Bachelor Arie Spoilers

  • Bachelor Arie Spoilers

    “Bachelor” Update, Filming in Italy, & How You Can Come Watch a Taping of the Podcast


    For those that missed my tweet yesterday, I’m gonna do something different for an upcoming podcast. We are doing a “live” taping of it next month and you all are invited. Well, anyone that livesi in Dallas area. Of course anyone can come, I just didn’t expect many from outside the area to make the trip. But obviously you can if you want. I will have a link for you in the next couple days and will be promoting on all channels once I do, but the basics are this: We’re taping the podcast on Tuesday, November 14th at the Addison Improv in Dallas at 8:00pm. My guest is going to be Olivia Caridi. We finally worked it out where I was able to have her on my podcast, so, why not have her do this? So basically that weeks podcast (the one I’ll release on Thursday the 16th), will be heard by those in attendance first. I believe there will be 280 tickets available. As mentioned, I’ll … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Arie Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE) Where is the “Bachelor” Headed Next & One More Contestant This Season


    Ok, this first paragraph has nothing to do with anything “Bachelor” related. We’ll get to that in a second. But there are two grammatical things I’m seeing in every day life now that, I don’t know, did I miss the boat on when these became a thing? Is it being taught in schools now and since I haven’t been in school in ages I just don’t know about? First thing is, do we not double space after periods anymore when we type? I’m so accustomed to hitting the space bar twice after a period for the last, oh I don’t know, almost 25 years, that it’s become old hat. Is that not a thing? It’s only single space now, or are both acceptable? Also, and this one really kills me, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen on social media people put the dollar sign after the number. Like, 5$ to say five dollars. I’m totally floored by this. Are these people in the wrong? Are … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Arie Spoilers

    Daily Links 10/10 & (SPOILER): 1-on-1 Sunday in Fort Lauderdale Incl Who Got the First Impression Rose?


    Haven’t posted since Thursday, but if you’ve been following along on Twitter, you were made aware of a couple of things. Filming went from Lake Tahoe in episode 4 to Fort Lauderdale in episode 5. Filming began Sunday in Fort Lauderdale with a 1-on-1 date for Chelsea Roy, the single mom from Portland, Maine. I’ll have more coming out about her shortly as, well, she has a bit of an interesting back story to say the least. The group date yesterday wasn’t public so don’t know what happened there yet. Today should be the final 1-on-1 or a possible 2-on-1, before they head overseas. Before the season I heard two places they were headed in Europe, but didn’t know when and what order. Considering episodes 6 & 7 are the last two episodes before they come back to the states for hometowns in episode 8 (assuming they use a normal schedule), then there’s a good chance the two places I heard are where they’re headed next. Just trying … Continue reading

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