comments, I wouldn’t say his behaviour is the result of a “personality disorder”, but is rather the result of the same thinking that has American Idol contestants believing that if they want something badly enough, they are destined to have it. Kinda like Jed and his music career, now that I think of it. Both of them should listen to Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” on repeat until the lesson sinks in.

    I am looking forward to seeing how everything plays out with the breakup between Hannah and Jed, and eventually seeing who is chosen for the next bachelor. I hope it’s Mike. I won’t be watching BIP, however; it’s just too depraved.

  5. Statler Without Waldorf

    July 23, 2019 at 2:17 PM

    At the beginning of the season, I assumed that Luke was just a “plant” by production to stir the proverbial pot and create drama. They beat that horse to death and then some, with the MTA making it even worse.

    Ironically enough, as misguided and “tone” deaf as Luke was, I actually believe that he was there for Hannah and would have considered proposing to her. So while everyone bashes on Luke, lest we forget that Peter and Jed were dishonest (by omission) with their intentions throughout the show? Luke was uncouth and not ready for “prime time” when it came to articulating his moral & religious beliefs, but I do think he was probably being honest. More than I can say for Jed or Peter.

    Hannah needs to get off her high horse about Luke, since it seems as if she really did actively keep him in the running. I’m wondering if she’s projecting with all her self-righteous windmill f*ck*ng antics to try and detract from the fact that she got fooled by not 1, not 2 but 3 of her F4 picks.

    Her “picker” is a little off, so maybe she needs to consult with the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger!

  6. joanne

    July 23, 2019 at 4:45 PM

    I skipped last night’s episode because I was sure it would be the Luke show. Based on what Steve says here, I was right. I’m so tired of it.

  7. akissfromarose

    July 23, 2019 at 7:25 PM

    Truth Bomb:
    Luke P better get ready for an ABC suit!

  8. corn29

    July 28, 2019 at 7:33 PM

    The unfortunate thing about all of this is Luke probably has Borderline Personality Disorder. He needs help — professional help. Not ABC taking advantage of him.

    Make no mistake, I’m NO fan of Luke. I’ve said as much early in these forums when people were still defending him.

    Having a personality disorder is not me excusing Luke for his actions. It’s just that people are asking him to own his actions and mentally, he cannot right now. Complicating matters is that ridiculous cult (and I’m Catholic) he calls his church and family. They just enable him.

  9. unicornhorn

    July 28, 2019 at 9:52 PM

    I thought the same exact thing watching the show. Borderline personality disorder

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